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I Pressed Pause

I had some grand plans this weekend. Most of them didn't happen, but I still couldn't be happier. There was a definite theme to the weekend - pressing pause. Or stop. Maybe rewind? I don't know, just some kind of metaphor or analogy that makes this post deep and clever.

Take my plans for a Saturday 12 mile run, for example. Trying to keep my heart rate low enough was really tough and I stopped for walk breaks a lot. In the end, I called it quits after 10 miles and what I can only assume was roughly 14 pounds of water weight loss. Seriously, it was nasty:

Or consider my plans to see The Avengers on Friday night and then go out for dinner. Tim and I made it as far as the driveway to check the mailbox on the way out and found this:

In one second, the plan to head into town for dinner and a movie turned into snacks on the couch and Downton Abbey. We headed to the gas station to pick up the "essentials". True story: you can't watch British drama without candy. Seriously!

I've had some work that needed to get done over the weekend as well, but every time I sit down to do it something comes up and gets in my way. When it rains here a lot we don't have any internet - problem! Another problem? How can I possibly work when this cutie is snuggled up next to me? Side note: I weighed him this week. He's a whopping 1.8 pounds. Fatty.

Tell me about your dream weekend: on the go the whole time or complete relaxation?
A little of both. I love doing nothing and watching crappy reality television at home, but I feel better about it if I've already had a long run or cleaned the house first.

Would you rather watch a movie in the cinema or at home on the couch?
95% of the time...the couch. In PJs. With candy that is much, much cheaper than at the movies. However, working from home makes me appreciate going out more. Seeing a movie out is now a big deal for me.


  1. I love relaxing weekends. I feel like I go go go all week so its nice to just relax. Course on the weekends, its been BBQs and homework so yeah...not too much relaxing here!

    I would rather sit at home, in PJs and veg out.

  2. I'm an at home kinda girl with my movies, mostly because I can do it in my PJs and snuggle on a really comfy couch. And my kitty can snuggle with us too.

  3. My weekend defintely didn't go as planned either, yesterday was supposed to be a pool day and then it was too cloudy and cool and then last night we tried to get up with some friends and it didn't quite workout either, so it was day of sisterly love! I enjoyed every bit of it!

  4. I think the wonderful thing about working from home is that any two days can be a weekend. It always seems when the whole family is home it gets pretty crazy here! But nothing beats an adventure out of town weekend!

  5. I had Downton Abbey on my list, but the more you talk about it, the more I can't wait to get started!

  6. Your kitty is so cute! Brian just looked over and went ga-ga over the picture and I went back and showed him the pics of when you first brought him home….there's a chance we'll be getting a kitty soon :) Such a cutie!

    Pressing pause is good and I think it's really important to listen to your body! And I am with you, almost always prefer to watch movies at home - PJs, a glass of wine, the option of pausing for bathroom breaks, and your own fridge and pantry…what's not to love?

    Anymore thoughts on which fall marathon you're going to run? I'm thinking about Memphis again, but won't know if I can till the end of the summer….but it's a maybe!

  7. Can't believe your kitty is only 1.8 lbs, that's so teeny! I always think my pups are small and they are about 17 lbs.

    Now that I know the rule is to enjoy every British movie with candy I will always obey that rule.

  8. i think this weekend WAS my dream weekend too. i took 2 different 3 hour naps. omg. heaven. haha. and first saturday in a bazillion years i felt no pressure to do a LR. it was a nice break:)

    your kitty is the most adorable thing i have ever seen! and skor candy! yummmmmy!

  9. I loooooove to just spend weekends vegging. I used to want to have busy, fun-filled weekends but then I got old and married and became employed a little more than full-time and figured out that just relaxing is the freaking bomb.

  10. A run in the rain, coffee afterward, a giant lunch and a nap with the dog...mostly because these are things that I can't really indulge in at the moment (other than a nap with the dog).

    And it's been over a year since I actually WENT to the movies...I lead a truly decadent life! lol

  11. I'mgoing to fly out there and steal that kitten, because holy SHIT cute.

  12. movies at home for me!

    dream weekend....when my kids dont fight too much.
    I am low maintenance!!

  13. I don't even like cats, but I would shank you for that kitten.

  14. I hate the cost of a movie but I do like the big screen. Most of the time though, like you, I'd rather be on the couch with the much cheaper snacks.

  15. We generally watch things at home- for big time movies (like The Avengers) we go to the movies, though.

  16. Ooooh...Downton Abbey. Addicting!!! Even my 9 and 13 y.o. sons are looking forward to Season 3!! Though you should be having scones and tea instead of Fun Dip.

  17. Hate movie theaters! Cold, smelly, germy, loud, expensive - ew. I'd rather watch National geographic specials at home.

  18. Awwwww!!! You got a new kitteh!!!!!? It's adorable! <3

  19. i am ALL about watching movies/tv at home because i like to lounge. i also have some serious ADD and like to do things while watching (ie: eating, drawing, typing, etc). so that sort of also answers ur first question, i like to relax for about a minute then i get antsy. :P

  20. The couch is the best place ever. My dream weekend is having friends over and "partying" in pjs at our place. I sneak candy in when I go to the movies, you will never catch me paying $4.50 for Junior Mints.

  21. I still have yet to finish Downton Abbey. I have one episode left! I really should watch it.

    Your weekend sounds awesome, other than the miserably hot run!

  22. I like a nice relaxing weekend (or weekday, whatever), but first I like to get my run out of the way, then I don't feel like a lazy sack of...well you know. But a weekend with a good book and a cup of iced coffee on the back patio in the sun is my kind of weekend! As for movies/TV, I am not a huge fan, so I never go to the theater and rarely watch them at home, but if I were to choose, I would pick home any day. In my PJs.

  23. I SWEAR TO BABY JESUS that one Friday night my boyfriend asked where we should go out for dinner and, after giving it two minutes of hard thought, blurted out really excitedly, "DO YOU WANT TO BIKE TO THE GAS STATION AND PICK UP JUNK FOOD??!! It will be like a road trip!!!!!"

    I was vetoed. Jerk.

  24. I had the perfect weekend, so I'll recap. . . mellow day on Saturday. Took the boys to baseball & went mountain biking with the family. Relaxed & drank a little wine in the evening.

    Ran my (first!) half on Sunday, then went to the spa for a pedicure to clean up my jacked feet. Relaxed again, read a book on my Kindle, met the kids at the park for popsicles. Came home, Michael made a fabulous dinner, then we had cupcakes. Watched some sort of lazy TV, & fell in bed.


  25. OMG, soft kitty! I so want to cuddle with that fluff ball!

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