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Sexy Jeans and a Photo Shoot

In the last few years I have become an awesome, speedy and efficient shopper. Not in the grocery store, (where I pick up new items, read labels and just drool in general) but when buying clothing. I know what I want before I get there, pick up my size, try it on - done. No browsing or window shopping for me - I can stay home and not spend money just fine, thanks.

There is one item, however, that I cannot buy without extensive research, multiple trips to the dressing room and thorough analysis. Sexy jeans, you are my Everest.

When I was 17 I worked in England for the summer and lived with my grandparents. My grandmother, being the nice lady that she is, offered to buy me a pair of new jeans. Eight hours and goodness knows how many stores later, she declared that she would never ever take me jeans shopping again. And she hasn't. Maybe I'm just picky, or maybe it's because my butt decided to be four sizes larger than my waist, but I hate shopping for jeans.

My absolute favorite pair of Gap jeans have lasted me several years but they look kind of ridiculous now:

Finally I have a reason to look bad in a photo- I was genuinely trying to look frumpy and showcase the unflattering and far too big jeans. As for the rest of the photos, I have no excuse. Sorry.

I saw an ad for "curvy" jeans from Old Navy at the same time I realized they were having a 40% off sale...coincidence? Yes. Because I tried those jeans on and they were terrible. BOO. I headed to the Gap Outlet next door instead and fell in love with the perfect pair of jeans. You know that one pair that looks great with flats or heels? The one that makes you feel damn sexy as soon as you slip them on? The pair that makes you pretend you are a model and prance around the house?

I hope I didn't lose you guys on that last one.

I might have gotten a little too into the posing there. Since clearly I was turning a simple "baby, can you take a picture?' into a full on photo shoot, I figured I would practice "smizing" à la Tyra Banks. I still don't get it. All the results either showed clear constipation or a lazy eye. I guess I can kiss my modeling career goodbye.

Do you enjoy shopping for clothes or is it a chore for you?
If I don't have money to spend, it's basically torture and I would rather stay home. If I don't need anything, ditto. I would much rather be in and out quickly. (That sounded dirty, my bad.)

Please, please tell me what the heck smizing it. She just made it up, right?
I ask because I know there are clearly plenty of high fashion models who read my blog late at night on a Saturday and hang onto every word. Yep. 


  1. I LOVE clothes shopping!!!! I don't have money either but when I find some I definitely know how to spend it ;)

    No idea what the heck smizing is. Smiling with your eyes I am guessing by the look of your awkward photo!

    Hope you're doing well! Happy Saturday :)

  2. Hehe love your modeling pics. I get all my jeans from express. They never steer me wrong.

  3. I love clothes shopping with my best friend or my mom/sister, but when I need something new and I'm by myself I actually dread it!

  4. Love the modeling shots! I usually buy jeans from American Eagle or NY&Co. I hate jeans shopping! You know what smiezing is and so do I, but I have no darn clue HOW to smile with me eyes...

  5. I love the new jeans. I actually just wen tot the thrift store and found two new pairs I love - couldn't believe it! people kept telling me it was the place to go for jeans and they were right :)

    I LOL'd at the last pic - you look great!

  6. Jean shopping sucks. For sure! It doesn't matte what your shape is. But I am sure you have more problems since you are also TALL! (besides the butt/leg ration)

    1. I'm so excited that someone thinks I'm tall! Sadly, I'm right in the middle of average at 5'4"!

    2. I still think you're tall! I'm only 5'0!! :)

  7. I abhor clothes shopping. I am terrible at going through the sales racks yet hate spending a ton of money. My solution is hoarding the gift cards my MIL gets me and go on one shopping expedition once a year.

  8. LOVE shopping for clothes. Too much. :) I used to hate shopping for jeans, though, until Gap came out with the 1969 jeans a few years ago--they are PERFECT!

  9. Pant/Jean shopping is the worst. I'm Armenian so anything that fits my curvy bottom is always to big in the waist. I finally gave in last week and bought a belt.

  10. I shop like you...get it over with quickly. The Gap has the best jeans for me. Almost all of them fit really well. Love your hilarious pictures!

    My Running Shortz

  11. I don't understand this post - you are talking about buying new clothes, yet I don't see any running clothes. My friend is having an intervention with me and coming over to clean out my closer like on what not to wear. I think that sufficiently answers your questions? Cute jeans though!

  12. I'm with you - not a fan of clothes shopping! I found the perfect size and cut of Banana Republic dress slacks and was so aggravated when they discontinued the style.

