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Brunch is Dumb

Thanks to everyone who said nice things to me after my crappy race recap post. Even though Tim said every single one of those things ("It's just one race! You'll be back in no time!" etc.) somehow from online strangers it made me feel better. So thanks, guys.

After a weekend of laziness, reading and candy I figured I should try to deal with the intestinal drama and the leg pain business instead of ignoring it and then complaining again in a month. Right now I'm in day three of working out the very second I wake up. I don't know about you, but typically I need food RIGHT AWAY after waking. The people who do brunch are dumb and 11am meetup times mean I need at least two snacks first. But my thinking is that if there is nothing in my stomach, I can't be sick. GENIUS. 

Maybe genius isn't EXACTLY the right word choice...

Slightly less genius is the fact that if there is nothing in my stomach, working out feels roughly one billion gazillion times harder than normal. That's just a rough estimate, I'll get the correct numbers to you soon. And I haven't even really been running - mostly spinning and strength training. Somehow I feel like 6 or 7 mile runs would be impossible without eating. 

If you work out in the morning on an empty stomach, do you eat a massive dinner the night before? Drink gatorade while you workout? I'm thinking liquids could definitely help. A few of you gave suggestions on Daily Mile - I appreciate it. Anything that helps me not feel like death while working out is awesome.

If any of you are doctors, stop reading this blog because it is making you dumber and I don't want to go to a doctor who thinks cheesy self portraits are cool. But if you are reading, feel free to give me your super medical advice. Also welcome is advice from people who took a biology course in college that one time or watched every episode of Grey's Anatomy.

On the plus side, I got a killer arm workout yesterday. It wasn't on Daily Mile though, and it just worked one arm. (Minds out of the gutter, people!) Nope, my workout was trying to make risotto with brown rice. I stirred and stirred and added roughly a gallon of broth and ended up with crunchy rice after an hour. Since my shoulder felt like it was going to fall off, I called it a day and turned it into soup. Which tastes bad and now no one wants to eat. SUCCESS!

Do you ever work out on an empty stomach?
Normally, never. I get light headed typically so I eat snacks beforehand. I'm hoping I get used to it over time and figure it out though!

If you screw up dinner, what's the appropriate way to deal with it? 
A) Salvage what you can, eat it anyway. 
B) Cover in cheese, pretend to enjoy it. 
C) Throw away immediately. 
D) Feel guilty for wasting it, store it in fridge for a month before it molds and THEN throw it away. 
Aaaahhh....D. It's so bad. I hate throwing food away but if it's in the fridge after two weeks it's never getting eaten, I need to face facts.  


  1. I do eat before running. If I don't, I am pretty sure I'll pass out. I'm not willing to find out for sure though.

  2. I prefer to workout on an empty stomach with just coffee and water, but have been trying to eat a little something. I have found that one date and 8-12 almonds is perfect. It's small, but at least its something. PB on toast gives me heartburn, but lots of runners swear by it. I don't like bananas, but other people seem to go wild about them pre-run

  3. I do all my long runs and races on an empty stomach. I can't tolerate food very early in the morning and I don't run well if I have just eaten. So far it's worked out ok. Im sure I make up for it in fueling while running. I ran 20 miles last week and ate 2 Lara bars and a piece of bread.

    If it's really bad I trash it, but hubby is pretty liberal in the food dept and will eat almost anything.

  4. Inedible dinner gets tossed. By my husband.

    My stomach hates mornings. My stomach REALLY hates working out in the mornings. I have dry heaved on morning runs more times than is acceptable. Though, I never have a problem with races. Weird.

    Anyway, if I tried to eat before a morning workout I'd probably full on vomit. I don't even eat before races. I'm probably not fueling myself properly, but whatever.

  5. If I workout before eating, I drink Gatorade. But I always drink Gatorade because it's the beverage of winning.

    Maybe try like a handful of dry cereal? You just need something to take the edge off and make it less painful to move around.

  6. most mornings i get up and go running straight out of bed, no water no nothing. i know for me that is not smart but for me i cannot keep anything to stay in my stomach during longer runs. if you have any advice for me that would be awesome!

  7. I always try to eat something before I work out too. I also get lightheaded if I do it on an empty stomach!

  8. I don't eat anything before a morning run unless I'm running long, over 2 hours. Then I'll have a slice of bread with peanut butter & maybe a little honey.
    NEVER eat at least 2 hours before yoga. But the bike? I can eat anything before and that's why I love it, ha!

  9. I usually do fine with a banana... sometimes I'll do PB toast and honey if I have a really long run. If my stomach is feeling iffy, I have a ShotBlok or two - if I space them out before and during my run, they rarely bother my belly.

  10. I work out first thing in the morning throughout the week and all I eat is a little bag of Welch's fruit snacks. Every day. 80 calories and enough sugar to get me through an hour.

