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Weekly Recap and a Little Sneak Peek

I think you all know the drill by now. I pretend for a couple of paragraphs that my blog is a workout diary, ooze false modesty but demand compliments on my fitness. You may now begin.

Monday: Ran 5K, walked 1.5 Miles
Tuesday: Ran 8 Miles
Wednesday: Ran 5 Miles, walked 2 miles
Thursday: Ran 5 Miles
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: Ran 14 Miles
Sunday: Ran 2.5 Miles, 15 minutes of abs/upper body

Total Mileage: 37.6 miles of running. 

See that last ditch frantic effort on Sunday night to do some speedwork and strength training? It would be super cool if next week I could do that midweek. For three times as long. And repeat a few times on other days. Yeesh. Cross training is tough.

In other news, I ran 10 miles today. My running partner of late was away for a week and needed a medium length run in the schedule and I figured it was a good chance to run outside before we get some snow! I know most of you are like "yawn, snow" but this will be the first of it we really see this year so I'm excited.

So, the sneak peek. As you might have gathered by, face, I'm not much of a makeup gal. I use eyeliner and mascara some days (read: days I leave the house) and I also own blush and bronzer - both of which are several years old. I think someone clued into that fact and felt bad for my readers who have to look at my face because I got this in the mail today:

Since last time I checked I have but two hands and can't apply 12 tubes of mascara at once while simultaneously rubbing on ten tubes of wrinkle reducing cream, I have a feeling there might be a giveaway in the future. Stay tuned.

What's your opinion on snow? Awesome fluffy stuff to play in, annoying hazard while driving or fantastic excuse not to go to work?
Unless it starts snowing in my living room I have a feeling I'll be working tomorrow. If I don't have anywhere to go and it happens infrequently, I love it. After a couple of years in Pennsylvania, I hated it. 

How many items of makeup do you put on each day? What about special ocassions?
Every day = smudges of eyeliner left on. Shopping/meals out = mascara, eyeliner and blush. Fancy date or want to remind hubby I'm a girl = all of the above, but more of it. If I ever go somewhere truly fancy I can only imagine I will have to fill in my entire eyelid with black eyeliner because apparently to me, more makeup equals special.


  1. I never wear makeup UNLESS I leave the house haha!! My standard procedure is a liquid highlighter/bronze & powdered eye liner (if I'm sure lazy, just the top lids).

    Take pictures if it snows!! I think it's beautiful:)

  2. The Vocalpoint box! I got that too, awesome no?? I usually wear the full everything every day, looooove makeup. Though I have been sans makeup for almost a week now with a staff infection in my eye :(.

  3. nice job on the miles last week and getting in ten today! I hate hate hate snow, it's the worst. I'm a makeup gal for sure. I wear it often though I don't cake it on. I like to look like I'm wearing less than I actually am. I can't wait to hear more about this!

  4. We were supposed to get snow tonight, too, but it's already quit with only a dusting on the ground. Which is FINE BY ME! It makes my job SO much harder when it snows!

  5. cross training is so hard, I have to consistently remind myself to do it, but i feel like it pays dividends in remaining injury free.
    HOLY MAKEUP- thats a few years supply right there

  6. I have to admit, I hated snowy winters and whined about it ALL year last year (I even tried to move before winter hit again). I think mother nature wanted me to feel special this year so it has hardly snowed this winter! But now I am keeping my fingers crossed for a big dump of snow so I can play in it (and then it can magically disappear after I've had a few hours of fun).

    I love long lashes so most of the time I only have enough effort for mascara.

  7. Nice mileage last week, the cross training is tricky isn't it?

    I'm not so great on the make up application. I always wear chapstick, if that even counts, but only actually put on makeup maybe once a week. Usually liquid foundation, powder foundation, and mascara only.

  8. So funny! I call my morning the 4 minute beauty routine! Mascara, sunscreen, brush teeth, pull hair back in pony tail (sometimes I run a brush through it, too!) - ready to hit the park!

