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24 Hours. 1 Treadmill. 131 Miles.

That title? That's totally my plan for the weekend. 131 miles, no biggie.

Oh, no. Wait. That's crazy. Only people much, much stronger than I can take on that challenge. Like this guy:

Gregg= the guy running in black

The mileage count when I ran - 124 miles so far

That's Gregg, a member of my local running club and a pretty incredible person. Over the last few years, he has taken on a number of endurance challenges to raise money for Carter Hope Center,  an addiction/drug treatment facility in the local area. This past weekend, Gregg decided he would try to run 131 miles in 24 hours. On a treadmill. In a seriously hot gym.

Now, I've been to that gym before. I used to workout there about a year ago, and the place it stinking hot. Even with a fan placed right in front of his treadmill, it must have been 70 degrees and some serious humidity. I was complaining for the HOUR I ran. Never mind 24 hours. And you guys, I actually like running on a treadmill. This is how excited I was to get one for my own house about a year ago:

Anyway, while I was being a baby and complaining about a little sweat, Gregg was killing it. He started running on Friday night at 5 pm and continued until the same time on Saturday. Tim and I signed up to run with him for just a short portion of that time - an hour on Saturday afternoon. It was so incredibly inspiring to see him at this stage of the game.

He was clearly in pain, but there was no way he was stopping. His friends and family members had been up all night cheering him on, and countless people stopped by to run, spin or use the elliptical all night, each minute being a dollar that got donated to the Carpet Hope Center. In the end, he was able to raise more than $25,000!

Although I can't imagine running for 24 hours straight, I imagine at some point it gets entirely mental. I hope one day I can tap into that and push through to the next stage, the next level of running.

What's the longest you have even run/hiked/cycled?
My marathon was 4 hours and 37 minutes, so that's the longest so far. I have probably hiked longer, but I'm pretty sure stopping to take pictures and eat snacks makes that less intense. 

Can you imagine every tackling a 24 hour endurance event like this? What would it take?
I think I border on the JUST crazy enough to tackle something like that. I wouldn't just do it for myself - but if it was a way to raise money, I might think about it. 


  1. That's figging crazy. And inspiring. I've done, maybe, 6 miles on the treadmill in our basement. I'd rather run in snow, rain and ice at the same time than do any more than that.

  2. I can't imagine running for that long on a treadmill. I feel like you'd go just the slightest bit insane. Do you think he took like a three hour ice bath afterwards?

    The longest I've run is a little under 4 hours. That's enough for me!

  3. I don't think I could even handle running for 24 hours. My longest run is 47 hours and 5 minutes and that is good enough for me! It is amazing that people are actually able to accomplish something like this especially when it is for a good cause.

  4. Very cool! I'm amazed the treadmill didn't shut off on him. I can't manage to stay on a treadmill for more than a few miles. I'm lucky enough to live in So Cal where I'll even risk 90 degree temps to enjoy outdoor running.

    The furthest I've ever run is probably 13.5 miles. And I biked 21 on bike to work day a few months ago on my hybrid bike. I better change that fast cause I have a 60 mile bike event in less than 2 months (and a new road bike to do it)!

  5. I've never run that long ever! I've run for maybe 3 hours at a time? I've done a few hiking/mountaineering trips that required 12-13 hours of hiking in a single setting, and those were exhausting. I'm not sure I could hang on a 24 hour running event, but I definitely think I can tackle a hiking/outdoors endurance event.

  6. I did a 24 hour ultra around a track, but I was having stomach issues so I ended up napping for 4 hours in the middle.

  7. That is really impressive. I think the longest run I have done was almost 4 hours and I was so over it by then. I have done 10 hour day hikes that were pretty intense, but at least they weren't on the boring treadmill!

  8. Cannot imagine being on a treadmill for that long. Treadmill workouts tend to feel twice as long as outside for me so really that would be like 48 hours of torture.

  9. I've ran 18 miles on the treadmill a few times when I literally had NO other choice. And I've done long hikes before but nothing I've done can compare to a 24 hour treadmill run. That is so inspiring! It must have been amazing to see him in person just a few hours before his finish. Wow.

    I think I could do it if it was to raise money/awareness for something very near and dear to my heart... I have a soon-to-be-born niece who is likely to be suffering from some very big health challenges and if I could ever do something like that, it would be for her!

  10. I've hiked pretty long, but have only ran 13.1 miles, so far. I'm about to break that this weekend and run 15! eek! Gosh, those kind of 24-hour people have something special in them. Something that I don't think I have!

  11. wow. hell no i could never do that. i know i don’t have the mental capabilities. i’m still working up to the 50K! my longest run/walk/picture stop was the marathon part of the goofy challenge this year.

  12. I've biked 12 hrs. and run 7h30, but never 24. This girl is a big fan of sleep so unless I get fast enough to do 100 miler under 24, I'll be sticking with the shallow end of the ultra pool :)

  13. I just can't imagine running for 24 hours. I can barely run an hour!!!

  14. That is a crazy high number! And then add in that GA! That is some hardcore stuff!

  15. That is insane! But I think if a cause near and dear to my heart came calling it would pop into my mind as a possibility to think about. Maybe if i could switch it up and do swimming, biking and some elliptical in there it would help pass the time.

  16. The longest I've ran is 14 hours 27 minutes and doing another 10 sounds horrible. Also 3 miles on a treadmill makes me want to gouge my eyes out, so this is hard for me to imagine. I have some serious respect for him but I'd rather go around a track at least.

  17. holy crap that's amazing! did he at least have movies to watch or something? i'd be dead!

  18. Wow that is amazing and so inspiring but you are right I don't think I can run for 24 hours straight.

  19. That's amazing! What an inspiration he is! I love the treadmill but don't think I could be on it for that long!
    Paul and I once hiked for 22 hours. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done but it was pretty rewarding too.

  20. WOW!! That is so crazy and amazing!! The longest I have ever run is 4:19...and I thought my legs were going to fall off. I don't even want to know what Gregg's legs felt like the next day!

  21. I love endurance challenges but not on a treadmill. I've done 6 day races and many other crazy runs but I have never run on a treadmill. Respect!

  22. That is impressive. I've never run over about 3 hours, but I did the Oxfam Trailwalker hike a couple of years ago - you hike 100 km (62 miles) for charity. We did it in about 31 hours, but we did stop and sleep for about 3 hours and we also had some meal/bathroom/change shoes and socks breaks. I couldn't imagine doing something non-stop like he did!

  23. I went to the gym the other day because it was raining so hard out and it was WAY too hot! I couldn't even handle it. I'm going to have to move a ginormous fan in front of me the next time I have a date with the T-mill!

  24. That really is crazy!!! Good for him! I've "run" a marathon before in 6 hours, but it was with my dad and he was recovering and isn't bothered by being slow…but there were a lot of walk breaks and running slowly, that I actually consider running a marathon at my pace (which is very close to yours!) to be harder than when I ran with him, even though it was longer.

  25. I can't even stay awake that long, much less even consider DOING THINGS for that long. Especially running.

  26. I admire people who can do things like that. My longest is 13.1 miles...I have not gone above that yet...

    the 24 hrs...I know I could not run for that long...My friend did it and it was really tough and she is an athlete..

    I know I can stay awake for 24 I could be a cheerleader!!!

  27. Wow! I have heard of those 24 hour races, but never on a treadmill! That's crazy! Like you said, an hour is long enough! My longest run was 5 hours and 9 minutes = 31 miles.

  28. That is so inspiring! I can't say I've ever heard of anyone doing something like this on a treadmill though. That must have been tough!


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