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My Weekend Was Better Than Your Weekend

I'm just kidding. Your weekend was probably super awesome too. But I needed a good title to distinguish my long Memorial Day weekend from the 72 gazillion other blog posts recapping the exact same thing today.

The fun times started on Friday night when I got to "work" in Starbucks. I still don't understand how people claim to work full time in a coffee shop. I have the perfect job for that - working on my laptop and writing- but there is still no way I can be productive for more than an hour or two in that place.

Post Starbucks, um, "work" I went to a local pizza place called Lupi's. We went there once before and had incredible food, so I wanted to try it again and this time sample their gluten free crust because of my newly diagnosed wheat allergy. Guess what? It was bad. Tim tried to be nice and tell me it was pretty good, but it wasn't. I was drooling over the other pies in the restaurant.

Gluten-Free Pizza with fresh mozzarella, baby spinach, ham and onions.
Luckily the night improved post-pizza with a visit to the Nightfall Concert Series in Chattanooga. Each Friday night in the summer they have free outdoor concerts, food trucks and drinks. We met up with some friends and yelled at each other over the music for three hours. You know what's harder than speaking to people who don't speak English fluently? Speaking to people who don't speak English fluently while loud music plays in the background and its 90 degrees.

It was actually a lot of fun. I closed my eyes and pretended that my lemonade was beer like everyone else was drinking, and that helped. Three weeks of antibiotics means that I will be living the sober life for a while. God help my husband.

Saturday I had a ménage à trois with my lovers. You know, couch and television. I was feeling pretty sick (must have been all that lemonade) so I crashed on the couch for a day and watched two movies and too many hours of reality television interspersed with naps. It was a tough day.

Like this. Without the workout gear.
Thankfully by Sunday morning I was feeling better and ready to work out. I wanted to run an easy half marathon but with temps sky-high, I settled for a treadmill run in the 70 degree air conditioning. It was marvelous, I watched the entire movie Juno and I didn't have to walk once for the 2+ hours- a first for me in several months. Hooray!

Monday I was confused. Holiday? Workday? Race Day? There was a nearby 5k I was hoping to participate in but the antibiotics probably don't mix too well with racing, so I settled for a day with a friend at the pool. I didn't take a picture all day, but here's the pool I was at:


Except instead of that quiet and peaceful water, imagine 50 frat boys and their drunken sorority sisters. The apartment complex where my friend lives is just a few minutes from the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga campus, so this is clearly party central for the summer. I enjoyed an afternoon of gossip, spying on drunk people and then an evening of my best lobster impersonation (bright red).

Weekend = success.

So go ahead: tell me why your weekend was better than mine. Any Memorial Day racers?
There were two local races just around my little town, so I imagine plenty of you were out there in your respective races!

The perfect pool for you is a) quiet and serene, or b) lively, has live music and plenty of booze. 
Depends on the day. You can't beat an empty pool most of the time, but a few beers never hurt anyone. 


  1. I ran a half as an American flag. So, your weekend was better.

  2. I chilled on a boat on Saturday, then was inside the rest of the weekend because of the weather :( I did get a 6 miler in on Sunday with a new running partner so that was a bonus.

  3. I remember that nap picture. It's surpringly sexy for an after workout shot Vanessa. and that pizza looks so good considering it wasn't. What a lie. If looks could kill ;)

    glad you had a nice long weekend xoxox

  4. Does sound like a great weekend but think may have been better ;) Nah j/k kinda...

    I like quiet pools for the most part but every once and a while a little action is entertaining. We were out at the hamptons staying at a friends place that was ginormous. Tried paddle boarding for the first time and loved it!!

    I would totally run to the whole movie Juno. Love that show! WAY TO GO!

  5. Those UT frat kids are wild.

    My weekend was pretty great because it actually felt like a weekend. I could lounge and not feel like I had so much to do.

  6. bahaha. im gonna go ahead and say your weekend definitely beat mine. i should have taken advantage of some pool time. dang it. oh well. maybe next weekend. im sad that the pizza wasnt all that because it does look yummy in the pic!

  7. Gluten free just sounds so fun. No wonder people lose weight on it, the food tastes like shit.

    My weekend was better because I had lots of people come over and I never had to do any dishes because of my delicate condition.