  11. I love a fruit snack before I work out. It seems to help!

  12. I found that after a couple weeks of working out on empty in the morning (definitely a big dinner the night before and a giant water bottle with me during the workout), I was faster and better at my afternoon workouts. Good luck!!

  13. I agree with drinking a gatorade. Actually HRG told me she dissolved GU's in her water so I tired it and it took a long time to dissolve and it was sticky but it worked and now I do it for my long runs too.

    PS: love brunch....but I always eat breakfast too....I've never heard of anyone not eating until brunch, I think that's dumb :P I just thought brunch was for special occasions to make eating breakfast foods appear classy :D

  14. When I workout in the morning or run a race I do it on an empty stomach, or 2 Clif Shot Blox. When ruin dinner we throw it out and just scrounge for something else to eat.

  15. bahahaha! i am all about option D as well. so terrible. i keep things forever as if it will justify that i KNOW i am going to throw it away later. haha. anywayyy. i left my only (probably terrible) advice on daily mile. i so hope something will work out friend! good luck!

  16. Like I said before, I share your nausea problems, so I've pretty much cut out food before a run. You get used to it. I don't even eat before a long run (20 mi) but I fuel throughout.
    I try to salvage messed up dinners, but I threw one out last week. It was supposed to be a delicious butternut squash and bacon gnocchi, but the bacon was so incredibly salty it ruined it! Trash for that one.

  17. I run first thing without eating anything whenever I run in the morning. I always have a few sips of water and if I am feeling hungry I'll grab a handful of cereal on my way out the door. I have run up to 17 miles doing this. (Not that running 17 miles on an empty stomach is a good thing - that run was ROUGH!) But I can easily go 6-7 miles without a problem. It might just be something to get used to? I do eat a snack right before bed every night, maybe that helps. Hope you figure it out soon! :)

  18. First, before I forget the questions you asked - for your second question, I would choose "E" - toss it and order pizza! :)

    Second, I'm soo sorry you're struggling with tummy issues. I trained this past summer with Jenn over at - she STRUGGLED with tummy issues too! It was BAD BAD BAD! Might jump over there and check her out. I've seen her comment on your blog before so she might have already (or will) comment on what she has learned.

    I have a health ed degree, biology ed degree, phys ed minor, pre-med minor, and a graduate degree in health ed, but I have no advice for you. OHHH and as a bonus - I've watched every episode of Gray's anatomy AND Private Practice (SUCH A DUMB SHOW - why do I even bother to watch it - brain cells getting lost every time I turn it on - sigh!). Sorry bloggy friend. I hope you feel better!!!

    I'm glad to hear you are sort of back on the horse - bloggy comments are the best aren't they! Hugs girl - you've got this - remember - if it were easy - everyone would be doing it - you're going to come through this stronger - and that . . . that's impressive! HUGS!

  19. I usually only eat before a long-ish run. And then it's just a piece of toast and maybe half a banana. Or half a banana and a tsp or two of PB. Nothing big.

  20. I'm one of those people who likes brunch -- ha ha! So my morning runs are actually brunch runs. I prefer to run after work ... even in the dark ... cause at least I've been eating all day.

    Love your blog, BTW!

    My Running Shortz

  21. If I am running first thing in the morning, I don't eat anything if I'm doing up to 7 or 8 miles. If I am running 9-10 miles I have something small, like a banana or oatmeal. If I am running 11+ I have a power bar.

  22. I have major GI problems. All the time. I get dry heaves at every races no matter what the distance is. I even puked ON the finish mat at my last one..very classy. I eat just 1 small cup of dry cereals and water. on race day I eat just that and 2 hours before the race. on training day 1 hour before. If I have to get up very early than I eat 1/2 cup and I go.

  23. Today I tried one GU with a bit of water for my 6-mile run first thing in the morning, and it seemed to be work out ok.

  24. I gotta saaaaay, it is extremely important to "wake up your metabolism" as soon as you wake up to get it going. I have found this to be as simple as water, tea, coffee, a bite of something whether it be a banana or piece of toast -- as long as you're consuming something to get the engines going. Also, I wouldn't recommend eating a "big" dinner... well, ever.

    Annnnd with that being said! ...I neeeeeeeeever eat before working out!! never have, probably never will! I don't want to burn the calories I just put in my body, I want to burn calories!! So eating before hand would be like twice the work. I prefer to feed 'n fuel my body post workout since it's literally multitasking -- continuing to burn calories by breaking down the food, and feeding my muscles! heck yes!!

  25. If I don't eat before a longer run (for me, that's over 4-5 miles I NEED food, something light like a protein bar) but if its just a few miles I try and gut it out. I do however need a ton of water before ANY run!

  26. I usually end up pretending to like it, trying to eat it when I'm eating by myself (lunch during the week when my husband is at work), realize that it is still gross, and then throw it out and go for a PB&J. lol.

  27. For me, normal dinner the night before and then either nothing before the workout or something very small, like a granola bar. I can't handle anything more than that. Oddly, I can eat while running and be fine but beforehand, nope!

