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When Should I Quit Blogging?

When I first started blogging (about 18 months ago) I figured it would be a fun way to pass the time and learn a little more about running. I had just moved to America, I wasn't working and, truth be told, I was bored. I can't express just how grateful I was to find this incredible community and meet (virtually and in person) some fantastic people.

So when does it end? I'm sure you've noticed that I have been blogging a lot less lately. And if you haven't, PAY MORE ATTENTION TO MEEEEEE! In all seriousness, it just hasn't been something I have the desire to do lately. I still read most of my favorite bloggers, comment on far less that I'm happy about, and write periodically. So why is the passion gone?

It's not because nothing is going on in my life. I had an excellent 20 mile run a couple of weeks ago, just ran a 50k race and am ready for a serious PR at Chicakamauga Battlefield Marathon in less than 2 weeks.

Conversely, it's not because I'm TOO…

My New 5k PR!

Saturday was spontaneous race day. Truly, those are the best races. Little to no preparation, no freaking out beforehand and if the weather sucks - hey, I just don't go! Plus, this 5k was less than 15 minutes from home at the Chatsworth Black Bear Festival. There was a one mile option (I think it was a fun run) and a timed 5k. I haven't actually run a 5k distance race since....May of 2011. My PR from that race was 27:10, but I knew that my running had improved quite a bit since then.

The other awesome thing about this race? It started at 1:30 in the afternoon. Hallelujah. When was the last time you woke up on a Saturday for a race without an alarm? Fantastic. Unfortunately, that also meant it was a little warm and the sun was out in full force, but I don't think it ever got above 65 degrees so not much to complain about there.

Tim ran this one with me, which was really great. He hasn't been running much lately, but the opportunity to run a small town race where almost …

Should We Sue Chobani?

I love me some Greek Yogurt. If this is news to you, you probably haven't been reading all that long. And after trying Chobani for the first time, I was sold. I don't eat Chobani because it's the healthiest food around (although it's higher in protein than traditional yogurt), but because I like the taste.

Now, full disclaimer here. Chobani has been good to me. They have sent me yogurt to review in the past, and I even went to the Chomobile when it was at a race expo in Atlanta. Lest I am labeled as a "Chobani-ho" (do you guys think that will catch on?), I wanted to share an interesting article that Tim forwarded to me earlier today.

Read it if you're so inclined, but the premise is that an attorney who once focused on bringing down the tobacco industry is now focusing on unhealthy foods. The stock photo at the top of the article was a bowl of potato chips - pretty much standard "junk food", in my opinion. But as I read on, I realized one of the…

Reversing the Taper

I'm sure most people reading this blog are familiar with the idea of a taper before a race. If not, it's essentially a reduction in workout/running mileage before a big race. In the week before my 50k, it looked like this:

Monday: REST
Tuesday: 3 mile run
Wednesday: REST
Thursday: 4 mile run (moderate pace)
Friday: REST
Saturday: 50k race
Sunday: 45 minute EASY walk

I know there are conflicting thoughts on this kind of taper, and I think that everyone is different, but I wanted to share my opinion. I was worried I would feel stiff, but in actuality my legs felt very fresh, especially after a few miles of running. Of course I got antsy and was eager to be running prior to the race, but I think I would have had race anxiety no matter what. Overall? Success, for me. I'll probably stick to a really conservative mileage week like this before marathon distances (or longer) in the future.

But what about AFTER the race? Usually I take a day or two off from running and then ease in…

So What's Next?

Over the past couple of months a lot of my time and effort has gone into training for the StumpJump 50k race. Now that it's over, I feel a

I get like that a lot after a big event. Birthdays, Christmas, races, etc. I wish it wasn't true, but I feel a big letdown that all the excitement is over.  The same rule applies to Sunday nights. How ridiculous is it that I get grumpy and pick fights on a Sunday night? (Especially since I work from home. Seriously.) But it's because I dread the weekend ending and Monday morning beginning.

I have figured out that aside from getting over myself and appreciating the great times AND the regular, average, everyday times, I need to plan ahead. I always like to have something on the horizon to plan for and look forward to, even if it's a year away.  So here are some things I'm excited about in the future....

Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon: Yeah, all my whining and I have a huge freaking race to look forward to on Novembe…

StumpJump 50k Race Report!

Although I think I may be legally obligated to say that my wedding day was the best day of my life (don't worry baby, it was!), I think I can safely say that yesterday was the second best day ever. I raced the StumpJump 50k in Signal Mountain, Chattanooga.

Honestly, I had an amazing time. Was it hard? Of course. Did I get hurt? Sure. But it was still the most fun I've had with my clothes on. So how do you go about recapping something so enormous? Here's my attempt at summarizing the 50k (31.1 miles), which took 7 hours, 29 minutes and 16 seconds. (And I thought recapping a four and a half hour marathon was tough. )

Pre-Race: The whole past week I was basically "getting ready" for this race. I only did a one-week taper, but it was a grand total of 7.5 miles, (3 miles Tuesday, 4.5 miles Wednesday) so I was eager to start running on Saturday morning. I slept a pretty solid 6 hours on Friday night, had carbo-loaded the day before and had everything packed. And then …

I Saw My Race Flash Before My Eyes

I am a self-proclaimed klutz. When I was younger, I could fall over for no reason at all. Just because my legs would decide to stop working. I no longer wear a watch, because I would bang and eventually break the watch face every single time I walked through a door frame, just due to a complete lack of physical self awareness.

So it should really not come as a surprise that last night while standing in front of the thermostat (not changing it, just....looking?) I did some weird stretch thing with my leg and then fell to the ground. I know I can be a little overly dramatic at times, but I swear - my butt broke. There was little pull and then - there it was.

You know how people say that when they get in a serious accident their life flashes before their eyes? Well, for me something else flashed before my eyes. The 50k race. I swear to you, that is the first and only thing that crossed my mind.  For the record, today it's sore but not bad at all - I ran 4 miles on it and there's…

It's Running, Not Heroin

It's taper week at my house. Alternative titles for the phrase "taper week" can include:
-Eat everything you can see week
-Bitch and complain week
-Freak out about running 50k week
-Restless Leg Syndrome Week

I totally understand the point of tapering, especially leading up to a longer race like a 50k. It's good for your muscles, you store up some extra glycogen, you stay hydrated, etc. But damn it, I'm antsy and I just want to get out there and run this already:
What causes anxiety for me? Big races. What relieves anxiety? Running. What can't I do before a big race? (Do you see where I'm going with this?)

I searched online for some variation of "how to taper without being a bitch" and discovered way more responses for methadone than I did for running. Oh. Maybe I should reevaluate my "problems," huh?

It got me thinking, though. Am I addicted to running? Can someone even BE addicted to running?

I could go a day without running, but I d…

Wine, Dr. Seuss Style

Usually when someone offers you wine, the selection is typically between red and white. Next time you are offered green wine, don't assume it's some weird St. Patrick's Day cocktail or some Dr. Seuss invention. Vinho Verde, or green wine, is a typical drink in Portugal. Unfortunately, it's pretty difficult to find outside of Portugal, Brazil or Macau. I haven't had any in years, but I recently found some at Trader Joe's, of all places.

Believe it or not, this was $4.50. Per bottle. It's seriously amazing. I'm only disappointed that I found it in September, because it is the perfect summer drink. Although the name does literally translate to green wine, it's not really green. The name refers to the age of the wine, meaning it's very young. (AKA - don't hide this in your pantry and think the value will increase. It will most certainly not.) It's really refreshing, a little bit sparkling, very light, has a slightly apply taste and has a low…