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You Come From Georgia Where The Peaches Grow...

"they drink lemonade and speak real slow..."
If you decide to stop following my blog because I open with lyrics from old LFO songs, I'll understand. If you're one of those people who LOVED Summer Girls and listened to it on repeat in the summer of 1999, then you can stay.

That was just a really long and awkward way to get onto the subject of peaches. I know Georgia is associated big time with peaches, but in the 4 months that I've lived here I haven't had one--until this weekend. See the above picture? That would be 5 pounds of peaches (well, 4 and a half maybe....I had to try a couple before the camera even came out). I have been eating these guys non stop and I couldn't be happier. Local produce just can't be beat, and in this 90+ degree heat they're so refreshing. 
I'm mostly eating them on their own because they're so sweet, but it turns out that there is an even better way to enjoy them--with plain Greek yogurt. Holy deliciousness, this…

What Does Your Race Fee Get You?

Just a quick one: I wanted to show you that with races, you really get what you paid for.

Example 1: this is what an $80 trail half marathon will get you:

A cute pink tech shirt that---wait for it--fits!
Example 2: this is what a $20 local 5k race will get you:

Really, no words are necessary. 
What's the best swag you've ever gotten from a race? I think this pink tech shirt might be it--it's really nice, pink with orange trim and I love it!!

Good Person > Good Racer: My 5k Recap

Today I ran in a Memorial Day 5k. I didn't pre-register, and decided to just show up and hope that they still had some room. I haven't run a 5k in years (since I started running more seriously) so I really wanted to see how far I could push myself in a shorter race. Hubs decided at the last minute (aka--at 8:20 for a 9am race) to run as well. I was so excited--he has had calf pain lately and really hasn't been able to run in a while. We didn't have a racing plan, but I told him to pass me if he was feeling especially speedy, or slow down if he needed to.

Fast forward to the start--one mile in, and the 80 degrees and bright sunshine were not agreeing with me. I managed the first mile in 8 minutes but that was way too fast for the hills and the heat. I slowed to a walk for about 30 seconds, and let's just say my attitude? It rhymed with "witchy" people. Let's stick with that. My poor hubs slowed with me, and then we started running together. Another mil…

Real-People Clothes and Jawbreakers

Yesterday started out just like a normal day for me lately--headed to the house building site and got working until lunchtime. Headed home for lunch and then surprise! Hubs and I made a midday trip to a nearby outlet mall. Let's just say that Memorial Day weekend is a FANTASTIC time to discover an outlet mall. The sales were phenomenal! I bought real people clothes--aka, not running wear. Very exciting in my book!

I actually showed a bit of self restraint, but ended up with a couple new pairs of shorts, a top, and a new sundress. Hooray! After walking around the outlets for a while, hubs was low on energy so we got him an iced coffee and I stumbled upon some candy jars. I picked out some jawbreakers and it was so much fun to eat these again. Obviously I'm a fan of all things sweet but I haven't had these in ages.

After the outlets we headed to New Echota, the Cherokee National Capitol. We ended up skipping the museum since we were low on time but we will definitely be headi…

Foodie Survey--ABC's!

There's been a foodie survey circulating and I wanted to jump on board! I saw it on Hungry Meets Healthy most recently but I know it's been all over the place. Here you go!

A: is for Apple, what’s your favorite variety?
Braeburn or Fuji apples. I can not STAND red delicious ones. Ugh. I must have had a bad one growing up because now I am so grossed out by them.
B: is for Bread, regardless of nutrition, calories, or whole grains what is your favorite type to have a nice big piece of?
A toss up! Either a nice french baguette or a slice of really dense, hearty rye bread. EIther one with butter, please!

C: is for Cereal what is your favorite kind currently (just one!)
This changes often, but right now I'm all about Rice Chex. Not with milk, just dry as a snack.
D: is for Doughnuts, you might not currently be eating them but what kind do you fancy?
I don't get crazy about donuts. They're good of course, but not my go to dessert. I can remember having an apple crumble donut once…

Iron Women: Do You Get Enough?

There seems to be a common trend among the diets of healthy eaters in the blog world. With such an abundance of people exercising and eating vegan or vegetarian meals, it's no surprise that low iron is something I see written about often. The last time I went for a check-up (3 months ago) I too was iron deficient. Are you one of the 20% of women who have low iron levels? Here are some symptoms:

-Shortness of breath
-Cold hands or feet
-Chest pain
-Brittle nails
-Restless leg syndrome

As women, we are even more prone to low iron levels since we lose blood because of that lovely monthly visit. Awesome. (Seriously wish there was some sort of sarcasm font to really make my point)

Sometimes I get caught up in different areas of health: running, lifting weights, yoga, enough veggies, protein, etc. I end up focusing more on pumping this kind of iron:

And forget about the nutritional kind of iron. 
If you are concerned with your iron levels, you can supplement them several ways…

4-Leaf Clovers and Dream Prizes

I'm thinking there must have been some hidden 4-leaf clovers in my last spinach salad. I have been ridiculously lucky in the blogger world lately! I've won 3 giveaways in the last few weeks and I am way behind in thanking the lovely ladies responsible for this.

First, I won an iTunes giftcard from Liz at Pojo Fitness. Her blog is so fantastic, she's really knowledgable about fitness and gives some amazing tips. Check her out!

Somehow, the giveaway gods were still smiling at me and I won a giveaway over at the awesome blog I Run Like A Girl. The prize was a box of Honey Stinger Waffles. I haven't received them yet (or tried them before) but if they're good enough for Lance Armstrong, they're good enough for me. Actually, they're probably too good for me. 

