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Winning and Losing

Life isn't always cupcakes with sprinkles, you know? There's good and bad and you need both to appreciate the great stuff that comes along. Here's some winning and losing that's been going on in my life lately:

Winning: I get to spend tonight with Kelsey in Knoxville! I'm heading up this afternoon and will be cheering her on at the half tomorrow as well as my friend Julie who is running her first full. So excited!

Losing:  I didn't win $540 million last night in the lottery. Such a bummer. I spent $4, you guys! But totally worth it because for two hours I got to sit around and plan what to do with my money. Islands were going to be bought. Vacations were planned. It was going to be awesome. Next time, right? I hear the odds are pretty good.

Winning: I have had a little more work this week than normal and I was really busy trying to meet some Thursday night/Friday morning deadlines. So when I was finished at Friday around lunchtime, I called it the weekend and just got started on the wine. Nothing says "work's done" like a cold glass of Sauvignon blanc and a movie on the couch!

Losing: Hip pain today on my trail run. Ugh. So over it and it definitely plays up more with lots of sharp inclines and declines.

Winning: Hip pain inside, Tim and I had an awesome trail run today! We covered 9.3 miles in 1:45. I'm so happy with that. Last week we had an average page of 14 minute miles and today (on the same trails) it was just over 11 minute miles. Boom.

Losing: Hate this. Just hate this slogan. Tim had never seen it before and was genuinely shocked. It's just bad.

Winning: After this morning's run we somehow ended up at Starbucks. Tim has this magnetic reaction and can find a Starbucks anywhere in the world. I don't typically get food there but they had a really nice lunch option: a box full of whole wheat tortillas, cheese slices, avocado, salsa, lettuce, chicken and coleslaw. And a little piece of chocolate for fun. Everything was really nice and it surprised me. Paired with a caramel light frappuccino = perfect.

I'm not the only winner today - the two winners for the Kansas City Color Run are Maureen Y. and Sarah F. Email me at for information!

Am I alone in my dislike for the slogan "Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee"?
It's just terrible. Disgrace to the English language. Not to mention advertising companies. Anyone have any other bad ones? There's a great one here for People's Insurance (I think?) and the slogan is "We Do Stuff for People."

Ever play the lottery?
This is the first time since we got to America. I'm guessing we won't strike it rich through lottery tickets. I used to pick numbers for my grandma in England and it was so fun.


  1. Mike put $5 in his office pool for the lotto because he "couldn't live with himself" if the office won and he hadn't put any money in. We usually don't play though.

    That slogan doesn't bother me, it just confuses me.

  2. That slogan is ridiculous. Every time I see one of those trucks I'm just like "what were you guys thinking?".

    I don't play the lotto. I tried the casino once and it just wasn't really for me. Lots of flashy lights and things but the thought of my money going down the tubes and not really getting anything back is no fun.

    Your post run meal looks delicious

  3. I didn't play this time but I have played two other times in my life.

    I never thought about the slogan one way or the other I guess, but now that you mention it, HA!

  4. LOL at his ability to find a starbucks! I actually downloaded an app that does JUST that :)

    Great and fun post!

  5. I am with you. Sara Lee is beyond annoying ;)

    Whenever I read your posts I miss living down south. The warmer weather. It has been cold and rainy here in nyc. Can't wait for summer!

    I didn't win the lotto either ;( Next time!

  6. I always thought the slogan was: Nobody does it like Sara Lee. Argh!

    You guys really kicked booty on that trail run. Great job!

  7. Oh my lord, until this second I had thought the slogan was "nobody does it like sara lee." how did I miss this for so long?

  8. Ah, the traditional double negative slogan. :) I hate any slogan that doesn't use correct grammar.

    Your hip pain could just be you getting used to new muscles being used on the trails. Try ice baths, that will solve all of your problems :)

  9. I rarely play the lottery but just had to this time. Played $10 and won $10 so I broke even!

  10. I have no idea why but knowing the winner is practically my neighbor upsets me so much as if I actually lost money or something. I didn't get a ticket but apparently Eric went in with his team at work and now we are like $1.16 richer or something. I guess I don't give slogans enough thought, I don't have any ones that I really like or dislike!

  11. Hip pain gives me the shivers....I hope you don't have a stress fracture!

    and winning: I'm currently drinking Gin!!!! :)

    losing - I am HAND drawing all the names for my virtual race (there were over 200 entries.) lol

  12. My biggest issue with their slogan is how easy it is to prove false: fine one person who doesn't like them. Boom, false slogan.

  13. Yeah, the slogan is lame and grammar is sketchy.

  14. wait.... TIm has yet to hear that slogan? oh girl, get him americanized ASAP!

  15. I always thought it was "Nobody does it like Sara Lee" .

    Maybe we don't even have Sara Lee in Canada... not sure!

  16. Man, I wish that life was cupcakes and sprinkles! That'd be yummmmmmmy! I'm glad your hip is hanging in there.

  17. I also thought it was "Nobody does it like Sara Lee." Slogan FAIL.

  18. I'm not big on the lottery or gambling and I totally agree with you about the slogan! That lunch from Starbuck's looks so good!!!! God job on the trail run :)

  19. Hubs bought tickets and we didn't win either, it was a bummer! I love nearly everything Starbucks has to offer, always good. The Sara Lee ad has been around so long that I don't even think about it, but you are right that it is bad grammar. Yay for a great trail run, good runs always make up for the bad ones!

  20. Ugg I hate that slogan - I didn't even know about it until now but its just wrong. Its like bad english. I did not play the lottery - I thought about it but I ran out of time this week.

  21. I'm glad Im not the only one who always thought it was "does it like Sara Lee"...

  22. That looks like a pretty tasty meal from Starbuck's. Great job to both you guys on the run today!

  23. Super-jeal of your trail run (related: super-embarrassed I just wrote "super-jeal"). Trail running is awesome, fast trail running is even better, and trail running at a place called Raisin Woods is just damn delicious. So much winning.

    After-work wine to kick off the weekend is pretty much the highlight of my week, every week. Nobody doesn't like after work wine. HA. See what I did there?

  24. aw, i was in knoxville racing today too! hope your friends did well!

  25. 1) Props on your huge pace improvement on the trails! Very, very awesome.

    2) I am definitely with you on your dislike for Sara Lee. Just another one of the reasons I love Hostess so much.

  26. When I was a kid I always thought it was "Nobody does it like Sara Lee". The grammar totally ruined it for me.

  27. I thought it was "nobody DOES IT like Sarah Lee". What does "nobody doesn't like Sarah Lee" even mean? I don't get it.

    I have never played the lotto.

    I think a Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino is the perfect recovery drink.

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