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The First of Way Too Many

I really tried to hold back on this topic. I haven't mentioned it at all since finding out I that I snagged a spot on Nuun's team, but the time has come to bombard you all with information that 40 other bloggers will also write about at the exact same time.

Yes, the time for Hood to Coast 2012 is upon us.

I can't lie...last year I LOVED reading the recaps and updates from the various bloggers who participated in this epic race (a 197 mile 12 person relay that starts at Mount Hood and ends at the beach in Oregon). Even I, however, started tuning out after the 45th blog post. So, yes...I'm probably going to dwell on this more than I should, and you'll probably be ready to virtually smack me by this time next week.

But you guys....I'm running in Hood to Coast! #nuun #hydration #running #HTC #lemon lime flavor #low calorie beverage #blog post recap 4,256 #this is why I don't have twitter


Is that too many hashtags? I actually don't have a Twitter account, so at least I can spare you those updates.

Anyway, this Wednesday I am flying out to Seattle to join my other nuun teammates for the relay. I forgot to get excited for the whole thing until this weekend when I watched the Hood to Coast documentary. It looks FUN. I am so excited to meet my van buddies, gorge on junk food for a couple of days and run my little heart out.

All shirts make my butt look fast.
I tried to figure out how to pack for something like this, and so far I've bought a sleeping bag and some glow in the dark nail polish. I'm relatively certain that I'm not prepared, although my nail polish is super cool and it's neon pink and the bottle actually lights up. Like I said, not really prepared.

I had to elbow tweens to get the last bottle. Maybe.

Training wise, I feel pretty good. I will run a total of 17 miles in three different legs, so my biggest concern is just not racing too hard and then limping the final leg or needing crutches. This week I even managed to do three separate runs in 24 hours, which should be good practice. On Friday morning, I ran 6.5 miles. On Friday night, another 6. Then on Saturday morning, another 4. I know some people have been running doubles for months to prepare, but my last-ditch effort will have to suffice.

So, Hood to Coast voyeurs, here's my promise to you: when I get back, I'll put up a recap and share some photos of the adventure.

And Hood to Coast haters, for you: This will be the first post, and it won't be the last. But I'll take it easy, and I promise that the next four months will not be lengthy posts reminiscing the one weekend where I got to feel like a real runner.  It will be more like three months.

Advice please! Anyone who has ever run a relay like Ragnar, Hood to Coast, etc: what's one thing you wish you knew before you started?
Packing, racing tactics, decor, costumes...share the knowledge!

I am Van 1 of "Team Night" in Nuun's team After-nuun Delight. Team Night (actually, mostly the lovely Caroline!) is putting together a fun playlist with songs about night. Any suggestions to add?
So far my favorites on the list are You Shook Me All Night Long (AC/DC), A Hard Day's Night (Beatles) and Last Friday Night (Katy Perry).  


  1. YAY!! I love reading all about hood to coast and such.. i have no actual advice since i'm just a wannabe, but I LOVE that nail polish and probably would've elbowed and pushed my way to the last bottle too! lol... and I don't even like pink ;) yay! Have fun!! :)

  2. I have done a relay and I will say pack light. It gets crowded in the van. Here are the items I will take next time: three running outfits in baggies so everything I need for each run is in one places, less lounging clothes (I never really used them), MORE food (I did not eat enough), compression socks for between, baby wipes. Basically anything you can use to shower on the side of the road : )

    My overnight relay is one of my favorite running memories EVER and I am so excited to do it again at the end of September.

  3. Your recaps will be entertaining so I'll enjoy reading yours and skip over some of the others! :) You'll have a great time. I'm really glad I did a relay for the experience and cross it off the list. I don't really have any advice, most others will cover the main things, you'll be ready!

  4. Good luck and have fun! I hope one day to participate in a HTC. Seems like such an amazing experience to have as a runner!

  5. You've gotta add "Some Nights" by fun, "Tonight Tonight" by Hot Chelle Rae, or "Hey Tonight" CCR.

  6. I can't wait to read your other posts about Hood to Coast. It's a race I hope to be able to participate in someday. That glow-in-the-dark nail polish looks like so much fun. Good luck with packing and travel safely to Seattle!

  7. I'm really looking forward to your recaps! Just like Abbi said... others I may skip, but not yours!

  8. So excited for HTC! Hopefully I will run into you guys on the beach or something, our start time is 7 am and as far as I can tell every other blogger I know starts at 2 in the afternoon!

  9. I'm not sure I have enough painkillers to get me through the week of HTC "This is what I'm packing!" posts and then oy, the recaps.

    I swear on all that's good in this world, if you say you teared up and cried at the emotional significance of this race, I will mock you. Mercilessly.

  10. Keep remembering that it's supposed to be fun. And what Twila said in re: food and lounging clothes and everything...great advice. I went looking for glow in the dark body paint but couldn't find any. Contemplating drawing on myself with glow int the dark fabric markers. Are you for serious going to sport the sparkly skirt? I might wear mine as a turban or a tube top. Or a cape safety pinned to my shoulders. Or not at all ;-)

  11. Have a great time and I can't wait to hear all about it! I love the glow in the dark nail polish. Very nice touch!

  12. Nail polish was a great idea. Love it.

  13. Cool nail polish. It is important stuff there!

  14. Good luck and have SO. MUCH. FUN!!

    Great idea on the nail polish. :)

  15. I pretty much skipped over all of the HTC posts last year, but I DID love the HTC movie, so maybe I'll read more of them this year. Maybe.

    Good luck!!

  16. I am SOOOO jealous! I loved reading all of the recaps last year so I cannot wait for yours! I have never done a relay so I don't have any advice for you. You look like you're off to a good start with the nail polish though!

  17. That is so exciting!!! You will have an awesome time, I'm sure! I can't wait to read about it!

  18. I love that nail polish and I'll be skimming your HTC posts. But I will watch the video... I have enough attention for that.

  19. That is so freakin amazing!! Go you!!!!!

  20. I don't know if I'm out of the loop or what, but you are the only blogger I read doing HTC and I never even heard of it before you applied, so I guess I'll look forward to your recaps! I'm doing Ragnar in January so I'm excited to get tips. Have a great time!

  21. That nail polish is freaking amazing!

  22. Have fun!!!! I think HTC sounds like a blast and I can't wait to read about it :)

  23. Pack light; I never wore normal clothes the whole time! Also, don't worry about 2 a days or whatever. Some of my teammates had never run more than 6 miles in their life. And it was very, very fun. Do you think that nail polish is going to match your sparkly shirt!?

  24. can't go without glow in the dark nail polish!!! have fun, enjoy it and bring us back a great recap!!!

  25. I am a fan of HTC post

    I am a fan of that team night you are on...

    Caroline...not sure about that one!!!!!

  26. cannot wait to see you tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

  27. Ok, I am SO EXCITED FOR YOU. I love that you got neon nail polish, that should totally help. I forgot to tell you to cover your toes in vasoline before your first leg. It will be all gone when you are done. Best advice to me last year, it helped a ton. Other people were bleeding from that decline, my feet were so soft!!!
    I personally cannot wait to read all 17 of your posts about Hood to Coast!

  28. Oooh so exciting, have fun.
    and ...
    YES, WAY to many hashtags ;-)


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