Last, but CERTAINLY not least, I got lucky over on Kayla's blog, Running Through Life! I won a metal display for my medals from Allied Medal Display. I'm so excited! Right now, my race medals are in a…

Sleeping While Running

You probably don't know this, but I have a TON of hidden talents. I can twist my tongue in both directions, crack my own back, and run while sleeping. Don't believe me? Proof:

Can you imagine how speedy I could have been in this half if I was awake? Seriously. The lovely lady behind First in Philly also ran this half, and killed it! Her hubs took some photos and happened to snap one of me. For your viewing pleasure:
They had a helicopter taking photos, which I thought was kinda crazy high budget for a trail race with 500 people, but whatever. Cool shots for me! Here's an overhead shot at the start of the race. Again, I'm way at the back. Sensing a trend?

I have a new awesome plan to run in a Where's Waldo get-up at the next race. How much more fun would it be to spot yourself in race photos? I've never run in costume but if there's ever an occasion for it, I call dressing up as Waldo!

What??!! Someone beat me to it! So bummed. There's no way I could top thi…

Champagne Dreams and a $1.07 Budget

Ugh. I caved guys. This afternoon hubs and I were heading to the house site, it was 90 degrees, and there were only 3 words running through my mind on repeat.

Yes, I got all your comments reminding me of the sugar. Of the mystery ingredients. Did I listen? No. Did I get one from the drive through? Oh yeah.

And.....I completely wasted that $1.07. Supposed to be sweet and sour, yet it ended up being salty. Blech. Have you ever tasted a flavored margarita and thought, "I can barely taste the alcohol?" That's what this was. A weird aftertaste. But no liquor. Downside. 
Talking about alcohol--I just realized I haven't had any in about 5 months. WHAT? That's none since I came to America. I'm not a big drinker (....anymore) but in Hong Kong I often had a drink out for dinner, or over at someone's house. 
Now for some reason there just hasn't been the opportunity. Hubs and I aren't the drinking at home types really, except for a…

Hot, Hot, Hot!

It's hot. Like, I'm actually looking forward to a ice bath hot. The idea of running outside is making me cry but I actually cancelled my gym membership yesterday. Why? Once the house is completed, I'll be running on my very own treadmill. Woo-hoo! No idea what kind it will be, haven't gotten that far along but I'm so excited to be able to run for longer than an hour without the treadmill stopping. Yay!

This morning I finally got around to using up some of my empty PB jars. Oatmeal this morning was mixed with chocolate protein powder and a little extra PB with some sliced strawberries-all served up in a PB jar. It really is so much more fun eating breakfast out of a jar like this!

Salads never taste better than when it's hot out, so lunch was a spinach salad topped with corn, mozzarella, and turkey. On the side = my favorite blue bowl filled with grapes and strawberries. 

Has anyone seen the ads for the frozen strawberry lemonade from McDonalds? I may or may not b…

I'm a Level 2 Assistant Apprentice House Building Helper!

Somehow I missed the memo on resting after Saturday's race and hubs and I have spent the last 2 days on our land getting the siding up all around our house. I graduate from Level 1 (only being allowed to pass things) to Level 2: being allowed to use the nail gun. I'm super excited. I don't understand why hubs didn't make me a certificate of achievement or anything. It's obviously a HUGE deal.

Whatever. I'll let bygones be bygones! Today was my first run after the race and I hopped on the treadmill at lunch time for an easy 4.5 miles. I was pretty tired from working on the house, but my legs felt fine which was a pleasant surprise. Easy pace of about 9:40 for the run.

I've been trying to stick with some gluten free meals, and made the best purchase ever today of Rice Chex!

This may become a new favorite! I'm not a fan of cereal with milk, but this stuff dry is addictive! Tonight all I wanted was something cold for dinner so I made Greek yogurt combo with …

Gluten-Free Week Recap

As you know, my "week" of gluten-free eating was actually only 5 days long: Monday-Friday. I wanted to eat my normal food during the half even if it wasn't GF, and I also wanted to be able to indulge afterwards with whatever I wanted!

In those five day, I eliminated all gluten from my diet. Some big switches were wheat/rye bread for rice bread, wheat tortillas for corn ones, and replacing some of my snacks foods like pretzels and crackers for gluten free versions. In terms of my energy in that period, I didn't notice any difference. Where I did see a difference, however, was on the digestive side of things. While I definitely don't suffer from Celiac's Disease, my stomach was much happier eating wheat free. Less irritable, happier bathroom trips. Getting all the innuendo folks? Talking about poo. Please don't stop following me. Just trying to be honest! This alone would be worth me eliminating most gluten from my diet. The plan right now it to eliminate w…

Race Recap--Scenic City Trail Half!

Brace yourselves for a full race recap! I've decided against the traditional mile-by-mile breakdown and opted instead for a list of pros and cons. It was such a great race!

-The start was delayed by half an hour. When the weather was as warm as it was yesterday (90 degrees by the end of the day!) 30 minutes makes a big difference. No worries though, with all the extra time we had a mini photo shoot!

-The hills. Yowza. It was definitely a challenge, but I wasn't really prepared. My hamstrings were begging for forgiveness by the end. 
-The bottlenecks. About a mile in, the course changed to single track the rest of the way. There were quite a few places where we had to wait, just standing in place. Definitely lost time this way, and I was just anxious to get going!
-The slow pace. It's hard for me to wrap my head around being proud of a 10:35 pace when my training runs are so much faster. I need to remember that trails are different, and unpredictable. Garmin checks are unn…