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Cast Your Vote to Decide My Fate

That sounded so dramatic, didn't it? I feel like it was very Hunger Games-esque. I may just think that because I'm so freaking excited for the movie next week, but whatever.

Here's the deal: I signed Tim and I up to run a 2 mile St. Patrick's Day race tonight at 6:30 about 45 minutes from home. Then I figured out that Tim has to work this afternoon and won't be able to make it. No big deal, I'll run on my own. Big girl panties and all.

Except...we have this car:

And that's it. Yep, we are a one car family. Since I work from home and Tim works part time it works out for us about 99.9% of the time. The exception, of course, being today. The only possible way for me to run the race right now is to be dropped off somewhere in town, hang out for four hours and then walk to the race.

No big deal. I can just bring my laptop and do some work in a cafe and then walk over to the race before it starts. Except the weather will look like this:

It's March. Please explain the mid-summer thunderstorms to me ASAP.

So here's where you come in. I'll list the pros and cons of a) going to the race, and b) skipping it. You vote in the comments.

Attending the Race:
I'll feel badass.
I'll get to hang out in Panera for 4 hours and people watch. (I'm sorry, I meant "work.")
This will be my first chance in several months to run a really short race and test out my speed.
I'll undoubtedly get soaked and need to wrap my computer in garbage bags so it doesn't get wet.
The more it rains the more my chances improve for an AG award in an already very small race.
I'll get a chance to wear the festive socks I bought from Target.

Skipping the Race:
I'll have wasted the registration fee ($20)
I will be at home, dry and comfortable.
I'll face the wrath of angry bloggers who think I'm a wuss.
Who cares? Again, home, dry, comfortable.

So, what's it going to be? Cut and paste one of the following into the comments with your reasoning:

"Buck up and don't be a wuss! Race in the rain."
"Stay home! You don't need to prove anything. Wear the socks for fun!"

Once it gets a little closer to race time, I will compile all your answers and then....

Make up my own damn mind. I'm a grown ass woman, you guys.


  1. It's two miles, you'll be done in less than 20 minutes. DO IT!!!

    Is there no way you could drop Tim off at work and then you'd be in charge of transportation? If nothing else, you could lock your computer in the car.

    1. Because I feel like this will come up again (it's a great suggestion) - it won't work for us sadly! He works pretty far away and by the time the race ends he would be twiddling his thumbs waiting around for me to get him for a couple of hours.

  2. For a 2-miler i don't think I'd do it. If it was a marathon that you had poured lots of training into that would be different. But I just can't imagine the risk to your computer is worth it!

  3. I would do it. Love the Target socks- actually love everything about that place!

  4. Go for it! Kirk Mellish on WSB said a stray thunderstorm was possible this evening. Which translates into a slim chance. How would you feel if you skipped and it didn't rain at all? (happens a lot down here). How Galactically Bad A$$ (GBA) would you feel if you went, it did rain, AND you kicked this race to the curb? Go for it!!!

  5. I LOVE running in the rain! Do it!!

  6. Go for it, those socks are too awesome to waste!
    Maybe the rain will bypass you (it'll be like an Irish miracle or something!)

  7. Buck up! I want you to do it just so I can read about it later when I am home, dry and comfortable!

  8. i say go with with Kari's suggestion and make him wait the 4 hours :) I am selfish though and I know Tripp would make me wait if it were reversed....

  9. So're going to wrap up your lap top in a garbage bag and leave it on the side of the road while you run? That's the part I got stuck on here. :)

    1. You didn't think I was any classier than that, did you? For the record - in a garbage bag, in a backpack, trusted to some kind race volunteer. Still worried though!

    2. I was wondering that too! I might have said for it but living in Baltimore has led me to trust no one and personally I wouldn't risk ruining my laptop in case the bag didn't work. Can you bring some magazines or a book?

  10. do you have to take your laptop? what would u do with it while u r racing? maybe u can take just a magazine or a book you are almost ready to finish so that you don't have to worry about dealing with the laptop? do the race, you'll feel better afterwards!

