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A Game of Thrones, Beer and Sunscreen

One hour change and now it totally feels like summer - how does that happen? Yesterday I ran 13 miles with my friend who completed her first 20 miler (she's training for the Knoxville Marathon) and I got pretty sunburned.

I promise I wore sunscreen. But I was outside for almost three hours in total and it was a gorgeous 70 degree afternoon, so....I got burned. Luckily it wasn't as bad as last summer's sunburn tramp stamp:

That was super fun.
I also managed to get my drink on a few times this week. I don't drink much but for some reason warm weather gets me in vacation mode. I had a strawberry daiquiri last night with some friends and it was perfect - ridiculously sweet and super low in alcohol content. Just the way I like it.

I also had some Bass beer this week from the UK. It's actually made in the little town my grandparents live in (Burton-upon-Trent) so it felt really nostalgic.

When I wasn't busy boozing (when did I get so old and boring that 2 drinks in a week is boozing?) I did find a little time to exercise this week:

Monday: 6 Mile Run
Tuesday: 35 Minutes of Spin, 25 minutes of abs and upper body work
Wednesday: 5.5 Mile Run, 20 minutes of leg strengthening exercises
Thursday: Rest Day
Friday: 6 Mile Run
Saturday: 9 Miles Hiking
Sunday: 13 Mile Run, 20 Minutes Leg Strengthening Exercises

Running mileage for the week ended up at 30.5 miles. I'm fine with that. Since I'm not training for a marathon anymore I doubt I'll be trying to top 30 miles a week very often.

This weekend I also spent a significant amount of time in what was supposed to be something just for Tim. He's loving the Song of Ice and Fire series of books so we got the first series of Game of Thrones on DVD. And watched the entire thing in 3 days.

At first I was watching to be nice to him but then I got sucked in. This isn't the first time this has happened - I'm now also super into shows like American Pickers, Top Gun and Shipping Wars. He returns the favor by having a soft spot for my guilty pleasure, Millionaire Matchmaker.

I can't believer I just revealed that publicly. Even admitting it to Tim was rough.

On a level of sun protection by celebrity are you a Nicole Kidman or a Snooki?
I'm somewhere in between I guess. My moisturizer has sunscreen so I wear it everyday but I'm lazy and tend to forget the rest unless I'm headed outside for a while. What's a moderately tanned celebrity?

Are there any shows you didn't think you would like - but you loved?
Everything on the history channel basically. I used to just do it to be nice to Tim but now I'm a little too eager. "Baby, hurry! Gold Rush Alaska is on!!!" 


  1. Hate getting burned in that spot, it is so stinkin sensitive!

  2. how did your lower back get burnt??? I like my shirts LONG :) lol but that looks painful :( glad your daiquiri made up for it :)

  3. I mean to be good about sunblock but I forget quite often! I watch a lot of Discovery and History with hubs that I enjoy way more than I thought I would!

  4. Oh I love me some Bass Ale. That tramp stamp is a tragedy- yowza. Hope this burn isn't that bad. Um my shameful tv pleasure is probably Toddlers and Tiaras. Yes, I'm ashamed, but it makes me happy that if I am ever a mother... I will already be better at it than those psychos.

  5. I bought Game of Thrones for my DH for V-Day with the additional gift that I promised to watch it with him. It finally came this week and we are three episodes in. I'm hooked too! Wish we could watch it all in a row but there just wasn't the time this weekend.

  6. You have a sunburn tramp stamp!

    Game of Thrones is AWESOME!

  7. I wear a facial moisturizer with mild spf daily but I am allergic to most sunscreens so I avoid them. I'll probably be a wrinkly hag in a few years.

  8. I do wear a sunscreen in my moisturizer and make sure to use a heavy duty blocker on my face when we are sailing.

    My nose normally peels about 3 times a season and has all my life!

  9. I'm so anal about sunscreen but it doesn't really do me any good because I'm outside so much and the sun is so freaking hot here. I've been trying to take better care of my face at least so I don't look like wrinkled luggage when I'm older :)

    Are those books really good? I was thinking of getting those on my Kindle next.

  10. sunburn tramp stamp. your life is the best example of "pics or it didn't happen". and you always have pics. i love it.

    totally with you on the drinking is for warm weather thing. one 70 degree and i've had more beerz than i've had all winter.

  11. I totally got sucked into the DVDs too. Holy crap. I can't stop watching.

  12. Ouch...that sunburn stinks!!! Warm weather and alcohol...a perfect combination;)

  13. lol what a crazy sun burn spot- i can honestly say, i haven't had that spot. also you have a TEENY waist!

  14. Girl you look so hot wit dat tan! Haha. I have been wanting to watch Game Iof Thrones. I am definitely theKind of person who watches a whole series in a weekend. I also wrote this on my phone and can't edit the errors. Sorry!

