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A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Have you guys seen the 11 Random Things floating around blogland? Oh, you have? 600 times? Whoops. I got tagged by several kind people but I'm going to be honest - the whole thing looked intimidating and like a lot of work. For me the blog is entirely for fun, and anything that too closely resembles work is a no-go.

So I'm cheating. Like, completely changing the whole thing because I'm just that lazy. Typical. First I want to thank the lovely ladies who tagged me for the post:

Heather @ Will Run for Coffee
Sammy @ Happy Family, Healthy Family
Jenn @ Jenn's Adventures
Amanda @ Run to the Finish
Amy @ Juice Boxes and Crayolas
Jen @ Runner...Maybe?
Meg @ Junk Food Runner

If I don't participate at all then I'm just a grinchy spoil sport, so my compromise is...10 random things. Enjoy. 

1. I have a weird relationship with milk. I don't like it plain, ever - not even in cereal. I sniff it every single morning before putting a splash in my tea because I'm convinced that it's gone off, but I actually don't even know what spoiled milk smells like. So I also ask hubby to check, just to be safe.

2. The thing I'm looking forward to most in the world AND dreading most in the world is running another marathon. Not sure if it should be like that.

3. You know that sleep in the corner of your eyes? That drives me CRAZY. I used to clean out my siblings eyes in the morning, and still do it to my cats. It's completely obsessive and yes, absolutely ridiculous.

4. My blog has evolved over time significantly. In the first few months I was trying so hard to have a food diary kind of blog and it was the lamest thing ever. I'm actually thinking about deleting some of those earlier posts.

5. I had a special album of wedding pictures set aside to mail my grandma a few months ago. I had it by the door for weeks with the intention of putting it in the mail the next time I went into town. She passed away before I had it in the mail and it broke my heart. I feel incredible guilt for not mailing it sooner so she could see them.

6. I dream big. Every time I have a great 8 mile run I plan an ultra. When I get good feedback from clients for an article I write I imagine what it will be like to be a best selling author. I should probably find some middle ground somewhere.

7. I hate having my husband (or anyone, for that matter) read my blog posts while they are in progress. I will let him read them once they're done, but I get so anxious having someone over my shoulder as I type.

8. I have a favorite cat. I can't believe I'm saying that. I love them both but the boy is cuddlier, snugglier, meowier and all around more adorable. I feel bad for the girl cat but that's life, kitten. If cats ever take over the world I'm screwed.

9. I cut my workout short yesterday because the building inspector was coming over and I was petrified of a nude shower repeat of Wednesday. Kept my buns to myself this time, for the record.

10. Even though I hate bananas on their own, I love banana bread and banana flavored candy. Something about the texture of real bananas just creeps me out. Maybe because I lived on a banana farm for several years and ate them until I was sick? Could be.

Hope everyone is having a good start to the weekend! Saturday's plan is a little work and then hopefully a long run - weather permitting.

Any random facts about you? Spill!

Do you participate in these tagging games? Do you like it?
I love reading other people's posts but I always feel guilty about skipping them when I'm tagged myself.


  1. I may have to coy this since I have the some very random facts about myself. One being I broke my ear drum with a chop stick. Yeah...try explaining that to every doctor you ever go to.

  2. Love the "dream big" one--I am TOTALLY like that! I'll have a great 5K race and think "yeah, I can TOTALLY do a marathon!"

  3. Milk gas always freaked me out too!!! I started drinking almond milk when I was vegan and haven't gone back to the "real" stuff. I just can't do it. I got tagged in this too but I feel like I've done sooo many of them so I am undecided on whether or not I'm jumping the wagon!

  4. funny but i like bananas plain but hate them in banana bread or banana flavored anything, and i can only eat them if they are the perfect stage of not quite ripe but not green either, over ripe bananas = yech!

  5. This is one of the best lists of randoms I've ever read, I think. They were all so... interesting! I still need to run today, but I've been cleaning instead. I NEVER want to run on Saturdays, but really need to today. Here's to a run!

  6. I feel the same way about marathons :). Love and dread all at the same time. I can't have anyone read anything I am typing on the computer until I'm done with it. Even right now, I think the husband it watching me type this comment and it's freaking me out.

  7. yes, yes!!!!! i hate to have my posts read while i'm writing them!! it doesn't help that when my hubs reads my posts, he has an annoying habit of reading them with lots of animation... that makes me sound like a chirpy girl with lots of emotion!

  8. I obsessively clean the sleep out of my kids eyes, I can't take it!

    I hate when people read over my shoulder, I nearly cannot blog when he is around because he will try to talk to me while I am trying to concentrate. Aaack!

  9. I have a love/hate relationship with my 2 cats. They are almost as needy as dogs! They chew on cords when they want attention (I have 2 ruined cell phone chargers, and teeth marks in my cable cords to show for it) , and one of them will meow at my bedroom door after I go to bed and in the morning, not b/c she's hungry, but b/c she wants attention!