  11. You should totally run it! I've been dying for this Korean winter to freaking end and I've been missing the GA warmth and have been craving a warm rainy run... So run it for me!!! lol

    But seriously... I'd run it, then feel all bad ass for having done so. :)

  12. "Buck up and don't be a wuss! Race in the rain."

    hehe! It's only 2 miles :)

  13. The socks alone pretty much obligate you to race.
    But then, we already think you're a badass to it's okay if you skip!

  14. 2 miles? I think you know the answer :-)

  15. Do it. Leave the laptop at home, buy a trashy paperback (or several magazines), read it in Panera, and leave it behind for someone else to read. Then run like a bad ass in your bad ass socks.

  16. I breathe so much easier in the rain! But I live in Idaho where it is very dry. And I think where you live it is humid, right? Will your rain be warm? Now I am confusing myself. The truth is, I would probably run two miles on my tread mill to relieve any guilt of not running the race at the race site. But you should probably go run. I don't know! Have fun whatever you do!

  17. "Stay home! You don't need to prove anything. Wear the socks for fun!"

    It sounds like a big hassle for such a short race. Stay home, rock the socks, and nail a speedy two on the treadmill during race time.

  18. I'd say go for makes a great story to tell. I'd love to read a blog post about racing through the elements for real!! Survival of the fittest.

    go for it!

  19. The socks were the final straw - do it! Enjoy it! Embrace the St. Patty's Day spirit and have a GREAT day OUT of the house :)

  20. "Buck up and don't be a wuss! Race in the rain."

    I think it sounds like a fun adventure :).
    I would be scared for your laptop, though.

  21. As others have already said, the socks seal the deal. You'll waste not only your entry fee, but also the 5 bucks you spent on them. Can't do that!

  22. I would leave the computer at home and take a book with me to the Panera for 4 hours.

    Darned if I would leave my laptop with some race volunteer, even for 20 minutes. No way.!

    In THAT case, I would GO!

  23. I vote for buying a trashy novel and hanging out at a coffee shop and then run that race!! Just try not to get struck by lightning:-)

  24. Excuses are lame...go for it..

  25. Buck up and don't be a wuss! Race in the rain.
    I would do it! Don't waste the registration fee. "Isolated" means it probably won't rain anyways, and the socks are too good not to race in!

  26. I'd go for it! You might regret it if you don't :)

  27. 1.5 hours of driving for less than 20 minutes of running... I'd pass LOL but I hate to drive :)

  28. "Stay home! You don't need to prove anything. Wear the socks for fun!"

    my reason: 2 miles.. not worth it I think

  29. i want to tell you to run it just because it's more fun for me to read a blog post saying "IT WAS THUNDERSTORMING AND I WAS VOMITING AND I KEPT RUNNING, I AM AN AWESOME BADASS, I RAN A PR" rather than "today i stayed home and it was warm".

    a selfish reason, but still counts!

  30. If you do it... don't bring your computer. Computer + rain does not mix... no matter the amount of plastic bags... Just bring a book instead. lol

    I'd say if you really can't do it without the laptop, then don't do it at all... because it's not worth the risk of possibly having to shell out a few hundred dollars in replacing parts.


  31. I have those socks :) I say if you can do it and spare the laptop, go for it!

  32. Ooohhh, I hope that you decide to go! We are a 1 car family as well and it gets tricky at times, but there is also plenty of public transportation here in the city.

    Fingers crossed that the weather holds out for you!

  33. Well I was going to suggest you driving Tim to work and picking him up but I already saw that won't work :(
    I guess I would probly just cop out and stay home.

  34. "Buck up and don't be a wuss! Race in the rain."

    I think it will help you to feel better after the last race. Leave the laptop behind and check out the shops and anything else the town has to offer. Maybe a nice walk around checking out the scenery and whatnot (maybe find some yummy little treats). And of course Rock the Socks! Either way keep smiling! :)

  35. i hope you did it!! who doesn't love panera and fun socks?!


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