Monday, March 31, 2014

Just a Little Bit Fickle

What's four months between friends, right? The last post I wrote was back in December, when I discussed the fact that Tim and I moved from Georgia to Seattle. The Pacific Northwest is beautiful, it has the best running weather, and there were bumper sticks with bleeding-heart liberal slogans on the back of every Eco-friendly car. I was in love.

Except things don't ever work out quite that simply, do they? Long story still pretty long (sorry about that), I am writing this post from Central Florida. A few months ago, from our apartment in Bellevue, Washington, Tim spotted his dream house. He has long been into Usonian-style homes a la Frank Lloyd Wright, and this random, run-down, 1950s house in the middle of nowhere, Florida, was perfect. But it was in Florida. And we JUST moved from Georgia to Washington.

To top it all off, Tim started a new mid-century modern furniture company: Trystcraft! If you like MCM style, Danish lounge chairs and high-end pieces from the likes of Eames, Finn Juhl and Hans Wegner, definitely check it out. There's a shop and a blog (I help with that!), so even if you just want to learn more, you should head over there to see what's new.

But what's the point of being flexible, being child-less and having a work-from-home job unless you take advantage of it? So we did. The house was previously inhabited by an older couple who were, essentially, hoarders. We tackled as much of the renovation as we could on our own over the past six weeks, but we had to call in the big guns for things like putting on a new roof and installing an air conditioning system. Most of the work, however, was cleaning. Imagine 30 years of dust and grease coated onto every surface of the house, and then sprinkle a healthy amount of cockroaches into that image. Yeah. Delightful.

From this(buckets for roof leaks, natch).... this (filters for that proud yuppie glow!)

Getting my sanding on.

I think the roof might have been a little rotten. Maybe.

Morning sun in the interior atrium

Lest I sound like I'm complaining, I have been running straight out my front door around a lake each morning in amazing Florida weather. Don't hate. (Also, feel free to laugh in my face when I can't handle going outside in the heat for the entire summer.)

Views from my run

Basically, this is a post to a) explain my absence from the blog-o-sphere, b) explain why my Facebook location got changed, and c) rub everyone's nose in my nice sunny weather. I think I have accomplished all three perfectly, so I'm done now.

Obligatory question time!

Are you a DIY-enthusiast? Or a call-a-handyman-to-hang-a-picture-frame type person?
I'm the latter. No shame. We kind of had to do most of the stuff for the house that were were capable of doing, because $$$$, but I would much rather call in a pro and then blame them if it goes wrong. Thankfully, my husband is a lot more handy than I am. That being said, it feels really good to accomplish something with your own two hands.