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I Work Out

Feel free to hum that LMFAO song to yourself now. I am.

Ready for that obligatory recap? Awesome! Has anyone else noticed that I only post weekly workout recaps when I am proud of the workouts I've done? I just realized that, and it's not all productive except as a way to brag. So I guess I'm fine with it after all.

Monday: 5 miles of running, 12 miles of spinning
Tuesday: 3.5 miles of running, 45 minutes of weights
Wednesday: 8 miles of running
Thursday: 16.5 miles of spin
Friday: 15 miles of running
Saturday: REST DAY :)
Sunday: 4 miles of running, 45 minutes of weights

Totals: 35.3 miles of running, 28.5 miles of cycling, 90 minutes of weights

Verdict: Imagine me doing a little happy dance right now. Toss in an hour of yoga in there somewhere and this would qualify as my perfect week.

If you still have that LMFAO song stuck in your head, I really apologize. I started writing this post on Sunday and it's still stuck in my head 24 hours later, so at least I'm suffering right there with you.

I've been experimenting with some new soy and gluten-free meals the past few days. I had been buying frozen GF pizzas but they seem expensive ($7 for one serving) and they weren't even that great. So I bought a few frozen GF pizza bases to make my own.

I won't claim that this has anything on traditional wheat flour pizza crusts. BUT - it was hands down the best gluten free pizza I've eaten anywhere, including in restaurants that specialize in the stuff. The crust is doughy without crumbling apart, something that seems to be tough to recreate in GF foods. I topped this one with tomato sauce, onions, broccoli, ham, tomatoes and shredded mozzarella.

Obviously nothing pairs with pizza quite like beer. Or in this case, cider. I decided to try some naturally gluten free hard cider made from organic apple juice. (I bought it from Whole Foods - are you surprised? I checked next to the 24 packs of Miller Light at Walmart but I guess they were all out.) I ended up with Crispin - a brand I had never heard of.

It was...alright. It took about 5 sips to taste anything other than cold apple juice. It's definitely not comparable to beer. I would drink this instead of a cold beer at a picnic or a barbecue, because it's quite refreshing, but it's nothing spectacular.

Do you make your own pizza dough, use a premade base, buy the whole thing frozen or order in?
All of the above. I just started making my own dough recently, and Tim loves it. I haven't tried a GF homemade dough yet though. 

Are you a fan of hard cider?
I always associate cider with my grandad in England. I remember him drinking it when I was a kid. Cider has never been my first choice for an alcoholic drink, but it's not bad. 


  1. I like the taste of hard cider, but I've never tried to get drunk off of it.

  2. Hubby is a pizza dough wizard, so we don't ever buy crusts. We do occasionally eat frozen pizzas. If we go for an all-day run, we pop one in the oven while we shower and then it is ready when we get out. So easy! We call them our "emergency pizzas" and eat them when we're really really hungry and are tempted to go out instead.

  3. I wasn't a huge fan of the Crispin when I tried it. It tasted like watered-down apple juice to me. The Woodchuck and Hornsby's brands are much better, in my opinion. I definitely agree on the glutino crusts, though... I love making homemade pizzas on them.

  4. I love cider, I prefer it over beer every time.

    I always make my own pizza dough since I found the greatest dough recipe ever. It works for loaves of bread, calzones, pizza, etc. After reading this post, I'm going to make some for tonight!

  5. We usually order in but because of some household budget cuts we've put a stop to that and started buying premade dough.

    Haven't tried it out yet.

    And I'm not a fan of cider in general but have only had the non alcoholic kind when I was underage. I'm always up for trying new things but I don't think I'd buy it on my own.

  6. I'm reading this on my lunch break and now I want pizza! It made my eggs look boring haha. We make pizza every which way. I haven't made my own dough yet though. Nice job on the training last week!

  7. Now I have that song in my head! Darn it. I just made dough this weekend and had make your own pizza night! It was very fun!

  8. I have made pizza dough in the past but I usually buy the pre-made whole wheat dough from trader joes. Its nothing great either but a healthy option. Otherwise we just go out for pizza :)

    I love apple cider if that counts ;) I don't drink but if I did and well I actually used to, I preferred darker beers.

    Nice workout last week. I am trying to increase my miles but avoid shin splints so I must slowly creep up there.

  9. Gluten-free just doesn't sound appetizing. Sorry girl!

  10. Man, you suck at making pizza. Sure, I get the no gluten thing since your insides are full of little beasties, but there is no reason to skimp on the cheese like that. If I was served that pizza, I would either laugh or cry...maybe both since you also put broccoli on it.

