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So What's Next?

Over the past couple of months a lot of my time and effort has gone into training for the StumpJump 50k race. Now that it's over, I feel a

I get like that a lot after a big event. Birthdays, Christmas, races, etc. I wish it wasn't true, but I feel a big letdown that all the excitement is over.  The same rule applies to Sunday nights. How ridiculous is it that I get grumpy and pick fights on a Sunday night? (Especially since I work from home. Seriously.) But it's because I dread the weekend ending and Monday morning beginning.

"The weekend is over already?"

I have figured out that aside from getting over myself and appreciating the great times AND the regular, average, everyday times, I need to plan ahead. I always like to have something on the horizon to plan for and look forward to, even if it's a year away.  So here are some things I'm excited about in the future....

Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon: Yeah, all my whining and I have a huge freaking race to look forward to on November 10th. I ran this last year as my first (and only) marathon, and I loved it. It's like a trail race with faster times - it's mostly paved, but the course is empty, there are few spectators and you get to enjoy nature as you go. I'm hoping to beat my PR (4:37) and I have good feelings about it...

Silver Bell Sprint 5k: I wanted to run this last year and ended up being injured, but it is supposed to be a really fun small-town event once the Christmas lights and decor go up in the downtown area. Plus, I have only raced ONE road 5k....ever. (I think?) And that was about 17 months ago. So I feel confident that I can snag another PR barring some crazy injury.

Christmas Holidays: Although we weren't expecting it, Tim and I have some plans to see family at Christmas. Last year was really special for us because it was our first Christmas together in our house in America, but I'll admit it was a little lonely. I'm used to bigger, family-oriented celebrations. So I'm excited to share the holidays with some loved ones this year :)

Christmas at home last year

 The Vacation Maybe Sometime: This one is in the works. But a girl can dream, right? Believe it or not, Tim and I have never taken an overnight holiday ALONE - with the exception of one night in a hotel after our wedding. We have so many wonderful friends and family to see it's hard to justify spending the money on a trip JUST for us. It's something I'm eager to do, so for now I'm researching completely plausible trips like private villas in Bora Bora and month-long hiking adventures in Central America. Don't squash my dreams, please.

Does anyone else feel a "letdown" after big events? How do you deal with it?
I like to think I'm getting better about it, but maybe I'm not. Honestly, sometimes I can be in tears the day after something special because I'm so genuinely distraught that it's over! Maybe that makes me a big baby. Who knows?

What's the next big thing you have to look forward to?


  1. I feel let downs a lot when I have a full house then everyone goes home and it's sooo quiet... I love your house btw! But after my big race in Nov. I plan on handeling it by drowning my sorrows in Thanksgiving grub and a lot of sleeping! :-) Then I have ski season so that always helps!

  2. Bora Bora sounds awesome! DO IT :)

    I'm looking forward to seeing my family this Christmas. It's my first time living away from my family in Florida, and I'm so excited I'll be able to fly back for Christmas.

  3. A part of me is terrified for the JFK 50 to come and go for exactly that reason (the rest is just terrified because I'm running 50 freaking miles). You are absolutely going to crush your PRs on both races. My next big thing is my wild weekend in Hartford, starting tomorrow!

  4. yes to let down
    I used to be super sad on the last day of school...when HS ended I was so depressed.

    When something big is coming up and it is over I get down also...was like that after HTC.

    Christmas same thing..and I am pretty sure 12-31 is my least favorite day of the year.

    next thing to look forward to is Bill finding a job! for running it is Big Sur

  5. I can honestly say that this doesn't happen to me but I have lots of family and friends that it does... or they get so excited about what is coming that the actual event could never live up to expectations. I guess I am a more 'go with the flow of it' kinda girl.

    I think it is great that you are making plans.

  6. Hot damn I am dealing with this crap right now. I thought it was just a third life crisis. Post race depression is reallll. Oh and so is Sunday night stress disorder for that matter. Who am I?

  7. This is totally normal! But just get out there and keep active, it helps!

  8. I ALWAYS feel a letdown after big events. I build shit up so much in my head... "THIS IS GONNA BE AWESOME!!!!!"... that when it isn't as epic as I'd hoped, even though it may have been perfectly fun, I'm always disappointed.

    I hate that about me.

  9. I try to just enjoy the event, but part of my brain is thinking, "Then it will be over and I will be so glum". I'm such a dork.

  10. Yes, I usually feel a letdown after a big event. But I'm usually ready for it. My next 'big' thing as far as running is concerned would be a turkey trot 5K on Thanksgiving. So BIG, I know :P

  11. I always have many long term goals so I immediately focus on the next goal after a big event. I have huge goal races planned for the next 5 years already. So my big event is followed by starting my buildup for the next one. This keeps me motivated always.

  12. Did you see that post on Facebook about Shalane's post marathon let down? I was like, "Yes! Even elites deal with it!" So, yeah. Me too :)

    We also are trying to plan a "just for us" vacation this year, but like you... we usually travel to see family. I really hope we can figure something out!

  13. I've been kind of lost since I finished my first tri. Can't find any good ones on the calendars for next year, yet, so I'm aiming for the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon in Lexington, KY. I invite everyone up. Officially. The Mayor said it was okay.

  14. I feel a little letdown too especially after the holidays since my birthday is right before Christmas. I love the picture of your house from Christmas last year. I had no idea you guys had such a big open living and kitchen area. It's beautiful!

    Good luck with your upcoming races! I have a feeling you've got some PR's in your near future!

  15. This happens to me sometimes too but not too badly anymore. Your house is SO cool looking. I love it!

  16. I don't really get post race let down because I like to just sign up for more shit and that distracts me.

    My next big thing is squeezing a small person with a large head through a small opening. I'm super excited.

  17. this happens to me really badly! especially after big holidays with the family but after races too. which is why i usually come home and register for more :)

  18. I know what you mean about the aftermath let down! I always like to have a plan ready for my next goal to tackle. That's why I jumped into the 30 day shred and I am sure when November comes I will have another goal! lol

  19. I am running that marathon! Maybe I will see you out there!


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