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Free Half Marathon Entries!

Last March I ran in the Publix Atlanta Half Marathon and loved every minute of it.

Fine, I'm lying. The temperatures were hot that day, the course is challenging and full of hills and I may have wished once or twice that it was over. But guess what? That's what it feels like to push yourself. It is a rare day when someone says, "Wow! A PR - and I was barely working and just out for a stroll!" To earn those achievements, you have to push yourself.

Ready to push yourself? Win this giveaway and you can do it for. (Yes, I know you can just walk outside and run for free, but then you wouldn't get a cool medal or thousands of cheering fans, would you?)

The same group who organized and publicized the Publix Atlanta Half Marathon in March are leading the Allstate Life Insurance℠ Atlanta 13.1 Marathon®13.1 race. It will be in Atlanta, so prepare yourself for some hills. But also prepare yourself for a beautiful course, friendly volunteers and yummy snacks (and drinks) at the finish line - it's sponsored by Publix as well.

If you don't win, or you want to register a friend to join you, here are the details:

When: October 7th, 2012at 7:00am
Where: Start/Finish at Town Brookhaven in Atlanta, GA
Why: To have fun, push yourself and win some bling
Who: You, me and 5,000 of our best running buddies

Game? Sweet. Two winners will each win a FREE race entry to the Allstate Life Insurance℠ Atlanta 13.1 Marathon®. To enter, all you have to do is say something that you have to work hard for. Examples:

-I work hard to be this awesome every day. I eat awesome for breakfast.

-I pushed through pain and finished a marathon. Heck, maybe I pushed through pain to run my first mile.

Fact: It feels better if you sweat for it.

-I work hard to on long runs, on hilly routes and on new trails so I can kick ass at races like this.

If you don't win but want to join in on the fun, use this coupon code when you register for a $10 discount:


As always, I'll use this opportunity to trade free race entries for friends. You can like me on Facebook or visit the 13.1 Facebook page to stay updated. You could also go on Twitter, but since I don't "tweet" (is that what the kids are calling it?) that would just be for fun. Anything good over there, anyway? I'm too verbose to come up with anything interesting in 140 characters. Just kidding. I can't come up with anything good when I write 14,000 characters either.

Legal Nonsense: Two winners will be selected at random at midnight on Tuesday, June 12th and the winners announced the following day. Prizes for each include one free entry to the 13.1 Atlanta Half Marathon on October 7th, 2012. One comment will be counted as one entry. One entry per person. I was provided with free entry to this race. 


  1. This is no an entry, because I'd have to wake up WAY too early to get to the starting line on top. I just wanted to say hi.

  2. I have to work hard at making myself get off the couch and run in the summer. This race would give me the incentive to do that! HOOK A SISTAH UP!

    (That, and I'm still sorely disappointed about having to give up my entry that I won to the Chicago 13.1 this month. :( This might help me get over it a little bit. And it would knock off another state. I've never raced in GA!)

  3. I want to win this! I really want to run this race. I'm currently working hard at regaining my endurance after a foot injury and dealing with running in the hot temps.

  4. I have to work hard at getting my miles in while not slacking in the motherhood department. Even if it means doing 5 miles worth of loops around my sons school playground, in the rain, like I did this morning. Annnd I will have to work hard at convincing my husband that winning this race entry is actually a good thing ;)

  5. I need this! I have to work hard to get my miles(especially my long runs!!) in each week now that the temps and the humidity(that is the killer!) are soaring while also taking proper care of a house full of little people.

  6. I would love to win an entry into this race! I work hard doing speed workouts each week that I can run a 1:38 half marathon and eventually qualify for the Boston Marathon!

  7. I worked VERY HARD to lose 100 pounds and in doing that - I learned to love running!@

  8. I work hard pushing my body to new limits and setting new goals. I like the accomplishment and power I feel when I achieve them. It's addicting!

  9. I have worked so hard to get healthy, injury free! I would love to win an entry to this race! Two years ago I had to give up a slot for the NYC Marathon because of surgery, and last year had to give up Chicago because of an injury. This year I am ready to show my body what it can do!

  10. i'm working hard to run 12 half marathons in 2012!! this entry would help a LOT!!

  11. I run hard so that the good effects of running can seep into the rest of my life! Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  12. I worked hard to push out a 10lb, 7oz baby, at home, with no pain meds. And now I'm working hard to train for my first half marathon (would love if it was this one!) and get the baby weight off.

    Funny, I don't remember working this hard to put it on - ha ha!

  13. I will sit this one out, but I do want to give a shout out to these race organizers. Publix was a top-notch race! In fact, I'm thinking about returning for the full.

  14. I've got a reunion that weekend in Auburn with our big group of college friends. Otherwise I would have already signed up!

    1. That sounds like an interesting adventure, but there's no way I could talk my wife into going, even if I won. But Florida is a totally different story. So I'm just stopping by to say "Hi!"

  15. Just 13 miles? Is that even worth getting up early to do? I'd probably be just warmed up by the time it was all over. :)

  16. I work hard not to punch any of the many people who piss me off in the face every day. Don't enter me though, because it's like an 18 hour drive or some craziness like that.

  17. I'd love to win this, especially since I live in the ATL!

    I have to work hard every day to balance the things I like to do (running, yoga) with work (part-time paralegal/office flunky in my husband's very busy law office) and my kids (10 and 13 year old boys) and their activities (year-round swimming, guitar, soccer, academics). All three of those things have a strong pull. Sometimes it feels like running is the least worthwhile of the three, because everyone knows your family and kids come first, right? And work, well, it's not going to do itself! Finding time to run/practice yoga is one of those first-world problems, I know...but I work hard at it.

  18. I worked hard to train for my first marathon...which ended up being sooo cold, but I finished!

    Right now, I'm working on balancing weightlifting and running. And newsflash, weightlifting is kind of fun for me :)

  19. I have to work hard to actually make myself go run most days. It's not something I love doing, but I love how it makes me feel afterwards!

  20. I work hard as a Type 1 diabetic to not have my blood sugar be 30 or 300 after a long run. I hate hills too, but living in Atlanta I'm slowly getting used to them.

  21. I work hard to be stronger. Each run is a challenge but as time goes by, I find things that were really hard before are getting a bit easier each time.

  22. I literally have to work hard to get out of bed every day. And working with kids with behavior problems. But there is plenty I DON'T work hard for...

    -being awesome
    -being lazy

    But I feel better about myself for getting out of the bed every day.

  23. I work hard so I can run hard, play hard and eat candy! lol I would love to get the free entry and run this half with you!

  24. I LOVE RUNNING! I work hard to remember why I run-- to persevere and run to glorify God. AND I work HARD so I have a rock solid booty!


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