    1. I agree broccoli is good and all but why would you ruin a pizza with it?

    2. Maybe you guys are just super-tasters?

      I love broccoli! It's not dessert good, but I genuinely like the taste of it anytime, on anything savory.

    3. I love broccoli on pizza, but I was thinking the same thing - where's the cheese?

  11. I am a fan of hard cider. MMmm. I think I will have to buy some now. I haven't tried any for awhile. Great job on your workouts, you're sexy and you know it!

  12. I love to make my own pizza crust! I might make a veggie pizza tonight.

  13. Awesome workouts girl! And pizza & alcohol for dinner what a great combo. I might have to just pack up and move on in. :)

  14. Dang! Great cardio/endurance week!

  15. Kudos to a great workout week!

    I've never gotten into just tastes like carbonated apple juice to me.

    I've got a couple good recipes for pizza dough. It's a rite of passage in my family to be able to make pizza dough from scratch.

  16. I LOVE Bob's Red Mill Gluten free pizza dough mix! It's delish. I did a post on it ages ago.... here is the link!

  17. i tried to buy the dough from the dekalb farmers market and it sucked. couldn’t get it to actually spread evenly. sticking with premade crusts (or mellow mushroom or antico) for my pizza. and no to the cider :) side note-i threw away your package for downton abbey….i know i need to mail it to me. will you send me your info? thanks!

  18. Nope, no cider for me. Might as well drink water.

    I do like Mike's Hard Lemonade though!

  19. Great week of workouts! I've never had cider before but I've heard it's decent. We are lazy and either order pizza to pick up or cook a frozen one.

  20. fyi... Bob's Red Mill makes a decent gluten free pizza crust mix... and lots of other GF products. you can find it in whole foods kinda stores....

  21. i had an apricot cider a few weeks ago... i'll have to see if i can figure out what kind it was. it was really good!

  22. never had either but that pizza actually looks good, if only I could get my 3 year old to like sauce!!! LOL

  23. WOW nice workouts :) I am super impressed. Makes me feel like a lame excuse for someone who exercises ;) Never had cider, don't care to unless it's apple ;)

    That pizza looks so good and cute!

  24. i once had an entire pitcher of hard cider, and haven't been able to stomach it since. ha. i'm not GF but am curious about eating less of it, helps my tummy stay flat(ter). i might have to give those pizza crusts a shot!

  25. Way to go with the workouts! I do all of the above with pizza crusts…I love pizza, regardless of how it comes :) I studied abroad in London while in college and drank cider beer there…but never kept it up when I got home.

  26. Not a fan of hard cider, but I am a fan of making my own pizza!

  27. I eat my mom's pizza! She buys the dough and rolls it out herself. She's made her own dough several times and it's delicious but there is an Italian bakery like two minutes away and they have some pretty awesome dough so she just uses that! Your pizza toppings look yummy (except for the ham, but that's only because I don't eat it!).

  28. Guess who's back to her rock star running awesomeness? YOU! Great job! High 5!

  29. Loooooooove hard cider. So much love.

    Can we talk about the size of your pizza? Isn't that like, an amuse-bouche or something? I would need to eat about 116 of those to fill me up. I is fatty?

    Damn good week, too! 90 minutes of weights = holy cow that's awesome.

  30. Work It Out Girl! What a great week!

  31. I always forget about hard cider then get all excited when I remember. I used to love making my own dough until I stupidly messed up my bread maker. Great job on the workouts!

  32. The pizza looks delicious! I buy Glutino and Udi's pre-made crusts and make my own too. I use pesto as the sauce a lot to switch it up.

    I feel the same way about cider. It's not bad, it just isn't my first choice.. but desperate times (outdoor fun activities) call for desperate measures (cider or good-enough gluten free beer).

  33. You must try CHEBE brand mixes--they're tapioca, based on Brazil's bread and it's made in my fine state. Fabulous stuff. Their pizza dough has spices in it already and is great for making as crackers.

    Their regular crust is good for buns and rolls or breadsticks. They have packaged frozen ready to bake items, but I'd only spend the money on the regular roll package, not on the others. (and at the holidays, when everything is rushed anyway.).

    I make mine in my Kitchenaid food processor and it turns out quite well, bake it up on my pizza stone for the oven.

    However, for nutritious pizza, I make my own crust with teff and brown rice flour.


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