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Things I Should Probably Be Embarassed About...

The title is self explanatory. I should be embarrassed. I really should. Yet there is no shame...

1.  I Watch SoapNet. Daily.
Most days I work out somewhere between 5pm and 7pm.  Lately, Soapnet has been airing episodes of Veronica Mars between 5 and 7. Do you see where I'm going with this? Sometimes that is my only motivation to work out. Love that show, don't love that all the ads on it are for Days of Our Lives.


2. My Blogger Fail
Last night I left the house, went to a newly opened restaurant and ordered a dish I'd never tried before - all prime blogging fodder. I also left my camera at home. Such a bummer because I actually ate something amazing - Cocktail de Cameron. I'd never heard of it last night but it's somewhere in between gazpacho and ceviche and is full of shrimp. Here's a replica shot:


3. I Never Use My Cat's Actual Name
Tim and I named our new little kitten Pumpkin because I call everything cute pumpkin anyway. So naturally, I never call the kitten Pumpkin. Instead I have decided to call him Small Face. I have no idea why, other than the fact that he does, in fact, have a small face. I know it's weird.

4. I am Unexcited About a Race
It's shocking that I don't care much about the race I'm planning tomorrow. Normally by this point my outfit would be planned out, goals made, etc. Instead, I'm happy I get to run. Tomorrow morning I'm running the Scenic City Trail Half Marathon. I ran it last year in 2:18 and initially I wanted to beat it, but with my health problems and lack of training I'm just genuinely happy to be running.

Finishing the race last year.
So...embarrass yourself alongside me, please. What's something embarrassing that's going on with you?
Unacceptable answers include "I'm embarrassed for you" and "I'm embarrassed to be be caught reading this blog."


  1. I should be embarrassed about how contrary I am, but it's my nature.

  2. I love Veronica Mars! It was on Netflix for a while and I watched every season while I ran on the TM.

    Maybe it'll be fun to just enjoy your race, not race it.

  3. I love Veronica Mars. I could be embarrassed that I've seen every episode of Gossip Girl, that sometimes on my days off I stay in my pajamas all day.

  4. I'm embarrassed that I had to look up whether or not Ohio was still in the eastern time zone. Seems like something I should know at age 25.

  5. Yesterday I ran before work and didn't have time to wash my hair so I just blow dried the sweaty parts. In my running-oriented brain this is totally normal. So I casually mentioned it to my boss at work. She was horrified. I am sure I will now be the subject of work rumors around my bad hygiene.

  6. I watch this embarrassingly lame Canadian pre-teen show called Degrassi.

    1. Karen I watch it too! But its really good! LOL

  7. Oh boy, don't laugh but I LOVE Britney Spears' music! To some that may not be bad but picture this: I am at an Army Gym, I am a Major (supposed to be a beacon of leadership), and I am on the treadmill singing "1,2,3 not only you and me, got 180 degrees and I'm caught in between...". And of course in my mind I'm thinking I'm whispering the lyrics to myself only to see the guy next to me laughing...

  8. ahh never embrassade for anyone going out there and running. :)

    We once had a cat named harriet when we got, a second cat he was named Sal. Some how they ended up being called Big Kitty and Litty Kitty. When we got third cat - we just named it baby Kitty to start with. LOL - So I get it :)

  9. If you are embarrassed by those things, I should be absolutely mortified by things I don't always reveal.

    1. I love anime and manga.
    2. I love reality TV shows.
    3. My sweet tooth is taking over my life this week and I'm battling it ..

    Hope you have a lovely run tomorrow and have a great weekend!

  10. Um, these days? Ugly Betty on Netflix. It's a problem :)

  11. My cat's name is Thursday Bean, but she is 100% referred to, to her face, as Kitty Pants.

  12. I'm going to have to look into Veronica Mars…you probably know how I love my cheesy TV for the treadmill :) I hardly ever call my dog by his name, we both call him puppy - real creative, I know!

    Good luck on your half tomorrow! Enjoy :)

  13. ha, how about i rarely shower anymore. I'm embarassed but still okay with it. I work from home.. you know the drill.

