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A Tale of Two Photographers & Atlanta Meetup Details

I've had my fair share of bad photographs. By "fair share" I mean roughly 99% of the photos of me running look hideous. Apparently I run with both feet on the ground, eyes closed and hunched over for most races. Pretty sexy, if you ask me.

Yesterday's race got captured by two photographers from the local newspaper. Although they were taken a second or two apart they tell two completely different race stories.

Exhibit A: Powering through the finish. Looking strong. Vomit, me? Puh-lease. I rock at life.

Exhibit B: Death. Exhausted. Weird leg thing going on. Strange rat tail that I swore was just a regular braid at the beginning of the race.

Pretty amazing how two photos taken at the same time can convey such very different things.  Also - what's the deal on stealing race photos and putting them on your blog? Typically I feel guilty but these photos aren't for sale (just used by the newspaper) so I guess I feel okay about it.  Feel free to tell me if I'm wrong here. 

So I have a fun group of people getting together tomorrow at the Publix Atlanta Marathon and Half Marathon Expo! It's at the Georgia Congress Center in Building A and is completely free to the public so anyone who happens to be in Atlanta should come. We'll be meeting at the Chobani display at 4:30, giggling, taking excessive amounts of photos and then stuffing our faces at a restaurant nearby. How can you resist that? No need to be a blogger or runner. Just be human. Please, please be human. 

Meeting internet friends in real life - weird or awesome?
Both. So strange to hear someone's voice when you only know their written word. But awesome because it feels less weird to say "my friend..." if you actually met them. 

What's your take on race photos used in blogs?
It doesn't really bother me at all but I guess I always feel guilty if the picture is for sale and I screencap it for free.  


  1. You look great girl! And I wouldn't feel guilty using the photos, more so because I RAN the race, and to charge 75 bucks (or however much) for a picture package is redunckulous.
    I think meeting internet friends would be cool!

  2. You're definitely a REAL friend of mine since we had dinner together. And your hair is LONG! I don't remember it being so!

  3. ummm can I have your legs please?!?!?

  4. You look amazing in both of them ... don't know what you are on about! I would love to meet my bloggy friends but most of mine are way too far away. so sad.

  5. As I saw "exhibit B" i thought - dude, look at that left quad - holy cow girl - rock it. Ummm - perhaps you are too hard on yourself - they both show a girl NOT sitting on the couch - battling to survive and push!!!!

    I have the most crazy new perspective about meeting bloggers in real life. First off I love it and we are so totally meeting in 2013 (if you're willing that is!). I love arranging my race schedule around locations where there are bloggers that I "know" - ha!. Up till now I've only ever met other bloggers so I know as much about them as they know about me. A couple of weeks ago I met a woman who reads my blog. AWKWARD!!!!!!!! She was sweet but she knows everything about me and I don't know her at all. I've been guilty of meeting some local bloggers and feeling like we are old friends - but once again we share knowlege of each other through our blogs. This stranger was like "Oh Lisa how are you doing?" UMMM - my mental roladex was like do i even know her. She proceeded to talk to me like we had been friends for years (and she had been reading my blog for years so in her head ... we were) - it was a little crazy. She was sweet but still a little weird!

    Oh yeah, one more thing . . . I swear I did NOT know your hair was that long!!!! Where does it hide in all of your other photos? It's beautiful - but wow, way longer than I ever imagined!!!

    You're strong - take pride in your accomplishments and your power!!!

  6. So jealous I wont be at the meetup!
    I like both photos, but where are the cool socks!
    Every race photo I have seen of myself has been so bad, I've never wanted it!

    1. Clearly I need to address the sock issue. After it was pouring with rain and over 80 degrees I realize that making racing in knee high cotton socks would be slightly less than awesome!

  7. I think you look awesome strong in both pictures, love the leg muscles! Great job not puking.

  8. Man, you sure look serious when you run. I cheese it up for every single one of my race long as I see the camera.

    I don't feel bad about "stealing" race photos, but I also have a questionable conscious.

    If you had gotten a mid-dry heave pic, then you'd have to buy that one.

  9. The photos I use are always taken by my husband. I'm not smart enough to figure out how to steal them.

    Wish I could be there! Meeting invisible friends is definitely awesome.

    I think you look good in both pictures.

  10. I'm always stealing race pictures. Makes me feel guilty. The weird thing is, I don't even have to. We have a running club here that comes out and takes a million pictures of everyone and puts them on facebook for free! I don't know what my problem is. Maybe I'm a klepto.

  11. You look great in both pictures! If you want to see bad race pics, I have had more than my fair share.

  12. Hard to tell from your blog that your hair is so long! I think the rat tail is becoming 😜

  13. Wow! count me amongst the surprised by the length of your hair! I think you look very good in both pics, and I think if it is in the newspaper, it is up for grabs... good for you.

  14. you are definitely your own worst critic. both photos are good.

  15. I like both photos- they show strength, determination and some kick ass muscle definition in your legs. :)

  16. I am sooo jealous I am not going to be in Atlanta this weekend, you and other bloggers are so close to me! I have to figure out a time to meet up with everyone!

  17. I've only done one race with photographers and I was too afraid to steal the photos since I've heard brightroom threatens people who do it, scary!! I really like both of your pictures, they both show your determination!! I think meeting internet friends is GREAT!! I haven't met any running bloggers yet, but I've met quite a few friends that I've had forever from a baby message board.

  18. I think it's awesome to meet other bloggers….although I think I would get really nervous beforehand. I always get jealous of meet-ups!

    As for using race photos - I don't feel bad about that at all….mainly because I think they are so over-priced! If they weren't so crazy expensive, I'd might buy them, but I'm not spending $20 or whatever it is on a single picture!

  19. I don't think either of the pictures is bad! I think all of my race photos are hideous. Usually when I see them I laugh at how awful I look and then I cringe. I can't believe I look so awful when I am running!

  20. I am glad your race went so well!!

    Yeah, I don't post any race photos because I feel too guilty about about it.

    But they are usually so awful that I wouldn't want to post them anyway:-)

  21. I think most people's race photos are pretty bad. I realized a few things by looking at mine: I run with my mouth open, I have one finger that sticks out funny, you know, stuff like that, attractive stuff.

    Have fun at the race! I love meeting other bloggers. It's like meeting up with friends you haven't seen in a while!

  22. LOVE that lime green shirt as it's my fav color!! :) oh man i don't think i've ever had a really great running shot of me, but i say that's cuz we're working our bums off there! :) that said i've spied some pretty good looking ones from others and i'd say that includes some of ur shots! :)

    as for me, i don't really care if i have a heinous pic of me running, i kno i look bad, i can rock that. :)

  23. I loved your race outfit! Race photographers always have a way of capturing a moment and twisting those 1000 words that it is worth.

    Have a great time at the meetup! No, I don't think it is strange to do meetups and meet in real life. I think it is the best idea ever and is part of the blogging process.

  24. You look good in both pictures! love the braid. :)

  25. Great photos!
    I'm good with "stealing" them cause you're only posting them here, plus theyre covered in writing.
    I think it would be fun to meet your bloggy friends, but I'd be super nervous too:)

    My Running Shortz

    PS Usually ALL my race photos look bad, too.

  26. LOL oh man so obvious which photographer got the better shot. You look fine in the second one but the composition is very weird!

    I have some hideous race photos haha

    Ok so... as far as using race photos on the blog... idk.
    They are very expensive and it seems ridiculous to buy them some times. But on the other hand, they are just people trying to make a living off their business too.


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