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Nuun Winners and Expensive Candy

Hold your horses. I know you just clicked on the link because you want free stuff, but I would like to use this time to make you read my drivel. Please and thank you.

I went to World Market a few days ago after hearing about it from a friend and I am so impressed. If you don't have one near you, it's basically a chain store that has furniture, handcrafts, foods, wines, etc. from around the world. I don't think it should come as much of a surprise that I spent half my time in the candy section. Here's the loot from the purchase:

Anyone remember that Sesame Street song "One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong?" Yeah, me either. That sounds totally lame. Honestly though - can you spot the one thing in this purchase that's out of place? We have: Pepero chocolate cookies from Korea, Dutch Licorice, Aero chocolate from the UK, German Bueno chocolates, HI-CHEW candy from China (or Japan? Anyone?) meringues, plenty of ginger candies....and cabbage.

That stuff is like crack. It's similar to sauerkraut, but it's made with red cabbage and a little shredded apple so it's much sweeter. And it's quite possibly my favorite food. Seriously, on my birthday that's what my mom would make me. I love that stuff.

This morning was another great run for me. Not in a braggy, holy cow I'm awesome kind of way, but it feels good to push myself and not feel bad. Hooray! I managed 10 x 400 meter sprints at a 7:30 pace and I didn't want to die at the end.

Alright, alright. Enough about me. Winners of the nuun giveaway are:

That's Steph from steph chows and Christine from Bookishly Boisterous - congrats! Send me your mailing information so I can mail you some goodies. Feel free to mix your nuun with vodka, Christine. I love that idea. Vodka + nuun = dehydrating and re-hydrating all at the same time. Genius.

Do you like ginger flavored candy?
I absolutely love ginger and will basically eat it in any form, but it will shock no one that I like it best when it's covered in sugar. Plus the antibiotics I've been taking give me a horrible taste in my mouth, so ginger covers that right up. 

What is your favorite foreign food/meal/candy/drink?
That German red cabbage and Nurnberger sausages are maybe the perfect meal...but then again, Sangria from Spain? Perfect. It's practically a meal with all that fruit floating around. 


  1. I like ginger but I don't like ginger flavored candy! I like this Japanese candy rice candy that has this wrapper on it that appears to be paper but you can eat it. I think it is made of rice. Those are some great 400's! I hate speed work but should probably get back to it one day.

    1. Yes! I love those so much - we used to eat them in Hawaii and they are still very popular there.

  2. Oh I love World Market! The wine and beer selection is my favorite part. My husband stocks up on stuffed olives evertime we go there. Yuk.

  3. I like ginger tea! It helps a lot when I have stomach issues.

  4. The local German restaurant in Lexington calls it Rotkraut and I'd sell an important limb for a lifetime supply. Your candy from around the world made me think of Chinese Oreos. I don't know why, I think they have different flavors (been a while), but they taste so much better over there.

  5. The cabbage might be good but I see Kinder Bueno bars, nothing can beat those! :)

  6. nope don't like ginger!! no particular reason. I do like the world market though!

  7. I wish there was a world market around here. What I wouldn't do for some Kinder Chocolate on a regular basis.

  8. I've never heard of World Market. I don't like ginger candy (or ginger anything else!)

  9. BUENO BARS. They are my FAVORITE.

  10. Ginger. Ug. I don't like it. It's too MUCH for me.

    But boy do I love World Market. Our coffee table, end tables, and 80% of our book shelves are from there.

  11. World Market! My gf from the South LOVES it! I've never been though.
    And thats some weird crack, cabbage crack? are you SURE!?!
    I'll have to have her send me some!
    And then obvi ALL THE CHOCOLATE!

  12. I love World Market. They have an excellent candy selection. I love pretty much any chocolate from Belgium and then I go and hang out in the wine section the rest of the time (unless you are from one of the weird states where they don't let you have wine in regular stores, which sucks for you!)

    I am not a huge candy fan, but if you go to the Japanese market in San Francisco they have some really good, fun candies. I don't know the names of any of them since they are all labeled in Kanji.

  13. Now I am going to have to make a trip to World Market - that cabbage looks yummy!

  14. Love World Market.. of course we don't have them in Canada!

  15. I'm guessing metronidazole...

  16. Yay! I'm seriously excited- this makes my day. And you get bet it's going to make some friends in my liqueur cabinet (and I'll use it while I run, booze free). Thanks! Emailing you now.

  17. I hate ginger! Not because it tastes bad, but because my mom used to feed me tons and tons of it whenever I got sick. So now I have that association burned into my brain. =)

  18. I can plow through a Trader Joes ginger candy pack in like a week. I love them. I don't know what my favorite foreign food is - does pasta count?

  19. Nice collection of goodies!! I actually am not a fan of ginger at all. My aunt brought over some cadied ginger not too long ago and swore it was the best thing ever. I nearly choked. I love the Mauna Loa macadamia nuts from Hawaii! I have actually seen them here but only in the plain/unflavoured. The chocolate/toffee ones were my favourite. I think I ate a HUGE bag all to myself at the airport on the way home. I was so depressed to be leaving!

  20. You had me going with all the talk of candy. Very scrumptious. But then we get to the cabbage....and....well, let's just say you won't have to worry about me stealing that bottle out of the cupboard.

  21. I worked at a World Market as one of my first jobs after college! (It was wonderful and awful -- I wanted to spend my whole paycheck on food and household goodies each week!)

    Fav food? Peanut butter (no question). Beverage? Coffee (though wine is a close runner-up).

  22. wait? cabbage and candy!? And I always loved that game.. I mean... I don't know about it either. Yeah to winning!! Will email you :)

  23. love World Market! my favorite store. :)

  24. That cabbage sounds intriguing...Proud of you on your speed work. 400's are so good....and painful!

  25. Badass 400s. That sounds a little angry. Super neat 400s!!

    I can't imagine eating sweet sauerkraut as a dessert, but I will take lots of extra-fruity sangria. As much as I can get. Preferably open bar. Preferably free open bar.

  26. way to crank on those 400's!


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