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Woman Runs 50 Miles, Demands Attention

If this blog were a newspaper (HAHA! Blogging ≠ Journalism) then this title would be completely appropriate as a headline. This week I hit a record in my running career. No, not nuun tabs consumed during my run (advertising-check), not towels soaked in sweat due to high summer temps and not Olympic events watched on the treadmill.

I ran 50 miles this week. And 68 miles in the past 8 days. I want to have a party, but instead I'll write a blog post and maybe have a rest day. (Actually, not maybe. I will have a rest day. Tomorrow.)
This week's mileage, courtesy of Daily Mile

I know that some of you (ahem, ultra runners!) can do that in your sleep, backwards and without body glide. But for me, it was a huge accomplishment. Perhaps the best part is that I actually feel good, and have no aches or pains or even soreness at all. Here's the week's recap:

Monday: Ran 5 Miles, 45 minutes of yoga
Tuesday: Ran 8 Miles
Wednesday: Ran 7 Miles
Thursday: Ran 9 Miles
Friday: Biked 15 Miles, 30 minutes of upper body weights
Saturday: Ran 15 Miles
Sunday: Ran 6.5 Miles

Total Running Miles: 50.5

Obviously, you will want to send me some kind of certificate, award or other form of acknowledgement. But please, no flowers. It's just too much.

In all seriousness, it's a goal I have wanted to reach for some time now. I just didn't want to do it and kill myself in the process. This week felt manageable and I'm proud, but I imagine the next week will consist of a few less miles to make sure my body can handle it.

Evidence I am capable of the "happy" emotion.
 In other news, did you guys know the Women's Olympic Marathon was on today? Oh, every other blog already mentioned it? Geez, sorry. I was like a little kid watching Saturday morning cartoons today - up in the dark, sitting on the floor in front of the screen, (Tim's mom just flew in last night and probably didn't want to be woken up before dawn) wrapped in a blanket and eating oatmeal. Halfway through the race I switched to running on the treadmill while watching and totally felt like a winner running super fast....until I looked down at the screen and saw my pace. That was a letdown.

What's the next running or fitness related goal you want to accomplish?
I would love to run a sub-7 minute mile. Just one. That would be incredible for me. 

Would you rather win the 100 meter race at the Olympics or the marathon?
Even though I'm a distance girl through and through....100 meter. It would be insane to be the fastest woman on Earth.


  1. I just laughed my way through this entire post. Congratulations on an awesome week! I was just patting myself on the back for going over 30 miles. I really think there should be a Hallmark card for the occasion.

  2. You are awesome! I don't think, I mean I've never run 50 miles in a week.

  3. Wow did you dress yourself this morning too? You really are advanced. Maybe you should be a running coach. I'd totally hire you.

    Side note: your about me only mentions two cats. You either ate one to fuel for your epic week of hardcore running or you are living in denial about being a cat lady. Either way is cool with me.

  4. Attention earned! Good for you! I have never hit 100 miles in a week, but that's a sort of goal once I'm finally over this nagging injury.
    I watched the marathon, too. Taped. I'm lazy.

  5. Nice job getting your miles in!

    My goal is to PR in one of this year's two marathons. Other than that, it's to survive the summer heat and humidity. This morning's 19 miler as rough.

  6. Wow -- I feel the same way about my recent 20 mile weeks as you do about your 50. WTG!

    Next goal is to break 2 hours in the half marathon, but as I add long slow miles for my upcoming full not sure that's doable in the near future.

    And I would agree 100m>marathon. No matter how fast you run, a marathon is still a really long way to go.

  7. That's a lot of miles! I have not pushed myself that hard especially this time of year- its too hot for me. Way to go!

  8. Yay on your big week and that's definitely a big deal...especially the whole feeling really good after it too! :)

  9. 50 miles in one week, WOW GIRL! That is amazing! I was just thinking that my highest mileage per week is about 20 miles. I really hope at some point I can amp up my mileage!
    One day.........

  10. Congratulations on your 50.5 miles week! I had a record week to but you got me by 10 whole miles! I am not sure if I could pull 50 miles off! My ultimate goal is to qualify for Boston someday!

  11. Oh wow! 50.5 miles! That's big time awesomeness.

  12. Congrats!!! I had a goal of 1000 miles in 2012, but I don't think I"m gonna make it.

  13. Dude, that is an awesome milestone and I demand that you stop down playing it! I ran 14 today and feel hungover... so I'm bowing down to your greatness.

  14. Great job Vanessa! That's really exciting. What a big milestone to hit as a runner!

  15. Congrats on your week PR! :)

  16. Nice work on the 50 miles! I'd rather win the marathon for sure. The thought of sprinting 100 meters like that makes me want to hurl. I thought I was going to find the marathon on the radio and they were announcing the winner - whoops, guess I missed it. Sad.

  17. That's awesome, girl!
    And don't worry. With all that mileage you will definitely get to a sub 7 minute mile soon :)
    Happy for you xoxo

  18. The marathon, for sure. Endurance has always been more of a priority to me than speed.

  19. My goodness, you have the most delicious sense of humor!

    I was up at 3 am my time to watch the beginning of the women's marathon and then after 15 minutes the broadcaster said they would be checking in on it from time to time and were going back to men's single Pursuit bike race in the veladrome so I went to bed!

    Saw women's marathon highlights this afternoon and it was wonderful!

  20. I think that's a great accomplishment! Yay!!

  21. I will send you a prize. Email me your address. You totally deserve one. I don't think I've EVER run that much in a week. EVER.

  22. I DO want to send you a certificate AND flowers! You had an amazing running week:)

    My Running Shortz

  23. CONGRATS!!! look at u it!!!

    okay, how can u say 100 meters, distance is all where it's at! ;) jk. :P

  24. Nice job on the 50 miles! That's awesome!

    Isn't it crazy how effortless the ladies in the marathon made their runs look? 5:00+/min miles and they were just cruising. My husband didn't believe me that they were running that fast until they started announcing it. Amazing!

  25. Congrats - that's awesome!!! I think it's crazy that these women run 26 miles at a pace faster than what I can run a single mile in - I hear ya on the 7 minute mile!!!

  26. WOW! I haven't run 50 in a week...ever! I simply want to be a ground level during the 100m - insane speed!! Insane!!

  27. congrats! What a huge accomplishment. Good job for taking a break a little bit after all of that. You are going to rock Hood to Coast!

  28. Nice work girl! You are hilarious and I must get back to reading your blog regularly. I think you are now ready for a 50 miles race. :)

  29. Good work on breaking 50! That's awesome! I think that if you ran just one mile, you CAN break 7 minutes. Have you tried it? Get on it, and I want a full report on Monday.

  30. Great job the 50 mile week! Lots of miles!

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