  13. I can't stand clothes shopping! Well, unless you're talking running clothes because then I have a serious problem!
    My favorite pair of jeans came from JCPenney but they're starting to wear thin and even though I have other jeans in my closet, I typically wear those the most. I'm just hoping they don't split open if I squat down one day. lol

  14. My favorites come from Aeropostale and American Eagle. Luckily for me, both of those stores are relatively inexpensive. Because there are two things that I will buy no matter what the cost (well, within reason) if they look good--jeans and bathing suits. I don't mind shopping for jeans so much, but DON'T EVEN get me started on bathing suits.

  15. It depends on my mood with clothes shopping-- love it or hate it! But put me in an REI and I'm like a coke addict on a mission! Jeans are my nemesis though because I only like designer jeans on me, which of course are an easy $200 or more. Ouch. I've found an awesome consignment shop nearby that I can get them all for $40 now, so I'm a happy camper :)

  16. I am SOOOOO with you! I feel as though I am on a constant quest to find the right jeans! It's so hard! Right now I have two pair that I like, one from Express and another that are Miss Me….those literally feel like sweatpants - I love them!

  17. I'm a shopaholic! I love it! As for jeans it's easy for me- I have to shop at Abercrombie kids because I'm so small and their jeans magically fit like a glove.

    I have NO clue what smizing is but I'm going with @TheAthletarian's answer!

  18. I love buying clothes! And its worse since I have a Little Man to shop for too! :D Best place I know of for jeans is the Buckle. Pricey but they fit you and make your butt look fantastic :D

  19. i love clothes shopping, but not jeans shopping! hate jeans... haven't found a pair that fits right yet.

  20. I enjoy shopping for food! But I'm right there with you on the clothes shopping front.. I usually can find what I want at Loft. They give discounts to teachers and students too which is fantastic!

  21. Definitely depends on my mood...sometimes I love it and sometimes I hate it:) I think you have a full modeling career ahead of you!

  22. Love this post, hate jean shopping! Ugh. Just thinking about it gives me the shivers. I've been tempted on several occasions to drop $150 on some nice designer jeans in hopes that they'll be miracle workers, but I just can't do it!


    She has some other tutorials on taking in pants as well. In case you want to hold on to your old jeans.

    I am still looking for the perfect jacket. I own so many thrift store jackets. I love a ton of them. But...I know *my* jacket is out there somewhere.

  24. I shop maybe twice a year and it's usually because one of my friends wants to go and convinces me to come along. That could be why I wear the same jeans and t-shirt combo every other day.

  25. ugh, I hate trying to find jeans. If I find a pair that fit my thighs, the waist is all sorts of big on me. And don't get me started on inseams. Blegh. Though I have to admit that it seems express jeans fit me well... but if my thighs get just the slightest bit bigger (which they probably will with the weight training I've been doing), I'm screwed again.

    It's perfectly acceptable to wear sweat pants everywhere, right?? :)

  26. oooh i like the new jeans, lookin' PHYNE or whatever the kids say these days.

    i love the picture of you smizing more, though. it reminds me of when i used to make faces while getting ready in the morning and be like, "oooh, you look good today, take a picture." i'd take a picture of me making the same face and it would look a lot like your smizing picture (read: horrendous. or certainly not "sexy" or "beautiful" or even "unoffensive").

  27. My jeans never really fit well. I know if I spent more they would, but hell I'm married. Why start trying now? :)

  28. okay, love the photoshoot!! :) but ugh, i'm so with u, i HATE clothes shopping or even worse actually going to a fitting room. i do all i can to avoid it...hence the sweats in lieu of jeans whenever possible. ;)

  29. thank GOOODNESS for internet shopping.
    Id have nothing otherwise ;)

  30. Shopping for jeans is only slightly easier than swim suits. Fun photo shoot! Maybe I'll try it the next time I go shopping :)

  31. Oh I love to shop. Like me and my Mom will shop for 10-12 hours straight not even joking here. Nothing makes me happier than a clearence rack. :)

    Glad you found a pair!

  32. I would rather shop for a bathing suit than for jeans. So frustrating! I'm small and short and the cute ones are always way too long...but if I hem them, there goes the cute flare! Sad panda.
    Glad you were Ble to find some you like. Good ole Gap!

  33. Gap Outlet is my best friend when it comes to clothes shopping and getting a crazy good deal! Love the new jeans! My favorites are still a pair of Gap Long and Lean jeans that I bought from the GAP in Charleston in the summer of 2003.


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