  8. Aw man, I'm sorry your GF pizza tasted like crapola -- I didn't realize your parasite incident resulted in a wheat/gluten allergy -- is that um.. forever? Fret not though, there are tons of GF recipes you can play with at home & make your own awesomeness, and restaurants seem to be getting better (aside from cross contamination if your super sensitive) but it's trial and error until you find your fave spots.

  9. I have tried quite a few gluten free things; some are pretty good and some are terrible. Sounds like you picked a good one on the first try! I love your nap photo. Did you work out? Planned on working out? Just like to wear workout clothes as pajamas? All three?

  10. A pool day would have been fantastic this weekend...instead I settled for the sprinklers with my niece and nephew :) I like a quiet afternoon at the pool with a few friends and drinks/books on hand!

  11. I did the Bolder Boulder yesterday which is kind of a tradition-- running, beer, cotton candy, and a slip n slide all on the same course. I mean, could it get any better?!

  12. Sorry the pizza wasn't better. Your Saturday sounds heavenly! The couch, tv, and I have a long overdue date. We ran yesterday and it was fun but it would have been lovely to have some pool time after that!

  13. Yeah, the gluten free stuff seems to be really hit or miss - either it is great or it is terrible.

    Hopefully the antibiotics will kick those horrible stomach critters to the curb soon.

  14. not going to lie-i love lazy days-sorry you weren’t feeling better though. yep-i ran a 10K yesterday in hunstville. and agree with you on the pool-prefer peaceful but a few beers are good too.

  15. I like a quiet and serene pool but normal I'm with nieces and nephews so that never happens.

  16. I had a great weekend too! I ran a 10k on Memorial Day and spent a lot of time with my family! That pizza looks so darn good right now!!

  17. Sounds like a pretty dang good weekend to me. :) We weekend was pretty uneventful. I was way lazy! haha

    The pizza looks so so so good!

  18. Apparently I did not understand the dysentery post? You can't eat wheat? This is terrible. Is it temporary? My friend and I were just discussing how if we ever had to give up gluten, we would just have to give up pizza. So sad. I hope you can have it again in the future. My perfect pool is quiet. I went to a crazy loud one with a pool bar in Dallas and it was kind of fun but I go to the pool to read and relax. If I want to go to a bar, I'll go to a bar. Think of all the money you are saving by being unable to drink!

  19. Wow your weekend was WAY better than mine!!! I did almost nothing (except Saturday when I hung out with one of my friends - fun!). Boo to the bad pizza - I'm sorry!

    Your pool picture/description reminded me of the first apartment complex I lived in when I moved to VA - it was for young hip white collar workers and was party central with beer kegs since everyone was over 21. It was certainly where the "cool kids" hung out . . . sigh, I did go there a few times and had some fun.

    Funny you ask a question about my pool preference - see, I'm rehabbing the ol' ankle at this point and so most recently my pool preference has been at a retirement community about 30 minutes away where the water is WARM and the pool has features like metal bars running along the middle of the pool . . .very helpful even for a 37 year old who is unsteady on her feet - hee hee!

  20. Pool? Different moods for different days.. have had some awesome fun impromptu parties at different resorts.

    Hope you start feeling better really soon.

  21. hmm, i think i had that same threesome u speak of....hehe! :) i'd call ur weekend a success, even tho u couldn't dive into the 'regular' pizza's...hang tight because i know there are more and more awesome options out there for the poor gluten intolerant might take some more searching but awes-tastic pizza IS out there. ;)

  22. 1) That pizza looks awesome. 2) Juno - good choice. 3) Nothing wrong with obscene amounts of reality television. I hope you continue to get feeling better!

  23. that sounds like a pretty fantastic weekend, besides the whole 'no-beer' thing. ;) i would take a serene quiet pool any day.

  24. Sounds like you had a blast! I'm loving these weekend recaps from all my American blog buddies :) Memorial Day is such a special day. Since we obviously don't celebrate that here, my weekend was probably not better than your weekend. I just had a baby shower to attend and then took my bike out for a long ride! I would definitely prefer a quiet pool, but that's probably because I don't drink! Party pools look fun though, I must say!

  25. That pizza looks amazing, which makes it even more sad that it was not. Looks like a fun weekend!


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