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My Best Criminal Impersonation

Hey, did you guys know it was hot?  Seriously, breaking news. I'm so glad 6,431 of my friends posted it on Facebook JUST IN CASE I didn't realize it was over 100 degrees across most of the United States. I would have just gone on with my day not knowing that it was OMG SO HOT! Phew.

On Thursday I decided that I was stupid enough to brave the heat (102 degrees at 7pm) for a quick 2 mile social run that ended at a frozen yogurt place. Well, leave it to me to wait for a train to cross and be 10 minutes late. For all of you mathematicians out there, showing up even a few minutes late for a 2 mile run means you don't get in much of a workout. I ran 1.25 on the surface of the sun (ok, maybe it just FELT like the sun) and then cooled off with a richly deserved sweet treat with friends. On my way home I saw a ton of people running and my legs just wanted I did another 2 once I got home.

Friday I decided that maybe running over 100 degrees is stupid (for the record, it is indeed stupid) and went swimming at Chickamuaga Lake up in Chattanooga.

One of the benefits of living in the boonies is having plenty of natural, scenic destinations all around us. This was not one of them. It was refreshing, convenient and free, but it was not scenic. This pictures makes it look like it could almost be peaceful....

But I forgot to take a picture of the other side, which was a highway going over a very industrial looking bridge. Let's just say that National Geographic won't be out there snapping photos any time soon, mmkay?

Today was a running club event in Dalton that started with a 4 mile run on a pretty hilly loop. I got Tim to join me and it was a lot of fun, despite the heat. (I know, I know--I keep mentioning it too!) Post-run we put on these awesome orange vests and did our best criminal impersonations on the side of the road. The running club has an adopt-a-mile that they take care of so a bunch of us picked up trash. Tim tried to tell me that people driving by probably thought I was a really nice person who cared about the environment.

I told him that parents driving by were probably telling their kids, "See? That's what happens if you misbehave. You end up with the wrong crowd, get in trouble, and then spend your Saturdays picking up trash on the side of the road."

Later on it was time for my version of heaven - a cold frap from Starbucks, oatmeal with all the fixings, a good book and some outside reading time. Heavy traffic in the background not an ideal part of the scenario, but there you go.

Once the temps pass 100, are you hiding out in the air conditioning or embracing the heat outside?
If there is a large body of water available, then I'll head outside. Otherwise? Not a chance.

Do you like swimming for sport or for fun?
I know HOW to swim, and I've lived near oceans for a lot of my life so I feel very confident, but most of my swimming recently has been floating and the occasional doggie paddle. And I'm fine with that. 


  1. despite our temps being well over 100, at least the humidity is decreased :)
    I find the starbucks photo funny now bc if I remember correctly there was a time not too long ago where you had never had it? Welcome to the club.

    Agree with the body of water comment- i may run in a sports bra so i can immediately jump in the pool afterward

  2. In VA we've had record temps as well (of course) and Friday it was I did a slooooow jog that morning, tried to get outside before it got too darn hot, but you know how that can go sometimes-- sat in bed a little too long and it was already scorching outside. On my 6 mile run, I stopped for water like 10 times, a new record.

  3. It is 60 and foggy/drizzly here, come visit if you need some reprieve from the heat.

  4. I saw a lot of my friends posting about the heat also and worried about what's happening stateside. Tampa stayed relatively mild though.

    Looking great!

  5. I've been hitting the road here in Chicago even though it's oven-like outside. It's tough as hell but man it feels good to sweat that much.

    When is your trail race? Did you already run it...haven't been very up to date on my blog reading lately.

  6. Every single one of my friends has a photo of their car's thermometer up on facebook. Except me. My car doesn't have a thermometer because I'm a cheapskate.

  7. Just had to say: Game of Thrones... excellent choice!

  8. Throw some of that hot weather our way...we have been unseasonably cool here for months! Whatcha reading? I can't make out the title.

  9. oh man, i HATE when i kno it's gonna be over 100...but i've found if i kno i HAVE to go out there or be running in the temps like that i go with the ignorance is bliss and don't look up the temp because i kno it's only gonna be bad

    as for swimming, i'm lame, even if it's super hot i'm not a big water fan, and would prolly just stick to inside AC action. :P

  10. What? No pictures of you in the orange vests?? That's cool that your running club does that, though!

  11. I bet you rocked the orange vest. Should have taken a picture of that.
    I'd rather stay indoor. Heat and I aren't BFF

  12. I love hanging out in a river. Growing up summers were hot, and rivers were aplenty, so we spent a lot of time lounging in the river and jumping off of rocks and digging up algea and eating potato chips and warm soda.

    Laps? Ug. I've done it. You kind of have to with triathlon training. But I really don't like it. I'm 95% sure it's only because I'm not good at it.

  13. That was by far my favorite book so far out of the series. I am reading book #4 and its taking forever for me to get into it. Its POV characters I really don't care about so its dragging hardcore for me! I hope you like it! Where you at so far?

  14. I'm doing my best to stay inside but the dogs got dropped off at my parent's farm and I'm pretty sure Sasha thinks we sent her to hell.

  15. It was too hot to run this weekend so I went to hot yoga instead. It was cooler in the hot room than outside. HA! We are leaving Hot-Lanta tomorrow for five days in Seattle OMG I CAN'T WAIT TO BE COLD.

  16. When it is THIS hot I like my AC and I like my heat in equal measures. Running in it... now that is bullshit though. Sitting by the pool? Epic!

  17. I hate to say it, but it's freezing in Seattle. I'm bitter about the lack of sunshine, but know it could be worse. Come to visit - you will even be able to wear a jacket while you run. ;-)

  18. i am INSIDE. or at the pool. but i dont really love swimming so i usually dont even last there for long. haha.

    i read something funny on DM that someone posted...a picture that said "you DONT have to post a daily picture of your dashboard to show us how hot it is!" bahaha.

    k. off to try to mentally embrace the heat:) hope you have a great day.

    oh! and at least that run ended at fro-yo. that sounds like the best run ever to me!

  19. I like to be outside but when it gets to the point where I am sweating without even moving, I'll stay indoors. I really prefer to swim for fun. Swimming for exercise is boring.

  20. I don't know how you did it. I can't run with that weather. I probably would skip the training.


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