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I Don't Swap Spit but I DO Look Like a Man

I thought I was doing something really good today. Every weekend I spend at least 14 minutes shoving everything into the closet cleaning the house and today was the big day. Except something bad happened. Unbeknownst to me, Tim and I ended up with identical toothbrushes.

I don't like this. We have separate sinks and I keep my pink/purple/girly toothbrush on one side while Tim keeps his blue/green/masculine one on the other side. I cleaned the sinks today and was pretty dang proud of myself. I used actual cleaning products and everything. Final result:

The problem? I have no idea which of these toothbrushes is mine and which is Tim's. I moved them to clean and now can't tell them apart. I know we're married, but I like to keep my spit to myself. Mostly. At least in the toothbrush department, you know? I'm actually not a germaphobe at all but my mouth is a different story.

So I kind of guessed which was which and then faced the totally insignificant dilemma of whether or not to tell Tim. I mean, really - he would never notice otherwise. I finally caved and he said "Oh, I mix them up all the time." SAY WHAT? All my concern for dental hygiene for nothing. I guess we're well and truly married now.

For more fun - has anyone ever used the celebrity face recognition site? So fun and absolutely hilarious. You load a picture of your face and then it finds the 10 celebrities that look most like you. Fun, right? Except apparently I look like a man. In my top ten, I got some ladies, but also...

I'm not sure how to take the fact that I look like a Canadian pop star. A MALE Canadian pop star. Awesome.

Are you a germaphobe? Toothbrush swapper?
I'm really not. Most of the time I go for the "5-ish Second Rule" when food falls on the ground. But somehow sharing a toothbrush creeps me out a little. 

Have you used that celebrity face recognition thing before? Who did you get?
It's seriously hilarious who you get. Sometimes it's right on target and sometimes it just uses face structure so you end up with some funny ones. (Note: you do have to sign up but it takes just a minute and I've never gotten an email from them or anything.)


  1. ha ha I totally thought JD Fortune was a hottie. He was on this corny Rockstar reality show. Wait...does that mean I think you're a hottie? Oh well, so be it.

  2. A quick dab of sparkle pink nail polish on the end of your toothbrush will solve this issue!
    Yes, I've used My Heritage and I ALSO got a lot of men in my feedback. Who knew?

  3. Sometimes I accidentally use my husband's toothbrush. If I told him he'd freak the fuck out.

  4. So #2 and #3 on my list are Liza Minnelli and Eva Mendez.

    A) I don't think I look like either of them!
    B) How can I look like both of them when those two so clearly don't look alike? I'm all confused :)

  5. i totally agree. mouths are different. im not super clean or germ crazy, but thats like chewing someone elses gum...

  6. Glad you finally consummated the marriage! ;)

    Hubby and I share toothbrushes when we travel. I just try not to think about it.

    And you look nothing like I man. For real.

  7. I don't really care if my boyfriend uses my toothbrush. As long as he gets all the water out when he is done. For some reason old water mixed with his spit is just wrong.

  8. I nearly vomited when I found out Hubby had used my toothbrush.
    My colleagues find this hilarious as I'm pregnent (to him - just to clarify).
    But some things are just crossing the line, you know.

  9. Oh crap. I must go try this face thing right now.

  10. Oooh, I'm with you. The toothbrush thing is yucky!!

    My Running Shortz

  11. You look like a few beautiful actresses (Diane lane, Angie Harmon), but not a dude. Humph.

  12. Oh I have to try this software... and JD Fortune is gorgeous in case that makes you feel any better.

    He won a reality show contest to become the new front man for INXS a couple of years ago... they used him up, took his songs and then tossed him away like the garbage from what I hear.

    But you are beautiful no matter who resembles you!

    Fun though, huh?

  13. hmmm, i'd say you look more like Demi moore, not a man. And i'd go buy new toothbrushes. PINK for you this time.

  14. mmm i love jd fortune! I've done it in the past and I have been shirley temple and cuba good jnr!!!!

  15. I'm 100% with you on the toothbrush thing, and i guess if hubby were to use mine, id rather not know. Same with razors.

  16. I assume you know this, but that computer program tells you who you look related to, not who you actually look like...hence the male matches.

    Your toothbrush story was pretty wild. You're really living life on the edge. :)

  17. LOL You are hilarious!!
    Yeah, that does creep me out too about the toothbrushes & your husband's response. My husband's toothbrush is usually mashed in pretty badly b/c he brushes so hard, but if they were new, I wouldn't know what to do. I would probably just throw them both away (and then think to myself that I was crazy to waste)! LOL

    I'll have to check out that site! Too funny!

  18. I don't think you look like that guy, if that helps at all! Using someone else's toothbrush would gross me out a little!

  19. I love the toothbrush story!! It cracked me up...but I'm with you on the using other toothbrushes thing...just...gross.

  20. I love the toothbrush story because I can almost imagine the look of shock when you found out Tim swaps them up. I'm not that crazy about germs but I can be from time to time.

  21. Totally a germaphobe. I haven't always been but working in a hospital for six years has totally turned me into one. I drive my family crazy!

  22. haha, I'm way too freaked out by germs...although I kiss my hubby all of the time, I think the toothbrush might freak me out!!! lol!

  23. I'm with you. . . and I'd just go ahead and put new toothbrushes into the mix!

    I'm a germaphobe too. I bought my own yoga mat for yoga class just so I wouldn't have to use one someone else breathed into (even though there is sanitizer for the mats).

  24. haha the toothbrush story cracks me up, because Tripp is like Tim and could care less, but I had extreme anxiety when I had to use his on a trip because I forgot mine....we're both still around, so I guess it was OK - but I went through the same back and forth!

  25. That's hilarious. We've been know to share a toothbrush in desperate vacation times when he forgets his but that's it. My toothbrush is always purple so it's hard to mix them up.

  26. bahahaha. omg. i have to try this celebrity site. too freaking hilarious. and seriously. i freak out when i know someone has used my toothbrush. you all are brave ;)

  27. I am off to play with that celebrity face matcher thing, that sounds SUPER fun!

    And I do not share toothbrushes either. With ANYONE. EVER.

  28. Sometimes I get jealous of people's awesome houses (actually all the time) so when I want to cry because I wish I had two sinks like you I console myself with the fact that I have half the cleaning. It works for like 34 seconds.

  29. It's good to see you smiling again. You back on track? Back in the game? Been thinking of you and hoping you're doing better.

    Toothbrush swapping -umm, nope. Love my husband, but would toss the 'brush and get a new one. Not a swapper of the 'brush!

    See, now, I think your perspective is all wrong about the celebrity photo - see, you're all woman and it's the Canandian pop star (no offense to the Canadians who read your blog) who is too feminine to be a dude (I smell tabloid story coming . . ). HA!

  30. my husband has accidentally used my toothbrush and i couldn't bring myself to use it again. i love him and all, but that's gross!

  31. I don't think that you look like that Canadian singer at all. You may look like you could be related to him but you do not look like him at all.

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