  10. I always clean the sleeps out of my dog's eyes. I hate seeing his eyes all crusty...

    And marathons.. um, I know the feeling.. The anticipation of the pain, emotions, hard work that goes into them makes them so exciting and scary to do again... Its like the 1st one was the "easiest" because you are blissfully unaware of what lies ahead..

  11. This is the first "11 Random Things" post that I've read- funny that it wasn't even 11. Maybe 11 puts me over the edge? 10 is nice and round and makes me feel better about the world.

    I ran 6 miles for my "long run" today and I STILL don't want to do anything for the rest of the day. Can't justify that until there's a one in front of that 6.

    My husband and I renovated an old house several years ago. We lived there for 2 1/2 years and we never put curtains up in our bedroom. I'm pretending no one ever saw anything because I DON'T live out in the boonies.

    When my daughter runs, she has her fingers holding #1. Yeah girl. That's what I'm talking about. :)

  12. oh you will SO know it when milk has turned :-)

  13. Ah, I hope your cats can't read!

    Fun post.

  14. I've always believed male cats are way snugglier than female ones...the girls can be...well, a little bitchy. :-)

    I definitely to the 'dream big' thing too, guess it's not a terrible thing even though some things I dream about are completely unrealistic!

  15. I messed up and send my grandma's birthday gift late. She died soon after. Her body was found because the mail man had dropped off her birthday package and it had been sitting on the porch in the snow for a few days, so he poked his head in windows until he found her. Ug.

  16. I too, love all things banana, EXCEPT banana's!!! I am all about texture when it comes to food, and the slimy, gooey, and plain nasty film they leave in your mouth just weirds me out...

  17. I usually answer the question in their comments below or skip it entirely - that being said, I always link everyone that tags me up in an interesting post :) b/c even though I find these tagging things are just the same as getting forwarded emails, I still feel honored that so many people think of me and link me up :)

    I am so sorry about your grandma, I lost mine this year too. I don't know if she saw my wedding pics either. I wouldn't stress about it though, now she can see you anytime she wants ;)

    I have nothing remotely interesting to tell you...I'm just not cool anymore

  18. I hate having anyone read anything over my shoulder. It makes me look like I'm hiding tons of secrets, but really it just drives me insane.

    I do the sleep thing, too with Bungee.

  19. I am the opposite of you - I love bananas themselves, but I can't stand anything banana-flavored.

    I also won't let my husband read my blog while I am writing it, I make him wait until I'm done.

  20. Oh so sorry about the album, that comment broke my heart. You can't beat yourself up though! I'm with you, I like reading other people's random things, but don't love doing it…I'm still debating on whether or not to do the whole 11 random things. I think I keep thinking that if I wait long enough, people will forget….but it seems to be hanging around for awhile!

  21. ahh i hae been tagged and need, i mean want, to do this next. Love the randomness. And i think your grandma does not want you to feel guilt. Keep that photo album in a special place for her.

    arby's face is pricless, don't delete!

  22. If the milk has turned, trust'll know. :) Also, if it's REALLY bad, it's chunky.

    Reading some of my first blog posts crack me up because it's so clear I have no idea what I'm doing.

    That grandma thing is sad as hell. I haven't had a living grandmother in years, but I still feel guilty that they missed my wedding because I know they would have liked it...if they hadn't already been dead and all.

  23. I also have a weird relationship with milk. I don't like it. I use it if I have to but only non-fat (ONLY if I have to). I usually use Almond milk for cereal. Milk has a strange fuzzy tongue thing. Plus it's gross.

  24. I cannot eat bananas either but I love banana bread! I have a weird thing with food consistency. I could never really eat Jello either.
    But Arby's curly fries? Yes please! :)

  25. #6: you should do an ultra.

    #7.....are you serious?!?! I thought I was the only one! My wife can not understand why I don't want her to see what I'm writing until I actually post it. I can't really explain why that is, but I'm so with you.

    #9: funniest story I've read in a while. Probably wouldn't be so funny if it happened to me.

  26. Yuck! I hate milk. Only drink soy or almond. You lived on a banana farm? That's kinda cool.
    My Running Shortz

  27. I wish I had cheated - doing 11 was hard work! I love your randoms but really sorry to hear about your grandma story.

  28. I'm a mailing procrastinator too - likes seriously seriously delay getting it mailed - your story really struck me - carpe diem I guess!

    Glad you kept your nekkedness to yourself yesterday :)

    Love your random facts - thanks for sharing!

  29. you did NOT live on a banana farm. are you serious?! did you live on a banana farm? i read through all of the above comments expecting every single person to ask the same thing, and no one did. IS EVERYONE BUT ME INSANE? A BANANA FARM? 'splain, plz?

  30. I clean the sleep out of my eye and my dog's eye and some random dogs that have sleep in their eyes, I would clean it too!

  31. I typed up an entire post last Friday and it disappeared after I published it so no random 11 things post for me this time!

    The way you are with bananas is how I feel about peanut butter. I don't like it by itself but I like to eat it in other things.


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