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Stupid Sundays

I'm having serious issues with creating a coherent theme for a blog post. The entire weekend has been indulgent and awesome and although I feel like I have something to say, there's no common theme. So, I revert to those blog lists.

1) The little kitten Pumpkin is growing exponentially cuter each day. I'm already sad about the thought that he will eventually grow up and just be a normal sized cat. I really hope parents don't think like this. Mom? Did you ever think, "wow, she's a beautiful baby! So bummed she will eventually grow up."

Cat Friends. They're working on it.

2) This weekend I volunteered at a local race and was supposed to work the finish line chute for the 2k, 5k and 10k. When Tim and I showed up at 7 in the morning, the race director asked us to work at the help desk for packet pick-up and registration instead. It was actually a lot of fun and I felt great volunteering.

Dressed like a camp counselor...

...and seriously not impressed with the look.

3) Finally discovered the magic that is Redbox. I don't know how many times I have walked past them but never really thought to rent a move there. Saturday I got Downton Abbey Season 1 for $1.25 and watched the whole thing. Love it. Already ordered the next season to watch at home. That's next weekend planned.

4) If you have not yet eaten a rotisserie chicken with your hands, you have not lived. When I was a kid my dad used to sometimes let us eat dinner outside and use our hands instead of utensils, calling it "caveman night." Tonight was caveman night at my house. Vegetarians, avert your eyes.

5) I usually do a weekly recap exercise post. Ha! This week we're going to skip right on by that one. Between doctor visits, too much blood drawn and orders to take it easy, I've done exactly that. I had two runs (6 & 8 miles) and kept both very slow. Tonight we went on an easy walk for an hour. I've got another doctor's appointment in the morning so hopefully I'll get confirmation that working out like normal is fine.

Anyone else secretly hate Sunday nights?
I like them in theory, but when they roll around I get depressed that Monday is tomorrow. Why? I don't know. I don't have to get into the office or anything in the morning. It's just instinct. 

Parents - if your kids can't read yet, be honest. Smaller is cuter?
KIDDING! But really. A little, right? ;)  


  1. As a parent, each age is cute in its own way :) The saying "If you weren't so cute I'd kill ya!" also comes to mind.

    I love Sunday nights. Real housewives of NJ.

  2. Saturday nights are that way for me, because my husband's work week starts on Sunday. I'm hoping he's on a normal M-F 9 to 5 job when we get back to the states, but we aren't counting on it... the army likes to make you work crazy hours lol

  3. Why do you think so people have big families because they LOVE the baby phase. I an odd on, I love the 3-4 year old phase it is awesome to see them learn and grow.

    sunday nights are a bit of a bummer here. I dread starting the week over.

    1. I also love the three and four year old phase much better than baby phase!

  4. The weekend was extremely boring (as I am sick) and so I did cleaning when I could manage it and am now supposed to be doing homework BUT as you can see, I am not :D

    I love the baby phase. I actually look at my son all the time and wonder where that time went. Then I remind myself that come October, I will be in it again and I kinda groan (sleepless nights, diapers, bottles). Nice huh?

  5. I bet my kids would love a caveman night, and yes sometimes i wish my kids weren't growing up so fast.

  6. Downton Abbey! Holy hell, I love that show. I watched season one on Netflix streaming in like a day. I need to see season 2 asap!!

  7. Glad that Pumpkin is fitting in all right... and yes, I think, sometimes when I see kittens and puppies, that it is too bad they have to grow up!

    Nice going on the volunteer job.

  8. okay that carcass makes me laugh because it reminds me of my dad; he has this Juk stew he makes and it entails dunking an entire turkey carcass into the pot. so every turkey day is like his xmas, he awaits that bird's big carcass like a little kid waiting for the fat man to come down the chimney! :P yea, sunday nights....ugh. haha

  9. 5years old is way cuter than 8 years old !!!!! in my house anyway - having said that I do hope I don't show it to the kiddos. Oh and you can keep the sleepless baby phase while I'm being honest ;-)

  10. haha, my husband and I LOVE redbox...we might even be Redbox junkies, if that's possible! We will stop by, grab a few movies...half the time we don't even watch them, but's just a dollar!! LOL

  11. Pumpkin is too cute and I agree grown up cats are great but nothing beats a kitten.

  12. Those runs are amazing after getting blood drawn and all you've been through! I'm a vegetarian but I worked at a burger place where they ground the beef right there so nothing bothers me. Sunday night hatred is no secret, at least among teachers. I don't cry anymore so that's an improvement.

  13. That cat picture may be the cutest thing ever!

  14. Ha! Totally dressed like a camp counselor! Glad you had fun volunteering.

    Sometimes I'm sad we never saw Bungee as a puppy (we adopted her when she was 1), but then maybe it's for the best.

  15. I'm sad all the time that one day my cute kid is going to be a teenager and make me want to smack her. Even doing her laundry now I"m like "Aww, look at her cute socks" and when she's a teenager I'm not going to feel that way. :)

  16. As adorable as kittens are, I actually prefer fully grown cats. Same with puppies/dogs - I love that they stay cute even when they're big. Although maybe that's because mine still think they're kittens. I always worry that I'm not going to like my future kids as much as my cats because they don't stay cute.

  17. haha. i was just looking at pictures from when Zo and Ri were pups and thinking...dang they were so cute back then. hahaha. also boo on Sunday nights...totally agree. I liked them recently because it meant The Amazing Race but now thats back to boring ole "here comes Monday" Sunday nights ;) so glad you had fun volunteering!

  18. We HATE,HATE,HATE Sunday nights at our house! We have given these feelings a name. We call them the Sunday Blahs.

  19. Ha, for a blog list this was pretty good! I LOVE Rebox and actually rented Downton Abbey last night! I was pretty surprised. I love this little machine on the weekends when I have nothing planned.

  20. Oh I totally hate Sunday nights! Weekend hangovers are the worst.

    Good luck at your dr.s appointment today I am definitely thinking of you.

  21. I hate Sunday nights too because that means going back to work. I have a great job but would still love to be home doing other stuff. Hope you are feeling better and that everything comes back clear from all the blood they took :)

  22. Hahaha I agree. Smaller is better. My dog Ivan, I love him dearly and he is still adorable but he was even more adorable when he was smaller :)

    I don't like Sunday nights either. It is depressing how fast the weekends go and then its sunday night again. agh!

  23. for some reason i really enjoy sundays now-probably because the bf and i cook dinner and hang out all day. we are watching season 1 of DA too. where did you get season 2? i heard you have to rent it online, or do they have it at redbox?

  24. I'm not going to lie, I'm a vegetarian and caveman night sounds AWESOME. GIVE ME A CHICKEN. I WILL DESTROY IT.

  25. I can't believe you are just discovering Red Box…it's so awesome! Your kitty is so cute! Good luck with the doctors this week, hope you get some answers :)

  26. I definitely had one of those oh-my-god-my-vacation-is-ending moments this weekend. My dislike of Mondays is a fairly new thing. I must find a way to fix that problem...

  27. I can;t wait for Logan to be a grown up - get out already ;) lol

    and puppies and kitties are the exception!

    and CAMP counsellor! that was totally what I was thinking :) I love it. I also hate Sunday nights, booo

  28. For the most part I love the ages of my kiddos right now...14 (however in 2 weeks will be 15), 12 and 9. Independent enough but still need their mom! Ah! Feel the love! HA!

  29. Downton Abbey is so good! I'm glad you really enjoyed the first season. Season 2 is even better!

  30. LOVE Downton Abbey! Season 3 is supposed to air on PBS in January.


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