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Weekly Recap and Blogs That Make Me Laugh

Another week in the books. I said last week that I had the goal of upping my mileage up to 40 miles per week, and I'm almost there - 39 for the week. I'll take it gladly! Here's the week in recap:

Monday: Rest Day!
Tuesday: Ran 7 Miles
Wednesday: Ran 8 Miles
Thursday: Ran 5 Miles, 15 minutes of upper body and core work
Friday: 45 minutes of spin, 1.5 mile walk
Saturday: Rest Day
Sunday: 19 Mile Run

I've been having 2 rest days a week lately - this isn't really intentional but it has been nice.

Obviously I read several blogs on a regular basis, but the reasons are varied. Some are inspirational, some are fast runners, some have adorable kids and others I just feel very connected to after lots of emails and comments over time. Some, though, I read entirely because they make me laugh. Some are witty writers, others take hilarious pictures and some rely on shock humor.

If you are in the mood for a laugh, you have to check out these blogs. They have my official and arbitrary stamp of approval!

Running off the Reeses: Cely is unbelievably smart but doesn't make me feel guilty for spending a Friday night at home watching Mean Girls. Runs a marathon, posts picture of attractive topless men and makes me laugh. Check.

Eats Clean Greens: Michelle Marie runs like she stole something. And by her writing, it is clear she stole someone's sense of humor, because she plenty to go around. Plus she gets to live in NYC and eat in amazing restaurants that I drool over.

Almost Runner: First of all, I am infinitely cooler because I have actually met this gal in real life. Read Stephanie's blog for a dose of daily humor and her attempts at running. Nice to read a blog where not everything is sparkles and sunshine all day long.

It's a Dog Lick Baby World: Even if you hate funny (and if you do, boo-hoo to you) you should read Kara's blog just to learn the secret to running 50 mile races. Sneak peak: the secret is running. A lot.

Eat, Drink and Be Meiri: When I'm not drooling over the scenery where she lives (apparently California is pretty or something?) I'm in awe of her impressive mix of triathlon training and hilarious commentary. Be warned, folks - this is not a PG blog. But that may be what makes this a winning combination.

What is one fitness goal you have for the week?
I'd like to save my rest day this week for Sunday (hubby's b-day) so expect daily updates on Daily Mile and come yell at me if you don't see one for any day before that!

What blogs make you laugh? Any recommendations for me?
I love reading funny blogs so share the wealth! I desperately need new jokes to steal from people, so help a girl out would you?


  1. And I like to read yours because you make me laugh ... :)

  2. GREAT blog choices! :) thanks for liking me. Haha. I'll have to check out Michelle Marie too.

  3. Yours is one of those that makes me laugh :) But I feel connected to you as well since you were with me right from the start! My fitness goal is just to get back on the wagon after being sick last week! HRG makes me laugh too but she also falls into the fast runner category! Have you read Skinny Runner? Her's is pretty funny too :)

  4. You have excellent taste in blogs. :) There was only one on that list that I don't already read, so I'm going to have to check it out!

    You are building some serious mileage! I see a marathon PR in your future!

  5. Thanks for sharing these! Sadly I am not the joker type, but enjoy reading others! <3

  6. I love all of these :) Shut Up and Run is another one that cracks me up, and she is an awesome runner too!

  7. Yep, Rose is right up there in my top choices too. She is CRAZY funny!

  8. duuuuuude i am so honored! i'm going to take a screen shot and make this my desktop background and also enlarge it at kinkos and wallpaper my bedroom in it so i can constantly feed my ego and brag to my boyfriend that his nonexistent blog isn't getting linked anywhere, now is it? that's right. slacker.

  9. Check out my lovely friend, Brittany at Girl is hilarious!

  10. oh man, thanks for the suggestions!! i am always in the mood for laughing...i'm excited to check them out! :) i'm gonna also back wat Christina said and tell u if u weren't already reading skinnyrunner go check her out...she's hilarious! :)

  11. My goal this week is be active every day even if it is to walk down my driveway to get the mail instead of getting it when I drive in because then I get a half mile with hills!!

  12. I am going to have to check out the ones I don't already follow. I have always been a fan of your blog, I think it is one of the first ones I found.

  13. I'm always looking for a little humour in my life- I'll have to check some of them out (though I already recently started reading Running off the Reeses and agree- funny).
    My goal for the week is to still get some running in despite ma cold. I'm not sick enough not to run, but the cold is making me feel a little hopefully I can power through the week!

  14. I've seen Eat, Drink and be Meiri and I keep meaning to add it to my reader - thanks for the reminder! Except I can't keep up on blogs as it is, and I need to read for grad class tonight! Yours is one of the few I actually keep up on on a regular basis. Great job on the 39 mile week! I've already sucked at fitness so much this week, and it's only Tuesday.

  15. Thanks for sharing these blogs with us - I am always looking for a great blog to read! I'll check them out!

    My goal for the week is to take a new group fitness class tomorrow night called Turbo Jam (probably not new to the rest of the world, I'm thinking it is like the infomercial I've seen on tv a million times . . .we'll see). It's LATE (7:15-8:15 p.m.) and it's a 45 minute drive, but I'm hoping it'll be worth it. Kind of excited to try something new.

    1. And 39 miles for the week - ROCK! Great job V!

    2. So I'm an goof ball - the class is Turbo Kick not Turbo Jam - so who knows what it will be. Stay tuned :)

  16. Kara's my best friend in blog life.

  17. Awesome running week!!
    And thanks for the blog recommendations. I'm gonna check them out.
    My Running Shortz

  18. girl. you rocked the workouts! i am so glad to hear your running mojo is coming back in full form! woo hoo!

    i think coy from first in philly is hilarious. her sarcasm is soooo natural. like i totally wish i could be that naturally funny. haha!

  19. Great workouts this week Vanessa you are totally on a roll. :) Skinny Runner always makes me laugh. Love her blog!

  20. I think eats clean greens is the only one I don't follow (is following yourself like masturbating?), and she's clearly in AWESOME company, so I'm off to check her out.

    Also: THANK YOU.

  21. Yours makes me laugh! But looking forward to checking out these others. Thanks!

  22. Rose at Eat Drink and Be Meiri cracks me up every day! Love her!

  23. Ok, I felt the need to come back and also tell you to check out The Boring Runner. He makes me laugh all the time, and he just did a post about bad race pics that had me giggling out loud :)


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