  9. I'm pretty lazy when it comes to applying makeup. I usually do it at my desk as I'm waiting for my computer to start. My makeup routine usually consists of foundation, powder, and blush. I used to have to do eyeliner--but laziness (and the fact that my eyeliner is at home and not at my desk) has caused my eyes to take a back seat for now.

  10. Each day- 5 items of makeup. Special occasions, 6 :). I looooved makeup. Studied it in college even- well, the STAGE makeup part.

    Your week was awesome! I loathe strength training. Part of me wants to resign myself to only running 5k's so I don't have to do it anymore. Sheesh I'm lazy.

  11. Oh my gosh. I love makeup! Who gave you that?! I may have to befriend them!!!!!!!! I always have mascara on and foundation. I hate bags and uneven skin tones. I almost always have major eye makeup too when I go out of the house.

  12. I love to look at snow from inside looking out.

    I wear makeup everyday - I am a receptionist and the 'face' of the company - I wear bare essentials, eye liner, urban decay primer and shadow and tarte mascara.

  13. I love the snow! I went snowshoeing today so we could play in it!

    On a daily basis, I'm a Bare Minerals and mascara gal, with maybe some lip gloss. If I go out, I'll wear more than that and probably include eye liner. I'm wild like that!

  14. I want at least one snow storm this year, mostly because the kid has new snow pants and I want an excuse to teach her how to sled.

    Nice running week and great job getting 10 miles on a Monday!

  15. ok first : I think your face is lovely and there is no need to add anything to it!

    for me: eyeliner so that people know I am in fact awake

    for special occasions: lip stick
    for extra special: add mascara

    that's it.
    no fondation or blush or eye shadow...I am 43 I have never put any of that on...!...maybe I should!!!

  16. Great recap! If I'm home or going to the gym or grocery store, I don't bother with make-up. If I'm doing anything more than that, I at least put on foundation. My standard for going out is foundation and powder, eye shadow, and mascara. If you're lucky, I'll add eye liner and blush/bronzer. But whatever I do is still light in comparison to others :)

  17. If going out I'll do some eyeliner and maybe powder and lip gloss but that's about it. I'm super low maintenance. That or I'm just not gifted in the make-up department. Yep. Probably.
    I hear you about cross-training. My "minimum 2 days a week" last week? Zippo. Whoops.

  18. wow, amazing!

    Loath snow...

    And I do the typical makeup...coverup, blush, and a touch of eye make up to get me through the day!

  19. Holy makeup! That's a lot. I use it all though... mostly to cover up my zits. for shame.

  20. I have never lived where it snows so snow is a novel concept for me. I don't wear make up every day, but on the days I do I wear - tinted moisturizer, eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara and blush.

  21. I always wear under-eye concealer because I have been dark circles. If I feel like people at work might care, I use eyeliner. Once in a while I might use eye shadow or mascara. Usually my make-up just sits in my drawer and expires. I really need to get better about getting pretty for work!

  22. Oooh! I love make-up but I do a mostly neutral make-up when I go to work. Primer, foundation, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, brows, blush, and a lip color. Because it is so neutral, sometimes when I am running late, I just put some eyeshadow and liner and mascara and my brows and call it a day.

    Are those orange tubes Lash Blast mascara cos' that's my favorite kind!

    AND Awesome job on all that runs. I am jealous you can run almost everyday .....

  23. great job in cramming in that ten miler before the snow hits!! haha..i'm such a wimp, i HATE winter weather because it gets in the way of my running plans. :)

    i actually am hopelessly, forever make-up inept and don't wear any. i scare people, of this i know. :P

  24. I don't own any make up. But, whenever my friends smear some on me people shit kittens.

  25. I love snow, the white fluffy stuff, not the week old slush that it turns in to.

    Ooooh make up, I generally have to buy new make up each time I use it because its so old, I do cream/oil my face though so it doesn't get totally neglected.

  26. That's a lot of mascara :)

    I have the cross training consistently down. Now I need to add in speed work consistently. I tend to avoid that workout.