  14. Well this is easy! I ripped my freaking shirt off halfway through my run this morning because I was dying! Nothing like getting honked at by HS boys to start the day. :)

    Have fun tomorrow!

  15. We have recently subscribed to Netflix (again, for the umpteenth time).

    This means I have been watching Gossip Girl for the past week. I never got the channel it was aired on originally so now I'm indulging.

    Other shows I've been catching up on? Laguna Beach.

    Oh, yeah.

    And I heart Britney Spears, too!

  16. Justin Bieber is on my running playlist. ("Somebody to Love". It's not bad!) My kids are dying of mortification for me.

  17. Days of our Lives is on my tv right now!

  18. we call our cat Dude most of the time and oddly started calling him Emilio just because we like how it sounds, totally not his name.

    hmm embarrassing i fart on the treadmill, that's pretty fantastic

  19. I still watch Jersey Shore...and am secretly in love with Pauly D!

  20. I'm slightly embarassed that I took a shower tonight for the first time since Tuesday evening. The several non shower days hosted a variety of workouts: 3 runs, 2 strength sessions, and one hot yoga class to top it all off. I'm sure I smelled pretty ripe and was a sight for sore eyes, but I don't look in the mirror often (like 1-2x per week) so nbd. ;)

    Sending you warm wishes for your race!

  21. I love,love, love Veronica Mars!

  22. haha...okay, i'm embarrassed that since i work at home it is not uncommon for me to just lounge in my sweaty running clothes for far too long. i SWEAR i shower every day but i do take my time...hehe

  23. I call Zoe little face. Because she has a really tiny head. I have all sorts of embarrassing names for the cats. What is it about cats that just beg for hundreds of inane nicknames?

  24. HOW.CUTE.IS.YOUR.KITTEN!!!!!!!! Oh man, she's waving to the camera - sooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!

    Well, as I just gave a full post about on my blog, I had an embarrassing accident on Wednesday - I fell off a perfectly good sidewalk in royal fashion. Just me falling right off - I would have been embarassed had I not gotten so hurt! Everyone the rest of the week (my friends and co-workers) took it upon themselves to laugh hysterically at my gimp - nice, right!

    Hope your race is a good one - a half in this heat? Impressive!

  25. Your little kitten is too adorable. :)
    I'm embarrassed that I am not a super neat freak and my house is kinda in a organized mess. :) I also like brainless tv shows like Gossip Girl, America's Next Top Model and stuff like that.

  26. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with retarded nick names for my animals. My cat is pumpkin head or tater head or puddin' head or just about any noun that pops into my brain combined with the word "head" ... Harley is Pecker because here lately we've been seeing a lot of his pecker. lol He gets excited over the funniest stuff! And Bella is Wiggle Butt because she doesn't just wag her tail. She wiggles her whole back half when she's happy. She wags from the shoulders back. :)

  27. I love that kitten. I am embarrassed to say that I can eat a whole (BIG) box of cheez-its in one sitting.

  28. After living TV-free for many years, I thought of myself as quite a high-culture connoiseur.

    Then I found Hawaii Five-0.

    I should probably be embarrassed about how much I love that show. ;)

  29. That's it? I was hoping for some really juicy tidbit. Dang! I thought you were going to tell us...oh, nevermind...

    I'm embarrassed that I LOVE it that someone thought my HTC application was 'creepy' and "wrong"!!!!!!

  30. I'm embarrassed by how much time I spend in front of the computer :((
    I LOVE your little kitty!

    My Running Shortz

  31. I am embarrassed that a 5-year-old beat me in a hula hoop competition yesterday. I am a hula PRO.

    Good luck on your race!

  32. haha I used to call my cat "Small Fry!" Her name was Muffins. I don't know where it came from.

  33. I call my cat Daisy "pea brain" because her head is so small compared to the rest of her body haha!! And I think we all have at least *one* show we are embarrassed to watch but can't stop ourselves!

  34. I should be embarrassed that im about to go to dinner in a shirt that says bake bread with Peeta, skinny dip with Finnick, but I'm not.


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