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Behind the Scenes of a Blog

I get a few emails each week from readers asking personal questions about weight, fitness or food that I am happy to answer because it gives me a chance to share something with a new friend, reader or fellow blogger. I also get a few emails that are essentially about blogging as a whole. While I appreciate that people consider me a resource on the subject, it's kind of....well, boring as dirt to anyone who isn't concerned with changing their blog around, getting paid advertisements or expanding their "brand."

To deal with some of these questions, I decided to create a tab along the top of the blog called "Behind the Scenes." It will not be a cool way for me to dump leftover photos and earn more page clicks, sadly. I know you were all hoping for blurry camera phone pictures, right? Don't worry, I have plenty of those to go around.

Old. Blurry. Sad.
Instead, it will be a mini journal where I update every few days when something blog-related happens that someone might be interested in. It will include opportunities I get from companies, getting paid for blog content and the like. I realize that this won't be for everyone. I'm guessing 99% of you will find it all terribly dull, which is why it won't be actual blog content but a little folder up there at the top. But if you are interested in gaining new followers or reaching out to companies, it might be of interest. Plus, it will have my opinions on whether or not it is worthwhile to join organizations like Foodbuzz, Pure Bloggers, BlogHer or FitFluential.

If I'm not mistaken (Lord knows I could be) there isn't an option for people to reply to that page or the updates. However, that doesn't mean I don't want to hear from you, especially if you have questions for me. Just leave a comment on the current post or shoot me an email instead. (*Edited to add: It took about 5 seconds for someone to teach me how to allow comments on that page. Please, please don't email me about anything technological.)

See? I have a computer. I can send emails and everything. Totally unstaged, that one.

Do you have any desire to get paid for your blog?
I did the math once and learned I get paid less than $1 per hour for blogging, so I think it's safe to say it doesn't make a difference either way. 

What kind of behind the scenes topics interest you, or would be something you would like to know more about?
Today in the "Behind the Scenes" I talked about Google Adsense vs. Foodbuzz. I also want to talk about things like drafting sponsorship letters, making sure freebies are legal and creating new subject matter. Any more suggestions?


  1. go to "edit page" and on the bottom drop down the posting options and click "allow comments" ;) LOVE IT! and I love that you are see as a bloggin wizard :D

  2. Very interesting! I think people will read it and find it helpful, thank you!

  3. Although I'm not that into doing promo stuff on my blog, I'm one of the nerds that finds this info totally fascinating! :)

  4. I think it's a cool idea and I'm happy you're willing to share what you've learned - thanks ;)

  5. I think it's a great idea. I think there are tons of bloggers out there trying to find their way, and any info you can share is, I'm sure, appreciated!

  6. Thanks to google ads I have made about $8 over the last 16 months. I AM RICH FUCK YEAH.

  7. I agree with MissZippy - your earlier post about having a contact page has made a ton of difference in my own blog life.

    As for making money, my blog augments (but does not fully support) my "Running Fund" - the cost of races, gear, shoes, etc... through ad revenue, goodies from companies, and discounts I've learned about from other bloggers. I figure that's a good start. Maybe if I keep at it long enough, Runner's World will realize that they love me and hire me on! ;)

  8. I'm holding out for a book deal instead of getting pennies a day from google adsense. :)

  9. I'm anxious to hear your behind the scenes info, Oh Wise One! Seriously I normally just keep an eye out on blogs for answers to my questions and eventually someone else asks. Last week I googled something about blogging for the first time since I started my blog.

  10. I do adsense ads, but that's about it. That way once a year I get an exciting check in the mail. Otherwise, I don't care of have the time to monetize that much. This is supposed to be for fun, right?

  11. i think this is a great feature to add to your blog and i am excited to check it out! i always consider you knowledgeable on the topic because you are so dedicated to researching and finding out exactly what it is you are getting yourself into! thanks for being willing to share!

  12. My blog is so lame I should probably send out paychecks to everyone that clicks on it. ha!

    I think it is awesome that you are sharing your tips. I don't ever care to make money off of my blog but if I ever have a change of heart I will know right where to go.

  13. So I love that sweater you have on in the last pic, I know it is a random comment, but I just thought I would share :)

  14. I have no desire to make $ off of my blog, mainly because I don't want to dedicate that much time to it. It's a good week if I get 2 posts up! But I think it's really great that you want to share what you have learned and help others find success. You would be a good manager :-)

  15. Thanks for sharing the info with us as I think it's a great idea for those who are wanting more exposure and help with promos etc.


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