Thursday, March 31, 2011

Guilt-Free Rest Days

It seems that wherever I look, there’s info on how to motivate yourself to exercise, how to run that extra mile, how to get faster. I know now that I need a weekly long run, speed intervals, track workouts, hill repeats, easy runs and recovery runs. I should probably start doing some barefoot runs too. I guess I can’t forget the strength training I need for the upper and lower body, core workouts, stretching, yoga for flexibility, foam rolling, cross training....

Wait, how many days do you guys have in your weeks?

Yes, of course all those things (and more) can contribute to making us better runners--better athletes. This bombardment of information can sometimes make me forget one of the most important workouts of all. REST DAY!
This article on the importance of rest for runners talks about a guy who has been on a running streak every day for, wait for it....
26 YEARS!!!!!!!

Way to go on the motivation and all, but he ran the day after he broke his sternum. No thank you, buddy. Too far. In his honor, today is my rest day. No worrying about mileage, speed, splits, sets, weights, nothing. And the best part? I’ll come back stronger tomorrow. So no guilt! 
Since I’m feeling so good, I’ll share with you all the amazing dessert from last night. Two Greek Yogurts, a few sliced strawberries, 1 cup of chocolate puffed cereal, and 6 mini-eggs. Let’s just say they were for decoration. This combination is uh-mazing. If it seems ginormous it’s because I split it with the hubby. Which means I got 60%, he got 40%. He should be grateful. 
Heaven in a dish

Do you ever feel guilty taking a rest day?

Which days each week are your rest days? 

What is your favorite guilt-free dessert?


  1. I do feel guilty taking a rest day sometimes. I guess I feel lazy if I am not running or something to that extent. I try to make Saturdays my rest days by doing some yoga and stretching.
    I love to get skinny cow ice cream sandwiches or frozen yogurt :D
    Your bowl looks amazing lol!!!

  2. Today and tomorrow are rest days for me before my race this weekend.

    I usually just feel lazy and gross on days that I don't do ANYthing. So I end up taking long walks or cross training instead of complete rest.

    I'm going to count my black bean brownies as a guilt free dessert :)