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19 Miles and Some Super Homemade Sushi

So...I ran 19 miles today. No biggie. Oh, no wait - it's a huge freaking deal. Anytime I run for over 3 hours, it becomes a monumental event. Done in 3 hours and 9 minutes, so basically JUST sneaking in under a 10 minute mile average. I can't actually hear your applause through the computer, but I feel it. Thanks.

I think the reason I feel so excited about the run is because it was the first long run in a while that didn't feel like a monumental struggle. I would like to take full credit and attribute it to general awesomeness and my fine physical form, but I think the large amounts of white rice consumed yesterday might have also played a part. Any guesses what we made last night for dinner based on the ingredients?

We ate some amazing restaurant sushi last weekend, but it came at a steep price. The next best thing? Making it at home. We went all out and actually splurged on the whole kit and caboodle so we could make it at home - we realistically could have done without the rice wine vinegar, the pickled ginger and the wasabi. But it was nice to have everything to make it just like a sushi restaurant. 

Here was the setup at my station (I made rolls - hubby made the salmon nigiri)

Hubby loves the rolls with cream cheese, salmon and cucumber, so that's what we made. I skipped the cream cheese in my rolls - not my thing. And yes, from now on I will definitely be having sushi before a long run. It worked like a charm to fuel those 19 miles. Plus - you bet it was tasty!

Just kidding  - I had to share with hubby. Lame. And now I'm watching the Superbowl. And yes, I mean the commercials and the halftime show. All the best stuff. So bummed though - they keep interrupting the quality commercials with football. What's up with that?

Are you watching the Super Bowl? Be honest - for the football or the commercials/halftime show?
Obviously, yes. Also obvious - the fact that football is not my thing. Between Tim and I we understand like 85% of the rules. 

Have you ever made your own sushi? Do you use wasabi?
Only a handful of times, but it was a lot easier than I remembered. Next time I want to make it with tuna instead of salmon - that's my absolute favorite. No wasabi for me. Way too spicy!


  1. wahoo congrats on that 19 miler! You are a champ! Can I please come live with you so you can make me sushi and we can a zillion miles together after?

  2. New to your blog, and am an avid follower now! This looks delicious!
    I am NOT watching the Superbowl...hubby is out of town and doesn't feel right.
    I've never made my own sushi, but am a lover of all sushi, wasabi included!

  3. I'm watching but catching up on blog reading at the same time, does that count?

  4. I'm actually clapping for you :) Can you hear it? NICE going!!
    I love sushi!! Sometimes my husband makes it, but then we discovered a pretty cheap take-out sushi place nearby .... YES!

    My Running Shortz

    PS hate football ... not watching :)

  5. is it pathetic that I feel like we are somehow connected because I also ate homemade sushi last night and also had a long run ( i did 20 this morning). we are like twins :)

  6. WOW Vanessa! I am so in awe :) super proud girl. I totally know how you feel....well not exactly, b/c I haven't run that far, but I know the feeling of being super happy with what you've accomplished :) YAY 19!!!!!!!!!!

    I watched 15 mins of the SB - the halftime show. I thought Madonna was awesome ;)

  7. Great job on the run! I'm a big believer in the power of carbs.

    I'm bummed that I already saw all of the good ads earlier this week. This is one time that the internet ruins something. :)

  8. I'm not watching either. Just not interested this year, not sure why.

  9. I watched the halftime show... and then I had to go take a shower to cleanse myself of Madonna's egomania that seeped through the TV screen. bleh.

    I love sushi - and yours looks awesome. I'm a bit paranoid about food poisoning and handling my own sashimi, so I think I'll try vegetarian rolls for my first foray into sushi-land.

  10. ***APPLAUSE***

    There ya go, does that help? lol Seriously, congratulations on the stellar 19!

    I'm sort of halfass watching the game. I do like football, but I just don't give a rip about either of these two teams. It has been a good game though!

    I've never made sushi at all. I don't do fish, but I do really like vegetarian sushi! I've had that in restaurants a couple of times. And !YES! to wasabi! I LOVE that stuff!

  11. Love making my own sushi! :)
    My boyfriend likes the cream cheese stuff too. I like avocado. :)

  12. yay 19!!
    I would love to know the cost comparison between your restaurant meal and home meal. Not like I could get sushi grade fish in south Texas!

  13. We've made our own sushi every once in a while. we always end up making SO MUCH and then realize that it would probably cost us close to $100 to get that much sushi at a restaurant.

