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I Love My Stick!

For a good 18 months, I've had a pretty solid affair with my foam roller. Pre-run, post-run, while I watch big blue foam roller wasn't far from my side. But then I started to get lazy. Using a foam roller is kind of exhausting, and spending 20 minutes a day on the floor means I get covered in cat scratches and fur.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to invest in the Stick...and the foam roller can suck it. Seriously, I traded up BIG TIME. Foam roller was the reliable middle aged man who was greying, and the Stick is the new hot stud with a six pack. He can do everything the middle aged guy can do, but better. Plus he fits into a suitcase. What more could you want out of a man muscle massager?

I got the cheapest one I could find online, and I'm pretty sure it's the travel version...but it's perfect to me. I don't know if I would want a bigger one, actually. (It's not the size that matters you guys!) I want to carve my initials and the stick's initials into a tree so our grandkids can see it one day.

On a completely unrelated note that has nothing to do with sticks....I live in the boonies. We have deer and snakes in our yard, drive 20 minutes away just to get to basic civilization and think Walmart is the big city. So it should not surprise you that we have a "pet" of sorts at our local gas station. Every time we pull up for gas, this groundhog/beaver (I obviously have no idea what it is) is waiting around hanging out. Today I finally got a picture of him, and let's just say he is NOT scared of humans.

Here is is gnawing on a chicken 18 inches away from me. He turned around, looked straight at me taking pictures, and then turned back to him gnawing. That's right, city dwellers. You might get Chinese delivery at 3 in the morning, but we have tame carnivorous groundhogs. So there.

Do you have a stick/foam roller? How often do you use it?
I try to use one or the other for ten minutes every day, but I don't always get around to it. I try to do it if I'm watching television, since I might as well do something productive.

Do you have any weird or wild animals where you live?
I think it's fair to say that yes, we most certainly do.


  1. I love that your stick matches your shirt.

    We have both raccoons and skunks on our block and I live in a city of about 3 million I don't know if they count as "wild" but they're animals...

  2. Does your husband mind how much you love that stick? :)

    One of my running friends had a groundhog growl and lunge at her when she was running last week, so those things are hungry for flesh. Be careful.

  3. Dean has the stick and I LOVE IT! I don't use it very often though. I'm bad at foam rolling and sticking. Probably explains why I get injured.

    No crazy animals here...just squirrels and raccoons. That beaver (or whatever it is) is actually pretty cute!

  4. we have obese groundhogs up here in "rural" manhattan (seriously, my part of the city has impressive wildlife, including the deer that live in the projects. I'm pretty sure they're all carrying guns and drugs too. and zoe's sexy raccoon boyfriend Doug). I don't stick or foam roll (although I should). I usually just nap for recovery.

  5. Perhaps I need both my foam roller and a stick. If I get the stick I'll have to hide it from Allan!

    We had two woodchucks close to us that I would see randomly driving around. The first time I saw them I nearly ran off the road. They are so cute!

  6. I have a coyote that lives in the field behind my house and it runs with Tals and I sometimes at dusk! She stays far away but I think she is kinda warning me :)

    I love my foam roller-- only thing that keeps me from getting injured. I try to roll out at least once a day.

  7. "and the foam roller can suck it" ha ha! I have the same aversion to my foam roller, might have to invest in a stick!

    There was a mountain lion 3 blocks from my place a couple weeks ago....which is weird, considering I live smack in LA...guess he was more of the urban kinda lion.

  8. I have a foam roller, but not the Stick….however you definitely peaked my interest!

    Did you match your shirt on purpose? :D

  9. You and I are on the same page. I got the stick a few weeks ago and it's sooo much better for the exact reasons you listed. I can sit on the couch and use it. I don't have to get cat hair on my pants by doing the roll.

  10. I have a cheap foam roller (ala pool noodle type thing) which I use every night for my back and sometimes my calves.

    I also have the stick. But, I have a tendency to be too rough with it and thought a few weeks ago I was getting shin splints, when I actually was just a little too into massaging my lower leg.

    I also have the Trigger point therapy ball and footballer thing. That will dig into your muscles, painful but feels so good.

    That ground hog mutant squirrel thing is cute!, On second thought, not so cute eating a chicken leg. We have pigeons that will also eat chicken bones. Im actually terrified of those since they dont move and usually stare me down when I walk by. Those cannibal pigeons are pretty rough looking.

  11. Maybe that's what I need for my hip flexor. I can't get rough enough with it with my foam roller. :\

    1. I was thinking the same thing Pam! my hip flexor is killing me.

  12. OOOOH this is the one I have been wanting... nice for you! It is so expensive to ship here, darn. Did I say I am happy for you?

