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Moving From Georgia to Washington

The last time I posted, I subtly mentioned, "moving to Washington" among a bunch of race recaps. I wanted to expand a little, but we were in the middle of selling our house in Georgia and spilling the details online seemed inappropriate.

So...yes, Tim and I sold our house in Georgia. The one we moved from Hong Kong to build. The one that taught us both how to use table saws and grout tile and put together IKEA furniture. (Just kidding. No one ever actually learns how to do that last one. It's a gamble every time.)

#nofilter #justkidding #somanyfilters

It absolutely was our dream house, and I am so thankful that we had the opportunity to tackle such a big project together. Tim discovered that he loves designing and carpentry, which are two things he never would have really had the chance to do much of in Hong Kong.

Unfortunately, there just wasn't a whole lot for us in Georgia. We had friendly neighbors and plenty of space, but the long drives to get to civilization and the lack of work opportunities for my husband made the decision easier for us to make. Plus, my job fits in my laptop and comes with me, so we were in the position to move and still have guaranteed income.

Just like we kind of randomly picked Georgia to call home, we kind of randomly picked Washington. I don't love the extreme hot or the extreme cold (call me Goldilocks), and the Pacific Northwest obviously has some incredible scenery, so it was a top contender. The Seattle area also has a number of colleges and universities with international students, which is ideal for my husband's line of work. Plus, Vietnamese food. Everywhere. And sushi. We went to the same sushi place the first three or four days after we arrived because we were so deprived.

From our first hike in WA: Poo Poo Point Lookout
Seattle it is! Technically, we are outside of Seattle in a place called Bellevue. We haven't purchased a new home yet, and we are definitely playing it by ear to see what we like and don't like about various areas before we decide.

Like: Kinda pretty, I guess.

Don't Like: Posturing weirdos on hikes

Anyway, I'm really out of practice with this blogging stuff. I can't remember where I put the oatmeal pictures and whether you need to see my Garmin stats or not. Running-wise I'm completely unmotivated and over it. Burned out, big time. Which is perfect, because I am supposed to be running a 50k on Saturday. That should be fun. (Insert sarcasm here.) Expect a post post-race where I either swear off running forever or sign up for a billion marathons.


  1. That is, um, a bit pretty. I've always wanted to visit Seattle. Someday. Good luck at the 50k! That's why I love ultras. Get tired? Just walk, who cares!

  2. The Pacific Northwest is kind of my dream place to live...unfortunately, I'm not sure it will ever pan out...

  3. You and your husband are seriously adventurous. I'm excited to hear about your new life!

  4. Welcome to my 'hood. Hope you enjoy it. :)

  5. How fun that you just up and move to wherever you both deem awesome. I would love to do that, but with two kids & my husbands stable job, don't think it'll be happening anytime soon. Hopefully you like rain! It is gorgeous over there. You need to take a trip to the San Juans!

  6. I wanted to let you know I sent you an invite to a Facebook runner group for the area you are in. A lot of PNW bloggers and others are in it. :)

  7. Great to read a post! Congrats on move.You house you built looked amazing I hope it went to a good family :)

  8. I am so glad that you are closer to California. I have been feeling a little burned out on the running lately due to the holidays! I guess I would rather eat and have fun with the family then run but I better get with it soon since I have a full running calendar in 2014! Glad you sold your house and I wish you and Tim the best as you start a new chapter of your life in Washington. Good luck on that 50K too! Your are a natural so I am sure you will somehow do great without really trying too hard!

  9. Love your house, I hope to build my dream house someday. Good luck with the 50k!

  10. a friend of mine from HS lives in bellevue! small world, good luck with the 50k!

  11. I'm SO HAPPY for you two! My parents live in Snohomish, but I grew up in MIll Creek (it was technically Bothell back then!). You will LOVE the PNW! Such wonderful trails for hiking and running. I miss the mountains and the water. Enjoy!

  12. still can't believe you moved!! but glad to see you back. :)

  13. Been out of blogger land for a bit, catching up. Welcome to Washington! My husband works in Bellevue, great area. We have a great group of bloggers in the area. Do you have family in the area? Feel free to email me if you ever want to connect! Pacific NW is amazing!

  14. I live in Olympia! Also, you missed out on a fantastic race last weekend. The Seattle Locks Fat Ass Half and Full Marathon. Right around the corner from you and only ZERO dollars:) You should check out some of the local running clubs. SO many runners out here!

  15. yay! another post. Washington sounds wonderful, I kinda think all those people who beat down on it for the rain are secretly trying to keep it for themselves. Feel ya on the running burnout, I stopped a while back but somehow my free time got replaced with yoga. who need free time anyway :)


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