  28. Sorry your half was a stinker! I am a morning "work outer" and I have found that it varies from day to day if I can do it on an empty stomach. The earlier I get up (say 6 or 7), I can usually do it as long as I get my breakfast by 8 or 9. If I start exercising anytime after 8, I just have a banana first to help! If I want to run and then lift weights, I will have some protein powder after the run before I lift. Have you tried something super light like a banana? A bigger dinner does help sometimes too :)!

  29. glad you are thinking we're the reason you'll push through and the next race will be better! love these pictures! sorry, i'm no help because when i workout on empty stomach, i usually feel dizzy and can't do NEAR as much....hope you figure out what works for you!

    1. protein shake/smoothie works for me if it's gonna be a long run or a hard workout!

  30. With bad meals, I usually just force myself to eat it....I'm bad at throwing away food. Usually if you heat something up and add cheese, it's doable.

    I usually wake up 30 minutes before exercising and eat a little something while I'm getting out of bed (like a bar of some sort) and that takes the edge off.

  31. The only time I ever eat before I run is before a LR or a race so about 90% of my training is done on a empty stomach. I run at 6am and cannot even stomach the thought of eating at that hour. I haven't ever really had an energy problem but everyone is just different. Best of luck in figuring it out. I do usually eat a huge dinner and plenty of calories throughout the day. Maybe that helps? I have no idea.

  32. I don't do well eating right before a run, but I generally wake up ravenous in the mornings, so need something to keep my stomach gnawing on my spine. I've found that a handful or two of Cheerios works well for me...they're bland enough to sit nicely in my stomach, but still take the edge off my hunger.

    With food mishaps, I try to salvage them if I can, and if that fails, will compost the results. I don't feel so badly then as the worms and other critters in my compost pile take my food failures and make them into lovely soil for my garden! Win-win! :)

  33. Depends how far I am running. No run begins before at least one cup of coffee. If I am doing under 4 or so, I grab a banana, under 8 or so more banana, yogurt or english muffin with PB. I do think it's important to have a good dinner the night before a long run. What do I know anyway :)

  34. I LOVE working out as soon as I wake up in the morning.

    Though, if I don't work out and I wake up I need to eat ASAP--or I get moody.

    If I'm going for a run over 4 miles in the morning, I try to make sure my evening meal has good protein--thinking especially for long run saturdays, friday night needs to have some salmon or a steak.

    Hubby is a carb believer. He wants pasta the night before an event, I want high protein. I actually think I'd be much better with a paleo diet of meat, veggies and fruit. I can't do a lot of grains.

  35. I usually don't eat anything before running in the morning, unless it's going to be a long run and I have a little time to digest. If I need to eat right before a long run it is a banana, because I can digest that really easily while running. Otherwise I will sometimes just have a small glass of OJ first, to get a little sugar in. I always have coffee first though. Always.
    I also usually eat a snack pretty late at night, so I think that helps too.

  36. When I run in the morning, I don't eat before I workout. For night workouts, I eat a tiny snack a few hours before. For long runs, I get up and eat oatmeal. I can't do long runs without something in my stomach. I think the most I have done in the morning without food is 9 miles. Its tough tho - my stomach has gotten used to it. When I first started morning running, I couldn't eat dairy after I ran but now I can. Guess I got used to it.

  37. When I run in the morning and am going 3 miles or less, I don't eat anything but if I am going to try to run more than that, I will have half a banana or something like that, just to get something in my stomach.

  38. Oh and I totally was going to also mention that I HATE brunch. Maybe it's because I'm not a morning person. I like to have my mornings to myself (unless it involves a group run.)

  39. I workout early every morning and I eat a ton right before bed...but I am thinking of trying to change this because I think it is more an old habit than an ideal one. But I do wake up with plenty in my tum tum. ;-)

  40. I'd be A or D probably. I feel so guilty for throwing away food like I grew up in a refugee camp or something.

    I haven't taken bio since 9th grade and watched very little Grey's Anatomy but I have been working out the second I wake up since my freshmen year of college. I think you just get used to it. I do feel hungry when I first wake up at times, but I power through and then the workout gets my mind off it. Of course, I do eat huge dinner and dessert of action which I highly recommend. Actually, now that you mention it I have been eating dinner earlier lately, and have been more hungry in the morning. So maybe eating late is the key.

  41. I can't workout on an empty stomach, so I eat a banana before I work out and it always seems to keep me feeling good throughout my workout and until I get my breakfast afterwards.

  42. PBJ on one slice of bread or banana with some PB if I am running 6 miles or more.

  43. I always eat before working out. ALWAYS. If I wasn't able to eat, I would definitely eat a good carby meal the night before and probably try a smoothie or something in the morning.

    I usually do A; I try to salvage it. I HATE wasting food and am a total cheap bastard and so I would probably eat it crunchy even!


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