Thursday, July 26, 2012

Remember When I Used to Run?

I did a big ol' vacation recap a few days ago that a few people were kind enough to read so that I felt important, but I failed to mention anything to do with healthy eating or working out. You know, the alleged basis for my blog. I didn't have any grand plans for fitness over the two weeks in Europe, but I was pretty lucky in that I had some amazing opportunities for scenic running.

The first thing that made running incredible was the weather. Holy crap it was dream running weather - around 60 most of the time with some sun in Germany and some rain in England. Yes, I had to wear a jacket, and no, I did not mind one bit. Since I'm dealing with temperatures of roughly eight gazillion degrees now that I'm home in Georgia, I look back at that cool rain fondly.

So even though I managed to get in a few solo runs throughout the trip, the best runs were with other people. I ran a 5k with my mom, my little brother and Tim one day that consisted of jogging, sprinting and then walking. Yeah, it took 45 minutes. But it was so fun and I loved being outside with everyone. I also realized that my walking miles were surpassing my running miles for the trip, since it was more fun to take a walk with family than a run alone.

I also got in some kayaking in Germany. Upper body workout? Check. Pair that with the push-up competition I had with my brother (he's 10. He won) and I call that cross training. Thank you very much!

When I wasn't posing for pictures, I was beating my biceps into submission.

So here's what I managed to do while on holiday. Not as much as at home, sure, but I'm happy with the way it turned out. I don't regret any of the mornings where I sat around the breakfast table for an hour with my family instead of a long run, and that's the way I want it.

In Germany:

Thursday, July 5th: 3.5 mile run/walk with Tim along the river
Friday, July 6th: 4 mile solo run, 3.1 mile run/walk/jog with family
Saturday : walked 4 miles
Sunday, July 8th:  12 miles solo
Monday, July 9th: REST
Tuesday, July 10th: 2 miles solo, 5 mile walk

In England:

Thursday, July 12th: 4.5 Miles with Tim
Friday, July 13th: 6 Miles Solo
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Rest
Monday: I think you get the idea....more rest!
Tuesday, July 17th: 10 mile run solo
Wednesday, July 18th: 4 mile run solo

What's your take on exercising on holiday?
I still like to run or keep active, mostly because I start to feel like crap after too many days in a row of doing nothing. But I definitely don't do anything I don't WANT to do - schedules and training plans go out the window!

Do you ever work out with family members?
I am pretty lucky because most of my family members are pretty active. This trip I took lots of walks with Tim's family, with my grandparents, with my parents and I even got to race my little brother a few times! P.S. - Robert, you're a speed demon. But you're going to have to work on those distances over a mile!!!!!!

The winner for the chocolate giveaway is: Karen! She has a great blog with beautiful scenic pictures from all the ultras she big deal. I feel cooler and more badass just reading her posts, so check it out!


  1. I suck at running while on vacation.

    I do drag my brother out running with me sometimes. He's the BEST person to talk to on runs.

  2. I love the idea of running when you're traveling to a new, exotic place like Europe. I'm sure you got to experience where you were staying in a different way when you were running. I generally try to keep up with my running when I'm on vacation if I can, but if I'm traveling for work, sometimes it's hard to squeeze it in (especially if the hotel treadmill is constantly in use).

  3. I'm usually fairly good about running on vacation - though if I'm feeling a little burned out, I'll use it as the perfect excuse not to run. But in general, I find that running somewhere new is a great way to explore and see more of the place I'm visiting. As for family - I do end up working out with them. I'll run, hike, or go to the gym with them - it makes me happy that they're all up for it.

  4. Glad you enjoyed the holiday! Running in different places is the best way to tour the area!

  5. I never take a vacation from exercise! Lol, i'm so lame.

    Usually vacations fall during training times, so I don't take time off and just try to fit my runs in in the early morning before people are awake.

  6. I usually build a race or something into my vacations. I almost always run with my husband, and the rest of my family walks, so I usually will tag along with them while I'm visiting. :)

  7. I love working out on vacation...think it changes things up a bit and makes it more exciting and fun! awesome vacation pics...

    I love workout out with family, but most of the time they dodge it at all costs, unfortunately. Not my mom though, she brought me as her guest to Zumba last night! oh what fun making a fool of myself in front of a bunch of women shaking their bootys...HILARIOUS!

  8. I love running in new places, it's such a fun way to see the sights. I pretty much always work out on vacation, maybe not as much as at home. I'm impressed with how much you fit in!

  9. I try to exercise when I am traveling but sometimes it works out and other times it doesn't. I think you are right about the long breakfasts with your family...they are important!

  10. Most of my family is very active so we end up doing athletic things together on vacations. Sounds like your trip was amazing! So jealous! ;-)
    Check out my giveaway!

  11. I am with you, I start to feel like crap after a couple of days of being inactive. I like to be active on vacation.

  12. Vacation? What's that? Hahaha

    But seriously, I'm pretty sure I'd run. I can't turn the crazy off.

  13. I've never been on a vacation that long. My "vacation" consisted of going to the cottage for 5 days. I worked out all 5 of them :) I would totally run in a new area just for the scenery. Why not. Your runs are impressive though and I saw your last workout on DM an "easy bike ride" WOW my hard ones are like that ;P

  14. Hmm it depends on what kind of a holiday it is! I usually try to get some sort of physical activity in but do it in a way that lets me explore where I am - surfing, hiking, long walks, beach runs, etc.

    No one in my family is really active so it's just me...and Dean!

    Sounds like your trip was amazing and you definitely got a lot of physical activity in! Family is always the most important so I'm glad that you got to spend a lot of time with them!

  15. I try to exercise on vacation but I don't always get in as many workouts as I'd like. My family is fairly active so sometimes we do things together. Looks like you had a really fun holiday!

  16. so cool...i'll bet u did get some awesome scenic runs over there!! yea, i'm totally anal OCD runner no matter where i go...thankfully there are some other die-hards in my family and that helped when we did family vacation type things. :)

  17. Your family vacay sounds PERFECT! I bog off lots with those kinds of holidays, too. It's way more fun to be with everyone else.
    My Running Shortz

  18. I have to exercise while on holiday to counteract the over-eating!

  19. Good job on running on vacation! I did not run at all but it was ridiculously hot and we just decided to take a rest day for the team and sit it out! Plus we did not have access to a gym otherwise my butt would have been on a treadmill!

  20. i always try to exercise on vacation-well, most vacations are running vacations so it always works out. :) luckily my sis, bro in law and bf all started running-that makes it easier for me to get it done.

    now you are back, must send DVDs. and, looks like we are on the same early flight home from HTC. hooray :)

  21. You logged quite a few miles while you guys were on vacation! How are you adjusting to our lovely southern heat after being gone for awhile? We ran a 5K last Saturday and I nearly died. It was so hot!