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I Have Serious Bowling Skills

Since I had a busy (and fun) weekend planned, I figured I should try to knock out my long run on Friday morning. I did 15 miles on the treadmill, watched a gazillion cooking shows and finished the run with an intense craving for a bacon donut. Have I ever even had a bacon donut before? No. But those dang Food Network people make them sound good.

I thought I was a genius for just doing a long run on Friday before working, but then I remembered something. I had to work. Let's just say my body is more in the habit of eating and napping after long runs, so this was a slight adjustment.

At night Tim and I had plans to meet friends at Olive Garden in Chattanooga. For the record, they have gluten-free pasta! Also the record, I refuse to spend $20 for pasta with marinara sauce. I had some mussels and salad and was underwhelmed. And bitter. Why does anyone go to Olive Garden if not for the breadsticks?

The night was redeemed with good wine, great conversation and even some bowling.  You know what goes well with skinny jeans and a floral top? Old bowling shoes.

If that picture makes you think I was on drugs, you're wrong. I was, however, just a little tipsy. It seems as if wine has a strange effect on my bowling skills. I would go from two strikes in a row to a gutter ball and back again pretty quickly. In my book, if you don't use bumpers over the gutter you're practically a professional.

A bunch of pros
 More wine followed the bowling and we stayed over at a friend's place in Chattanooga to avoid having a long drive home at 2am. Yes, 2am. TWO O CLOCK IN THE MORNING. Tim and I realized that it was the latest we have been up in a good two years.

Since we were up so late at night, we slept in until the late hour of....7:30. You've got to be kidding me. I used to pride myself on the ability to sleep in until noon. Now I'm a failure. Our friends weren't up until 10, so a strange thing happened that morning. I was...hungry.

Hear me out. I work from home. I have no kids. I can be pretty selfish with scheduling most of the time. When I'm hungry, I eat food. Right away. I can't remember the last time I was hungry for more than a few minutes. Saturday morning I was STARVING and didn't eat for three or four hours....and I lived. Crazy.

More fun weekend happenings:
-Buying some gluten free cider to taste test
-Paying ridiculous amounts of money for lunch at Whole Foods
-Realizing that my frozen yogurt for dessert actually cost more than my lunch did (TOPPINGS ARE HEAVY!)
-Watching a rubber ducky race on the river in Chattanooga
-a great 4 mile group run with a pace of 8:29(!!!!)
-Starting book three in the Game of Thrones series

If this post is too long for you to read, I'd like to recap it for you:
Work is lame. Being hungry ≠ death. Wine is delicious. I'm super awesome at bowling when drunk. The end.

Do you ever find yourself starving or are you like me and keep snacks on hand at all times?
I never leave the house without food on me, unless we are actually driving to a restaurant. I guess since I work 14 feet from my kitchen, I just eat as soon as I get hungry.

What was the absolute best part of your weekend?
It's a tie. Good conversation with friends late Friday night and this morning's mostly female group run. All the dads were home enjoying Father's Day it seemed!


  1. I keep a Kind Bar in my purse. Hubby teases me about having an "emergency granola bar" in there, but he has helped me eat it on more than one occasion!

  2. I, too, never leave home without food of some kind with me. If I get hungry and lightheaded, it turns to HANGER faster than you can shake a stick at... and serious ugly!

    I haven't been bowling in years and it would be fun! But for the shoes!

  3. I just finished the third Game of Thrones book, it was awesome!

  4. I often have snacks but lately I seem to be slacking on making sure I have them when I need them most.

    The best part of my weekend was the trail race I did on Saturday evening...tonnes of muddy fun!

  5. Did you get into triple digits? I struggle mightily with bowling. Like you, it seems that I'm either striking or gutterballing. Mostly in the gutter :P My grandpa was really good at bowling. He had a couple of games where he scored 300.

    Best part of my weekend? It's all been pretty good :)

  6. I bowl better when I'm drunk, too. I wonder what that means?

  7. Book 3 of the Song of Fire and Ice is a downer. You may need more wine.

  8. Drunk bowling is where it's at. 15 miles on the treadmill sounds awful, so I'm impressed by that. I can never sleep in late enough I hate staying up until the bars close, because I know I'll just be sleep deprived.

  9. I rarely eat when I'm hungry.

    I'm not saying you have a problem, but a lot of people with disordered eating seem to be *terrified* of feeling hungry. It's weird. I'm really used to it. Probably because I'm too lazy to eat at work until it's been hours after lunch.

  10. You stayed up til 2am, I was in bed by 9:30 and depressed about how much cooler my neighbors, who were throwing a huge party, are than we are. Just kidding, I love sleep.

  11. Wow, you stayed up late! I LOVE BOWLING!!! looks like fun and I always forget how much fun it hubby and I need a bowling date night ASAP!!!

  12. I totally agree, I always have food with me…I get grouchy when I get hungry! And I am so lame these days…I can't remember the last time I was up that late :)

  13. Ha! I keep snacks on me at ALL TIMES, because I am like you, I am used to eating when I want to and so you better not keep me away from my food! I have not stayed up until 2 am since...well, guess it's been a while!

  14. I have snacks on me all the time. I even have a snack drawer at work =)

    I love bowling! I'm not very good, but I imagine with a little wine I could get better...

  15. That is quite a weekend and I know what you mean about the being hungry part. I've started packing snacks with me every time we go out of town. I'm such an old lady!

  16. HAHAH love the recap! Sound like a perfect weekend apart from that working thing!


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