    We have fresh water turtles in the little lake that I can see out my living room window. On sunny days, they climb out of the water onto a log that is floating on the water, and bask in the sun, side by side... sometimes up to 15 of them.

  13. I have the stick, but it doesn't help my hamstrings out for some reason.

  14. i like both for different reasons. foam roller goes deeper on my IT band, stick attacks calves better

  15. we have the stick and the tp roller, and i love them both. i don't want to have to choose between the two! we have a huge bumble bee that visits our balcony every day and a squirrel that climbs up 5 floors and hangs out out there too. he likes to tease the dogs. last winter he found a coconut somewhere, in chicago in the winter..., and toted it up to the 5th floor and peacefully ate it on our balcony while staring at our pups. it was strange.

  16. The stick is my buddy! He stays next to my bed. I love the stick. lol. We have rabbits, squirrels and something that's pooping big in my yard that my husband thinks is a skunk. blah.

  17. I have one of those sticks too and absolutely love it! I originally wanted a foam roller, but then my husband came home one day with this stick thing. I was skeptical at first, but it really does work

  18. I don't get the stick yet---so you just roll it on your muscles? How do you do that? For example my hamstrings are really tight all the time and I can't really picture myself being able to do that acrobatic move to roll out my hamstrings. Maybe I need to figure this out, it could help me!

  19. I have the foam roller, because I can force my body weight into it. I need stick assistance. My trainer has one, and holy mother of god, when he takes the stick to me I turn in to some pile of weepy orgasm, I swear. It hurts SO GOOD.



  21. I also LOVE MY STICK!!!! Life changing, right! After I had my horrible PT scraping for my plantar fasciitis, I bought The Stick so that I could continue the torture all on my own - it completely cured me!!!! It's helped me through hundreds of pains. I.LOVE.MY.STICK.TOO!!!!! I also have the travel size and it goes with me to all of my destination races!!!!!

  22. I have been wondering about the stick. I have a foam roller but I don't use it much, but maybe I should try the stick...


    I don't use the foam roller enough because I'm a big fat wieny who hates pain. My favorite biking trail goes past an ostrich farm!

  24. i've never used a stick or a roller...but i do love your stick!!! lol, ok this is getting awkward!!!

  25. Never used a stick or foam roller. BTW, your pictures make me giggle every single time I come here :D

    We have earwigs here. Grossest things I have ever seen in my life.

  26. I'm definitely going to buy this stick! I'm with you... I get covered in hair and being in the floor for 20 min is unappealing.

  27. I have a foam roller, but don't use it. I'm a rebel.

    We have wild turkeys that hang out in our back yard. I like to unleash bungee on them. It's hilarious.

  28. I have a foam roller and a stick. One of my friends recommended the stick to me and I found one on sale (yay!!!) and fell in love!! It's so much more convenient than a foam roller, although sometimes you just need a good rolling...

  29. I should try the stick, but I love my middle aged guy right now ;) lol - it looks like a groundhog/woodchuck of sorts....such a cutie!

  30. i'm a 'sticker'. it's amazing. i also now use a tennis ball for trigger point release (amazing too) and old faithful (foam roller). it's a great combo really. i use all three daily.

  31. Did you do your hair and makeup for that shot? I don't use the stick, but I know many people that love it. Now that I have your recommendation, maybe it's time for a stick of my own!

  32. i love my stick!! but i have a foam roller too-it depends on the body part that needs rolling :) looks like work will soon be taking me to your neck in the woods-wondering what animals i will see!

  33. We just saw one of these on our bike ride Monday night. since it was running down the trail in the shadows just in front of us, it was hard to tell what it was, but it was a baby/juvenile groundhog, since beavers have flat tails. . . I was worried it might have been a baby badger, but thankfully it was not!'

    WE LOVE our stick. The Mike got one a few years ago for Christmas and it is still giving great massages.

  34. I have the stick, too. I love my stick! I only use it when I'm hurt or tight though.

    That little guy looks like a squirrel (without the bushy tail though). How big is he?
    I don't think we have any weird animals around here ... well, except these really big bull frogs that eat baby ducklings (but they're not native to the area).

    My Running Shortz

  35. I just bought a stick yesterday and so far so good! I rolled my calves with it last night and they felt so much better this morning! I think I am going to use it more than my foam roller now!

  36. At first Glace, I thought that It was a huge squirrel but after you check his nose and the tail. It proves me wrong.


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