  27. My everyday make up and special occasion are way different!

  28. My day-to-day varies by just how lazy I am feeling. Today it will likely be concealer and mascara. Some days I get all fancy and it's concealer, mascara, foundation or whatever the heck it's called (ahem), and even blush!!! And that's about all I do for special occasions, plus eyeliner and I actually do the mascara 'correctly.' Yep.

  29. Growing up in upstate NY where a foot and a half overnight doesn't even make you blink an eye, I'm completely over snow. I go through periods of wearing makeup every day and never wearing it. I'm currently in a "wearing it" period so I do foundation, cover up, blush, and mascara. If it's a super fancy night out I'll wear eyeliner and lipgloss. That's like once in a blue moon though. I don't know who sent you that but I think you're gorgeous!! Remember my husband didn't believe me that you weren't Katherine Heigle?

  30. I don't like snow at all, and I don't like to be cold. I grew up in Texas and have never acclimated to the frosty weather of winter in Maryland. high school, I layered it on thick. Now, mascara and eyeliner for special occasions. Lipgloss if I'm going to meet the President or something equally amazing. I do use moisturizer everyday because I never wore sunscreen as a kid and the wrinkles are a'comin'

  31. We haven't had more than a foot of snow all winter (and it only lasted for about two days). Last year we were buried for months under four feet of snow. I'm liking the change.

    I wear mascara and eyeliner and that's it, unless I'm going somewhere fancy.

  32. Wow, that is a box of awesome! I probably spend way too much time putting on makeup every day, but I look like death walking without it. Seriously.

    As for snow, I'm so glad that we haven't had much this winter in MI. Usually we get dumped on, and this year we've had a meager few inches.

  33. if i shower i do powder foundation and blush... usually. sometimes ill do my eyes but it takes a lot to get that!

  34. I love snow for a day or so. When it lasts for a week or more, I get irritated. Of course, I'm high maintenance & want to live close enough to be near good skiing, but not get much actual snow at my house. :-)

    For makeup on a regular day: eyeliner (I have tiny, tiny eyes), mascara, blush & lip gloss. Plus moisturizer with SPF.

    For date night: all of the above + foundation & potentially a smudge of eye shadow, if I'm feeling it.

  35. ahhhh! soooo awesome about your monday run! i love that you kick started your week with an amazing run! i dont know if this is just last week or not but i think that i have noticed it other weeks as you like running more days per week and maybe lower mileage on those days? i have always focused on running 4 days per week because i often struggle feeling like i dont get in a good workout unless i run for at least an hour...but i can't run an hour every day + a long run because its just too hard on my body i have found. but i also find myself itching to run more days than do you find a balance?

    Happy Valentine's Day friend!

  36. amazing week of workouts girl!! Also, very cool that you were able to get in 10 miles on a Monday!

    If you need any help at all getting through that stuff, I know someone who could use some make up :)

  37. ha ha I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one that doesn't wear makeup. And I even work outside the home. I really hate the time effort it takes to put on makeup.

    Great training week and 10-miler. :)

  38. Good miles! I love snow, I like to run in it and of course skiing, but I must admit now that I don't have a 4x4 I hate driving in it. I am however becoming an expert at putting on tire chains...

  39. Your opening line kills me--compliments may ensue! :)

    Wow--that's a lot of make-up. I wear it for work so as not to scare anyone, but usually just mascara and concealer on the weekends--so I'd be interested in your bounty of makeup!!

  40. For snow: I LOVE it. I decided a few years ago to embrace it, before that it was something I put up with b/c I live in Iowa. .. I figured I could either hate it every day or have a shinier attitude in the winter. NOW my attitude is, if you can't drive in snow, you don't deserve a driver's license if your state regularly receives snow.

    For makeup, I go back and forth with how my face looks to what I put on it. Weekends = moisturizer---from clinique, not the yellow kind, but a little jar of translucent moisturizer that is freaking great for wearing on a face that runs in the winter temps. Its' great for summer moisturizer too!

    Good complexion days = moisturizer, eye shadow, eye brow pencil and mascara
    bad complexion days = moisturizer, eye shadow, eye brow pencil and mascara PLUS liquid foundation. I blend two shades to get a color good for me :-)


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