  15. I'm so pale that I have to bathe in sun screen.

    I didn't think I would like 1,000 Ways To Die. It's a terrible show. But, I really love it.

  16. I'm the queen of declaring I'm going to hate a show and then loving it (my husband buys them on DVD- he's a total film buff). For example: Pushing Daisies, Chuck, Mad Men, Archer, Veronica Mars, Friday Night Lights, Breaking Bad, and Arrested Development.

  17. LOL, I'm snooki! i'm french and italian so my skin is def dark and i rarely burn, if anything it's my cheeks! you poor thing, glad the burn wasn't too bad.

    mmm, boozing is two beers a week? then i do the same thing!!! ha!

  18. oh no, i hope that tramp stamp goes away soon! :( oh man, game of thrones i got HOOKED just like u and blasted them out one after the other!!! i so didn't think i'd enjoy the show but it roped me in and i'm waiting for season two. hehe

  19. I'm guilty of enjoying Millionaire Matchmaker too. It's truly shameful.

  20. Bring on Season Two of Game of Thrones! Watched it for Hubs, read the books, and now I'm totally engrossed. I also get sucked into that Discovery channel stuff he watches - Deadliest Catch, Top Shot, Air Alaska (Gosh Ariel is so hysterical). Ok, I'm a total dweeeb...

  21. I burn easily. I grab a lotion with high SPF and try to remember to reapply.

  22. I read the books several times in the last couple years, so good they are worth re reading. I am DYING to see the series, good to know it is out on DVD

  23. I am nicole kidman all the way. I get usually wear 30 on my body and 70 on my face. I have way too much irish in me to get any type of tan!

  24. I'm a Nicole Kidman. My friends mock me but I'll be the one laughing in 20 their wrinkles.

    I don't watch shows to be nice. You have me almost convinced to try it though.

    Do you get the waterproof/sweatproof sunscreen?

  25. I'm terrible with sunscreen, every year I say I'll be better. I found I liked Gold Rush but couldn't get sucked into Game of Thrones (even though my husband loves it!). Lately, he's been watching all these hunting shows, nothing puts me to sleep faster than watching people hunt turkeys.

  26. How did you get a crazy sunburn like that from running? I've burnt my neck and chest, but never my lower back.

    I wear sunscreen every single day. I burn like it's my job.

    I don't really watch tv unless I'm running on the treadmill, but I will say I was not expecting to love Downton Abbey!

  27. I hate to admit it, but when it comes to tanning, I'm Snooki all the way!

  28. I am close to a Nicole Kidman with sunburn. I am a strawberry blonde naturally yet I dye my hair brown. So I burn easily. I have had sun poisoning when in Florida twice now.

    I LOVE Gold Rush too. We record it if we are going to miss it. Also I watched the marathon or jersey shore this weekend but I don't watch it regularly I just got sucked in because Snooki is pregnant!

  29. so i have heard about that series and the fact that it will suck you in. i am scared to try it. haha.

    usually i am so tan (fake tan that is) but this year i am so lazy i dont even feel like going to LAY in a tanning bed. sad. so i am pale which means sunburns aplenty for me this year. eeeek!

    looks like a fantastic week and weekend friend! i love hiking :)

  30. Ha Ha that's a pretty funny sunburn... Good workouts too!

  31. Gotta remember that sunscreen. Sunburn tramp stamp is funny but a face full of wrinkles at 35 isn't. As you can see I am a wear the sunscreen kinda girl. (Cancer will do that to a person) Debbie downer is now done preaching.

    I love Vampire Diaries. My oldest got me watching the first season while I run on my mill. Now I actually skipped a run outside (it was raining a little) so I could watch a couple episodes. I am a tv/movie junkie!

  32. I'm crazy pale & burn in even the slightest hint of sun - I wear sunblock every day. And, I live in Seattle, so I'm pretty sure I don't need it 90% of the time. ;-)

  33. I'm with you - I wear sunscreen, but I also like a little color :) Brian and I watch things for each other too and half the time I end up liking his movies, even when I thought I wouldn't!

  34. Your miss A Clash of kings in your picture...just saying lol

  35. My normal facial moisturizer has SPF in it- 15 in the winter and 30 in the summer. I used to put sun screen on only in middle of the day runs in the summer in NJ, but now in SoCal I am using sunscreen on my arms and neck anytime I run after 9 or 10am. I've been here less than a month and I'm already developing a wicked running shorts tan though, so I guess I will be putting sun screen on my legs now too.

  36. I fail at the whole sunscreen thing. I never remember! Luckily, I don't burn to easily. :)

  37. My husband gets me hooked on man shows too! But then again, he always offers to watch chick flicks with me when I KNOW he just wants to see them himself!! lol I guess it works both ways!

  38. If I ran 13 miles in 70 degree weather you would have to bury me. I ran 16 in 30 degrees and I thought that was warm. My brain must be frozen.

    I have been wanting to read those books! Thanks for reminding me!

  39. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing....


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