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It's Less Badass and More Salty

This morning I was reading the lovely Rose's blog and saw a workout she completed last week. She called it the "I'm Bored Workout," but I would prefer to call it the "I'm More Hardcore Than You Workout." At first I assumed she was crazy, but 20 seconds later I wanted to try it myself.

And then I remembered I was but a mere mortal. Her workout (here) is way more badass than mine, but I adjusted it slightly (read: made it easier and shorter) and it was still pretty intense. My revised version was as follows:

1 mile run (10:00 pace)
3 miles biking
2 mile run (8:57 pace)
6 miles biking
2 mile run (8:30 pace)
3 miles biking

Holy crap. That's a lot - especially for a Monday. We have some free trial to HBO for a couple of days so I watched most of a terrible movie during the workout and that made the time go by much faster.

Total: 5 miles of running in 44:50 and 12 miles of biking in 46 minutes.

Tim came home halfway through my workout tonight and brought a bag of salt and vinegar chips with him. I assume that if I workout for 90 minutes I need snacks midway, right? Salt + carbs = perfect for a sweaty workout. I officially don't mind if he interrupts my workouts as long as he brings snacks.

Since my legs now feel like lead, I'm sporting some serious compression gear.

I read this article a few days ago about compression gear and it got me all confused. I love compression socks and shorts. If you asked me, I would swear they work. I don't think they make me run faster or anything, but they help my legs to feel better after long runs or tough workouts. The article basically said that unless you're an elite athlete, compression gear is worthless. What do you think?

Do you ever eat unusual food during a workout?
I've eaten some different things for long runs if I'm out of chews or gels. Candy, chips, crackers, rice...anything with carbs normally. I probably didn't need a handful of chips for this workout, but...why not?

Do you swear by any compression gear? Or do you think it's all in your head?
Sometimes I think I can feel a difference in recovery with compression socks vs. without compression socks, but honestly it's not dramatic. They're really good at keeping my feet warm, though, and making me feel like a badass runner. So I'll keep wearing them. 


  1. Whatever. I love compression socks and shorts too. I guess I'd need to read the article, but I don't get how the benefits could only extend to elite folks. Sounds kind of elitist to me. ps: That workout is BAMF. nice job!

  2. Ive really eaten anything too weird I just grab whatever I have. It's usually a piece of bread or a lara bar if it's a super special long run.

    I don't really have any compression stuff. I suck at recovery

  3. i think the compression gear works, but maybe it's just because it's like a hug for your legs... and i'd rather be hugged by brightly colored fabric than people in most cases!

  4. I would say you're still hardcore. I love the exercise/junk food picture! I'm a fan of Hostess crumb donuts while running. I tried Twinkies too but didn't love those so much mid-run.

  5. I love my compression after weeks of long runs and I can feel my swollen tired legs. It is instant relief...I dont think they make me faster.

  6. I loved this: " I officially don't mind if he interrupts my workouts as long as he brings snacks."

    Oh Vanessa, I love your way of thinking!

  7. How does one train the hubby to provide snacks while working out? That would be a delightful twist to my training. Not really sure if compression gear actually has any type of impact on my running and doubt that it has made me even a lick faster, but like you it does make the legs recover a bit quicker. And I feel badass. So if I cant actually be badass, at least I feel like it.

  8. I love my compression gear. I don't run in the socks or shorts but I know they help my recovery - and after my half, I had a doc and a physiotherapist both tell me I should be running in compression socks.

  9. I eat pretty much anything on trail long runs. I'm not usually working as hard as on the road, so it can be whatever I want. My favorites are Snickers bars and leftover pizza.

    Compression gear feels kinda good while on, but once I remove them my legs go back to what they felt like before---so probably not much for real recovery.

  10. Love how you are eating snacks on the bike. That's totally my style. I really want to try this workout and think it would be great for triathlon training.

  11. I wear compression socks after a long run. I believe it helps. I haven't worn them during a long run yet.

  12. I think the author of that article did an incredibly poor job of citing his references and 'scientific' studies, so who knows how much of it is truth and how much of it is opinion. He probably also falls under the line of thinking that if you can't run a 6 minute mile, you shouldn't even think of attempting a marathon.

    Bottom line- if something helps you personally, screw what the experts think! Me and my 10:45 minute marathon mile will be perfectly happy in our compression gear =)

    I think the most adventurous thing I've eaten while running was cheese pizza. Surprisingly, it went down well and stayed down!

  13. I first tried compression when my training buddy who's a surgeon brought me those really sexy looking compression knee socks, literally the same ones my grandma wears in the nursing home. She said she swears by them when she is on her feet for like 24 hours straight at work, and I feel like they help after a tough run, also I refuse to believe I've wasted any money. That's a pretty hardcore workout!

  14. I think compression works wonders...and it's all in my head. But that's okay! Guess how successful most placebos are? 30% successful. So, it's okay that compression only works because my brain wants it least it works!!!

  15. I love my compression gear! I use it mostly after my workouts as part of my recovery (along with proper nutrition and foam rolling). Some brands are definitely better than others. My favorite are 110% and Zoot compression. Personally, I would question Under Armour and Adias as far as quality of compression gear. I would agree with the author of that article that they don't make you run faster, only hard work and proper training does that. I think the author is probably just a bitter person that hasn't done all his training...

  16. i will be real sad if compression gear only works for elites because i kinda live in the stuff. like i sleep in my compression shorts every night. haha. i also run most long distances in my compression socks. maybe its all "placebo" or something but i seriously believe in the stuff and plus they just make my legs feel good.

    also. that workout is beyond hardcore and you pretty much dominated it speed-wise! amazing!

  17. Awesome workout! Sounds like a good one to keep you motivated! I have only worn compression socks but I love them. I swear they make my legs feel better. I wore them last week on my rest day when my legs were aching a bit and they instantly felt better when I put on the compression socks. Maybe its all in my head, but really isn't running like 90% mental!

  18. I think that workout would have killed me... compression gear, haven't tried it, so can't say :)

  19. Ummmm that workout sounds INSANE! I got tired just reading it

  20. Trying to put me out of business! How rude! ;)

  21. I always feel like exercise bikes are much harder than putting my bike on my bike trainer, so your workout might have kicked my workout's ass.

  22. I'm not a hardcore compression wearer, but I do like the shorts/pants...seem to keep everything in that should be! LOL! So I guess I use it for different reasons...Ha!

    Love the salt and vinegar with your workout! HILARIOUS!

  23. I don't wear compression stuff so I can't say one way or the other how I feel about it! As for snacks, I have eaten chips, gummy bears, peanut m&ms and coca cola on trail runs!

  24. My favorite part of this post is when you bash on Kari's job.

  25. Wow that is a hard workout but...I think I might try it tomorrow at the gym! lol or maybe something similar to it lol

  26. No picture that has ever been taken in the history of photography, even those awe-inspiring photos of the Grand Canyon at sunrise or a mom with her newborn or a black hand shaking a white hand, is more worthy of the title of "AWESOME" than the one of you eating a bag of potato chips on a stationary bike.

    I love it.


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