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TWSS Is Over Now.

Another thrilling Friday! And again, I wish I had some kind of sarcasm font. Italics just doesn’t get across self-deprecating wit like I wish it would.

On Fridays Tim always works up in Chattanooga, so lately I have been tagging along. Ostensibly I go to “work” in Starbucks, but really it’s an opportunity to leave my house. I think it’s important that once in a while that I leave the house, put on a bra and see real people.

Post-Starbucks it’s our Friday night date night, which in our circles means grocery shopping. I found this pig in the store and that set the tone for the evening. I needed meat. ( I won’t say TWSS. I just can’t. Is that over yet?)

Tim and I aren’t big people people. I mean, we like people...but in small doses. Waiting 45 minutes for a seat in a crowded restaurant on a Friday night is typically not my idea of a good time. But tonight, it worked. We went to Chili’s and split ribs and a steak. Amen.

l ordered the sirloin steak and it came with loaded mashed potatoes, broccoli and garlic bread. There was the option on the menu to make it a “lighter meal”. Any guesses how they do that? They just take half your meal away.

Not Mine. Pic from Chili's Menu
For $9.99, you can have steak, mashed potatoes, garlic bread and broccoli, or...
you can just have the steak and broccoli.

I’m all for healthy choices, but shouldn’t they at least give you a discount? Or add something extra in there like a salad? Boo, Chilis. Boo on you. I ended up just going for the whole shebang since I was sharing it with Tim anyway. He was kind enough to return the favor with some ribs and French fries.

Do you ever order off the “lighter menu” in restaurants?
It’s probably about 50/50. Usually if I go out I’ll order whatever I want, but a lot of the time the nicest seafood is on the low calorie menu, so I might get that.

How was your Friday night?
Out of 100, I give it a solid 90. Next time, I want a margarita with my steak.


  1. I never go "light". When I go out to eat, I splurge! But at home I am a healthy cook. Tonight we went to Luke, an Alsatian restaurant by John Besh. Like all his places it's amazing, and one of our favorites. We got the "Express Menu" which is an astonishing $23 - you get an incredible butter lettuce and beet salad or a crab bisque to start, the daily entree (tonight was redfish court-bouillon with crab claws, oysters, shrimp, and fish) and dessert of choice - I got the bitter chocolate mousse with dulce de leche ice cream. And of course a nice lager. I cannot think of a better deal in the whole city - it's a steal for that price! But it is NOT light on calories!

  2. I think that it is odd that they won't sub something else.

    Glad you had a nice date night... I have to go find out what TWSS means.

  3. And now I know but I don't get your reference. I am so thick. Sorry! But I like the picture of you with the piggy.

    1. LOL!! Elle, TWSS = "That's What She Said" which is usually added to make something inappropriate;) IE: Our innocent lil Vanessa said, "I needed meat" and almost ANY college student would then laugh and say, "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!" bwahahaha -- get's me every time. You can't not laugh at that!! ;)

  4. I don't usually get a light item unless it is what I would have gotten anyway. I think I can lighten it up by eating only half of what's on my platter anyway. Yay! Lunch for tomorrow,

  5. I'm such a glutton -- even if a half order is an option I'll usually get the regular so I can take the rest to-go... If the place is REALLY GOOD I'll even order another entree to go. ...glutton -- I KNOW!!

  6. it depends where i am and wat i'm feeling like if i order off the lighter menu. if i do, i make sure it's at least something i'll like and not totally feel jyped on (stomach and money both! lol) u point out it's ridiculous sometimes that the 'lighter' menu costs more and if u think about it the restaurant is not using as many supplies! :P

  7. That's like diet dog food. It's the same price, but with nutrition-free filler mixed in so the dog needs to get more to get the same calories....or you could just use less of the regular dog, they really don't care about volume.

    So, Chili's is taking leads from dog food companies. That's my takeaway here.

  8. I ordered the light breakfast the other day and it was pitiful. It was a tiny bite of fake eggs, one (tiny) pancake and a tiny side of fruit.

  9. So, Trop50? Is half juice, half water. That's how they make it half the calories.

    No, seriously. People pay full price for 50% less juice. In the name of health.

  10. Welp you have discovered my Friday night, last night was devoted to grocery shopping, because I am super busy today and tomorrow I will be poolside all day!
    I'm not sure if I will make to Nashville in September, I'm trying to get some debt paid off so my traveling is limited...but I will let you know.

  11. That's a total rip off. Being a non-meat eater is the same way, like ordering a veggie sub is the same price as the turkey sub - WTF? Isn't the meat the most expensive part? We don't go out to eat too often so I don't worry about "lighter" options although I often order a salad instead of fries. I'm not a huge fry lover, so why waste the calories? Then I get a giant dessert to make up for it.

  12. we are the same way about people!! I love my friends, but neither of us like large crowds for extended periods of time.

    D and I split meals most of the time

  13. TWSS is definitely not over in my office. My department (my boss specifically) gives everyone points -- on a ranking scale of 1 to 10 -- based on how "good" their TWSS zinger is. And no, apparently they did not get the memo that TWSS is about 10 years old already and needs to just die.

    Sometimes I do order from the lighter menu, but probably like you in the 50/50 split. Honestly, I have no self control so if someone puts that whole entree or fries in front of me, I'm GOING to eat it. So, please, keep your bread basket away and only put green veggies next to my actual entree because otherwise they will disappear.

  14. Dude one of the worst things about being a vegetarian when eating out is that you order the bacon, egg and cheese sandwich without the bacon and they still charge you the same amount. C'mon, for realz, at least 3/4 of the price of that sandwich is the bacon.

    Also I get really annoyed when I order virgin drinks (virgin bloody marys, mmmmm) and they don't knock off a couple bucks. COME ON, GUYS.

    I can't believe Chili's didn't throw in a salad. I'm boycotting. I've never been to Chili's and don't think there's one in my city, but still, THEY WILL FEEL MY ANGER.

  15. I order off the lighter menu at Cheesecake Factory. Otherwise I would hit my daily calorie limit in one meal.

    My Friday night consisted of pb&j sandwiches, doing homework, and watching tv with hubs. Par for the course lately.

  16. I always order off the light menu! It is usually pretty good. I wish I was fancy on Friday nights....but I'm usually lame since I teach SPIN on Saturday mornings. Sometimes I get ready with full make up and hair and just prance around my house. That is just who I am....

    Get UP & Go

  17. I usually order off the lighter menus because those are the only vegetarian options...also, usually the tasteless ones.

    I don't even remember my Friday anymore...Wow, I'm so old.

  18. I have ordered the lighter menus, but not normally, since eating out usually means a chance at left overs and a chance for me to NOT cook again for a meal ;-)

    Friday was a whirlwind and Friday evening we headed to Walmart and picked up some porkchops and sweet potatoes and headed back to the Candlewood Suites to make dinner in the little kitchen. This may be my new hotel to stay in when we're on the road--full fridge and two burner stove, pots/pans/plates/silverware and a DISHWASHER :-)


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