  14. i am TOTALLY clapping over here...way to go on that 19 miler! dang, remember how not long ago u were lamenting how u weren't even running and stuck to the bike?? keep it up! :)

    and keep on devouring the sushi...i LUV it, but have never attempted to make it. i think it would be an epic

    the superbowl, if it weren't for FB i wouldn't even know who was

  15. I live a block and a half from an Asian market, with everything I need to make wicked good sushi. And we still only make it once a year or so. Because we're stupid. I should plan on having a sushi making party soon.

  16. I'm not sure which is more awesome...the homemade sushi or the 19 miles!!! Spectacular!

  17. Nice work, it's great when those long runs finally feel good! We got a sushi kit for our wedding that sat in our closet for like 3 years before we regifted it at another wedding. No wasabi for me. I had a super bowl "party" (just a few close friends) and it was great because I set the rules "no talking during half time" and then just talked to my friend who also hates football during the game. I thought the commercials were terrible this year.

  18. wow! nice work on the run and the sushi :) you really kicked that injury's butt... nice work!

  19. Nice work! A 19 miler and sushi! That sounds like a pretty awesome day to me! I did watch the super bowl but was falling asleep at the the end!

  20. Yay on the 19 miles!! The sushi looks good but have to admit I've never had sushi, which just seems crazy. I was just talking about this the other day, need to get some!

  21. Congrats on a speedy 19 miles. The feeling after finishing up a really great long run is incredible!!

  22. Congrats on the good run! I've never made sushi at home, but I should because I absolutely love the stuff. I'm a salmon roll fan too - and no cream cheese for me.

  23. I'm with you, the only reason I wanted to watch was for the commercials - I read my book most of the time! But I did get into the last 2 minutes, they were pretty incredible. And, no, making sushi scares me! But yours looks good!

  24. awesome run Vanessa!! 19 miles is a big deal for sure, way to conquer those!

    Also, I love to make sushi, but we haven't in a while - I think there may need to be a sushi party in these parts quite soon :)

  25. Awesome run girl!!! That has got to feel good to accomplish that distance at such a speedy pace.

    I have never tried sushi. I guess I should but it totally freaks me out.

  26. Great job on your run!

    And you have another doppelganger out there. Michelle Dockery. She plays Mary on Downton Abbey.

  27. Congrats on your 19 miler! That's a great pace, too. We love making sushi, but haven't made it in months... my husband was just suggesting we make it again this week. Wasabi- yes, for him, and just a tiny bit for me. :)

  28. Great job on the 19-miler! Rice is always good fuel.
    I didn't watch the super bowl because I found out we don't even get regular TV :(
    Never made my own sushi, but I love wasabi!

  29. 19 miles ... Wooooohooooooooo. I was please with my weekend but yours gets the gold medal, well done :-)

  30. Holy smokes! That is an amazing run. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Congrats on the awesome run! I love having runs like that where it just feels GOOD! You guys are little chefs with all that sushi! Holy cow, it looks like a lot of work...but fun too! I actually don't like sushi. I tried so many times to like it but it just didn't happen. I did watch the super bowl but I had no idea what was going on. I just went for the company :)

  32. Congrats on the awesome run! I love having runs like that where it just feels GOOD! You guys are little chefs with all that sushi! Holy cow, it looks like a lot of work...but fun too! I actually don't like sushi. I tried so many times to like it but it just didn't happen. I did watch the super bowl but I had no idea what was going on. I just went for the company :)

  33. YES!!! so glad to hear that you had an awesome run!!!!!!! love it! and friend...i just watch the super bowl as an excuse to eat. bahaha.

  34. You're hilarious! That last photo cracked me up -

    I don't make my own sushi, but we offered lessons at my Girls' Night Out event this past October - it was a huge hit.

    I love a cream cheese, asparagus, and cooked shrimp sushi from Naked Tschopsticks (for what that's worth). Um, NO wasabi.

  35. oooh fun! I LOVE sushi (aka fake sushi veggie rolls) but almost never go out for it. Your post inspires me to try making it myself! I think this is the kind of "cooking" even I can't screw up...hopefully...

  36. Vanessa, congratulations on 19 miles! That is an amazing accomplishment! You should definitely be proud of that!

  37. Awesome milage!! I was forced to watch the football parts because I live in new England...we had some people there or something. But I like the commercials more. I'm not a fish fan but I do enjoy the veggie sushi or just straight up sticky rice...CARBS

  38. After 19 miles you had energy to make your own sushi? Good lord. I'd just be sleeping in front of the fireplace for the rest of the day. Then again, I do that when I only run 7.

    I didn't watch the Super Bowl. I pouted that it was my birthday and I had no friends instead.

  39. 19 miles AND homemade sushi?!?! I am seriously impressed on both fronts. Nice work!


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