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Wait, I Have to Have a Reason?

I have a cool race picture and want to brag, so here we go.

Yes, that is the entire reason for this post. I could have hidden my reasons in some post about race mantras or recaps, but come on. I just wanted to brag a little about my strong finish. That's what blogging is for. Narcissists who need an ego boost.

Reason #367 that I loved my trail race yesterday: when I logged onto Facebook today, they had an album up of 400 race pictures from yesterday. Thank you very much! They had a picture of every single finisher, and then a bunch at the start and the awards. Also, I have reason to believe whoever was taking pictures thought Tim was a stud. There are SO MANY pictures of him running, frame by frame. Jealous, what? No way. Shut up.

Before the race Tim and I were chatting to some people from the local running group and someone snapped a pic. I love the photo bomb here - made better by the fact that the accidental walk-into-the-frame was done by none other than the guy who wins every single race in the area.

 He's only in high school, but he comes from a crazy running family. His little brother (maybe cousin?) is 12 and routinely kicks my butt. For reference, my official time yesterday was 28:06. The 12 year old came in with a 19:56 -on really hilly trail 5k. Unreal!

Because this is a random post of pictures, I have to share this one with you too. Anyone seen this before? Remember when it was really exciting to have a wireless phone because you didn't have to be connected to some giant handset? Well now you can pay extra for that giant handset to plug it into your little iPhone.

Seriously? That's $16. To make your hands-free phone a giant ugly contraption. Who buys this stuff?

Did you run as a child/teenager?
I did a little as a teenager, but mostly to get in shape for soccer season. For the record, it didn't help much. I was a terrible soccer player but the school was small enough that wanting to be on the team was enough to get you a spot.

How old were you when you got a cellphone?
I was 16 - and my boyfriend at the time bought it for me, not my parents. Such a rebel. I was definitely the last of all my friends to get a phone (this was in 2004).  


  1. Fun to see more pics of your event! Cell phone, hmmmm... I think it was about 1999 or 2000. And yes, WHO would buy that thing?

  2. Wow, you were 16 in 2004. lol I forget that you're so young!!!

    That phone thing? That's just stupid. WHO would buy that? When I first saw it, I thought it was a toy. Ridiculous!

    I was 21 when I got my first cell phone. That was 2001. :)

  3. I did run as a teenager! I ran track in middle school and high school. I was never a distance runner though. Ever! I did sprints (100, 200 and 400 meter dash). I tried to do cross country my 9th grade year and I remember running in preseason, in 90 degree Ohio summer weather and kept thinking "Screw. This." Yeah I never went back.

    I got my first cell phone when I was 16. My Grams got it for me since I was driving. Actually still have that phone laying in a box somewhere!

  4. Awesome pictures! My first cell phone was a bag phone when I was in college like 1997. My first non bag cell phone was 2000.

  5. that finish pic is so badass friend!!!! ummmm seriously. amazing. and i get beat by small children all the time big deal. ;)

  6. awesome finish line kick.
    honestly, i would MAYBE buy the headset lol. I have a touch screen and unfortunately the holding the phone up with shoulder doesn't work... only hangs up on people. the bulky contraption might make it easier haha

  7. What an awesome pic lady! I've been running since I was about 12...and ha, didn't get a cell phone til maybe the age of 25? LOL!

  8. What? I totally still have a land line and an huge phone thingy. Keepin it real.

  9. I did not run as a child...I started this at 41

    first cell...hmmm I was 31

    I love that first picture!!!

  10. power to the ego baby!! no, but seriously that picture of u IS worth bragging about...can we see the other 400 shots?? ;) jk.

    i sorta started running in 7th/8th grade but it was like 1 mile a few days a week and i thought i was superwoman. in high school i started training more.

    and cell phones are crazy, i didn't get one until i was i SWEAR kids come out of the whom with bluetooth! ;)

  11. I would totally buy that handset. Actually, once, I saw someone using one of those while driving. I almost died laughing. Good thing I wasn't driving at the time.

    1. I find this image hilarious! who would drive talking on one of those!!! lol

  12. I miss the cord!!! I would totally buy that, especially because it's bright pink.

  13. Love the photos! I seriously want to go run a trail race now. Ah the woods, shade, trees... Would be a nice change from the shades lakefront here. I even wouldn't mind some hills too!

    I ran some races as a kid- my dad was a bad arse runner and would enter me in 5ks or a mile. I ran cross country for 2 years in high school but was plagued with injuries and ended up quitting.

    That phone thing is so silly!

  14. Great finishing photo! You are basically awesome.

    I ran a big half marathon yesterday and I kept thinking how dramatically different it was from the trail races. I love how at trail races you don't have to wake up at 2:30am to get to bus loading. And you don't have to wait 45 minutes for a porta-potty. I love the trail races so much. Congrats on your race!

  15. I use a tracfone for traveling, but otherwise I'm cell free. Call my landline if you need to catch me, cuz that phone goes months without being used. One time I was on my travels, I got a message from a friend announcing he was a daddy and his son was born.....the message was three months old. Haha! At least he thought to email us the news too so we weren't completely out of the loop.

  16. Yay for trail races!!! I was 36 when I got my first cell phone. But that was a pretty long time ago.

  17. I love race pictures!

    I got a cell phone in college in 2000, it was an enormous bag phone and then someone stole it out of my car along with my discman. Then I got a big flip phone. I was pretty cool.

  18. I love your hardcore race finisher photo and blogs are for narcissists and I completely believe everyone loves talking about themselves, so I always encourage everyone I meet to blog ;) I love when people say things like "well there are already so many people blogging about *such and such*" ummmmm hello! this is the internet - it's a big place.

    I was 24 when I got my first cell phone. I held out as long as possible ;)

  19. Damn that picture is badass! My mom got me my first cell phone and hid it in the glove compartment while I took my driver's test and when I passed she called it. She's so smart and thoughtful.

  20. I have WANTED one of those phone things, because I have such a hard time hearing when I'm on my cell phone. I feel like the handset would mold to my ear better and make it easier to hear.

  21. I need to do a dang trail race. You make it look so easy and badass.

  22. I love that race pic. For some reason my finish photos are never very good. That is a good one. I never ran in HS. I did sports and we had to run around the track as punishment. However, I did soccer and that ends up being a lot of running in the end!

  23. I love all the pics, especially the pink phone ;) Sounds like this run was totally awesome. I ran track and field from kindergarten all the way to high school, and loved it. But once I joined the Army i lost all my love for running. Thankfully I am now getting it back! :)

  24. I didn't get my first cell phone until my second year of college, so I was....19. Yup.

  25. Also, that big handset is so you can relive the glory days of Saved By the Bell, but in a cool, hip way. :P

  26. High school track is the reason I run today. I hated every single second of it when I did it, but as an adult when I wanted to run, I knew how to pace, do intervals, weights- I swear, any fitness I have today is a direct result of my dreaded track workouts in high school.

  27. There's a chance you're eligible to get a Apple iPhone 7.


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