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The Real Catwoman

Yeah, I know that Anne Hathaway pulled off the whole black leather outfit thing better than I could have. But let's get real here - I am obviously the true catwoman. A few of you might remember a couple of months ago when Tim and I got our THIRD cat. For the record, two cats in a home means you are a kind couple who loves animals. Three cats in a home makes you freaks who can't handle human interaction. It's a fine line and unfortunately, we've crossed over to the other side.

Anyway, a lot of people have asked me about the newest addition. And by "asked," I mean "begged for more cute pictures." But there's this tiny little problem - our little baby kitten is massive. To refresh your memory, here's what our cat (Pumpkin) looked like when we brought him home from the shelter in May:

Even two weeks AFTER we brought him home, the little guy was under 2 pounds. He ate a ridiculous amount of food and definitely got bigger, but I guess compared to our other cats he still seemed small. Here are some pictures at the end of May and then June...

Napping in May


Now he's almost the same size as the other two cats - who are 3+ years older than him! Here are some new pictures of Pumpkin now:

Yes, he's still as cute as ever, but his constant chewing, biting and climbing up legs is less than awesome. Thankfully he should outgrow that before he outgrows his cuteness, so we'll probably keep him. KIDDING! Yeesh.

I don't really have a question to put at the bottom of this post. Do you like kittens? Are you a cold-hearted monster with no feelings or emotions?


  1. I like kittens, but only fried. Baked ones can be chewy.

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  3. We have 3 cats as well and I hardly remember them as kittens since they grew so fast. Still my little cuddle monkeys though.

  4. Cold hearted monster with no feelings or emotions. I don't enjoy holding babies either. Good thing you had some funny jokes in this post to make me laugh.

  5. I am a sucker for kittens. I have 5 cats, but they all live outside. I am done with litter boxes and house cats. If I could catch my wild white momma cat, I would have a lot less cats. She keeps having kittens. Maybe you want one? She looks really pregnant again.

  6. Ummm I prefer dogs, but we can still be friends :-)

  7. i'm allergic to cats... but does it count that i still think they're cute?

  8. That's not a kitten anymore. No longer cute. :P

  9. cold hearted monster because I am allergic. :)

  10. I think it's the same with kids. But the limit is three. Over three and you are trying to overpopulate the planet. Three and under, still normal and sweet. Umm, we don't have cats because our kids might accidentally murder them with tonka trucks.

  11. I love kittehs <3 Mine is about 13 years old now, and sadly she'll probably be the last one I have. My husband is just way too allergic. Ours doesn't bother his allergies too much (maybe he's built up an immunity to her?), but Dear Lord, when we went to my mom's house while her cat was alive, within minutes of walking in the house his throat and eyes were swelling shut. A prick test at an allergy clinic confirmed that cats are his worst offenders. :( So when something happens to C.C., we'll probably get a third dog and become THOSE people...

  12. OMG, I am laughing so hard right now. I love cats. LOVE them. But we only have one because of that perception about not being able to handle human interaction (which would describe me quite accurately, BTW). One cat, one dog and two children means I can appear normal for short amounts of time in the outside world.

  13. I like kittens.....but I'm allergic, so I stick with dogs. But boy does pumpkin look cute!

  14. I like cats... just don't like them on the counters and tables! And it is impossible almost to keep them off! Pumpkin is very cute.

  15. I had three cats...and I'm not you know what that makes me (crazy cat lady). Now due to the aging process (cats, not mine) I only have one. My boyfriend has two, but we have separate houses, so that makes us perfectly normal, right?

  16. I freaking love kittens. LOVE. I want one but Dean hates cats. His mom had like seven of them when he was growing up and now he has a serious aversion towards cats! We will have to stick to Princeton until I can convince him otherwise!

  17. I prefer dogs, but your cats are definitely cute!

  18. Kittens are cute. Cats are so-so. Dogs are smelly. The end.

  19. Oh so sweet!
    Dogs are smelly, Kyria? I don't think so. Not mine -- ha ha.
    My Running Shortz

  20. Love dogs and cats and I wish we could get a cat but the dogs would not like that.

  21. I love kittens. I believe those who don't are cold-hearted monsters without emotions (my husband, :( sad)

  22. I don't think that those number means that you have problems with human interaction. But congratulations for you newest member of your family.


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