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Wanna Hang Out? I have Muffins (and Winners!)

Fine, fine - I'll start with the winners. That way you guys don't have to deal with my drivel for any longer than necessary. As usual, it was a kind of day. The winners are:

Ladies, send me an email with you mailing address and I'll get you some makeup in the mail ASAP! Megan, your inclusion of nude Ryan Gosling photos in my blog is duly noted. Believe me - if I could, I would. But I will say - in DRIVE? Really? Too gruesome for me. I like my man crushes with a side of wit and chocolate. A little more Notebook , a little less Texas Chainsaw Massacre. But to each their own.

For the rest of you, bummer about not winning that makeup, right? Next time. If you want to console yourself with some muffins, these might be awesome:

I used a random gluten free muffin mix I had lying around, but the secret to their deliciocity (run with it) was that I added Ovaltine and peanut butter to the batter. Can you tell I was desperately trying to make something dessert-like? I never, ever drink Ovaltine but Tim loves it. Shame it's all gone now because I needed flavoring for my muffins. Whoops.

Anyway, I can vouch that they are freaking delicious because I ate six yesterday. Afternoon. As a snack. On a rest day. They're good, ok? They remind me of Reese's thanks to the PB/Chocolate combo.

Remember how I'm supposed to be running a marathon on the 18th of March? Yeah, about that...I can't lie to you guys, I'm pretty on the fence about the whole thing. Worst case scenario is I run the half that day and just have fun. I got a lot of emails about the potential meetup and a lot of people requested we hang out the night before the race. Wish granted!

For those who are interested, let's meet at 4pm at the Expo - Building A of the Georgia World Congress Center. (That's on March 17th, FYI). We can hang out at the expo for a while if it looks interesting, or just walk somewhere nearby for an early dinner. I'm thinking...Italian? Somewhere that boasts a lot of carbs. I'll get the details in a few days. Anyone who is planning to join in can just show up or send me an email ( 

Are you a peanut butter and chocolate fan?
I used to HATE the combo. In fact, I never ate or bought peanut butter for a few years but then a while back I realize that HOLY CRAP IT IS DELICIOUS AND I WANT ALL THE PEANUT BUTTER. Combining it with chocolate was just the next natural step. 

What's the ideal cuisine for pre-racing? (Think Italian, Japanese, Mexican...)
I'm trying to pick out a restaurant that will appeal to the biggest group of people. I found a really cool Turkish place but I feel like experimental dishes are maybe not a great idea before a marathon.  


  1. I love PB and chocolate! Not sure if there's a better combo!

    I think for a pre-race meal, take Mexican off the table--not a good recipe for settled stomachs the next day!

  2. Yes, PB and chocolate mixed together = heaven. Reeses hit that nail on the head!

    Hm, I think a lot of people like carb-heaby things the night before a marathon, so perhaps italian? I like to eat pizza the night before, but other people may not be board for the whole cheese/grease factor.

  3. Pre-race, I go for boring. Post race, I will eat anything. Well, unless it was a really hard race and then I'll just have ice chips and advil.

  4. reeces are my favorite candy, so yes i love the combo.

    are you ready for my pre race fuel--- 2 days before a race I do 2 orders of pizza hut bread sticks (not from the restaurant itself, bc those are 5 sticks, but from the taco bell/pizza hut drive through bc an order is 3)

    I swear by this- anytime I DON'T do it- i run out of energy. I did it last night to prep for my 17 miler on sat.

  5. I was going to run the half. I decided if I could get through a 20 miler without dying last week I was in for the full. I got through it so, I guess I'll suffer through the full. It sucks because I didn't follow a training plan this time around. I just ran. I have no goals. My only goal is to make it to March 19th so I can focus on lifting.

    Is it your IT band that's causing you to rethink the full?
    I think I'm done with fulls for awhile. i have 2 small kids and I can't justify taking a whole Saturday to myself to run... and than be too tired for much else.

    I eat pizza before a race, I always will. I love pizza.

  6. Deena Kastor PR'd on Chinese food and got into the Olympics .....I'd go chinese! lol but by that I of course mean the americanized version :)

    and pizza is a good one too!!

    and I LOVE the looks of those muffins :D

  7. I would say no to Turkish. I had experimental Indian before a race once and it didn't go over very well!! YES to PB and chocolate!! Holy best combo ever. I am still hoping for Ryan Gosling pictures...

  8. Italian!!!! Whatever way I can justify copious amounts of bread is the way to go. The muffins look so good, but I'm not sure I would love the taste combo in a muffin. Love it in a Reese's cup though! Or a BUTTERFINGER.

  9. Those muffins look amazing!!! What a great idea to use Ovaltine...

  10. PB and chocolate is almost as amazing as pb and bananas (and chocolate). My favorite PB already has amazing dark chocolate in it, so yummy!!The muffins look yummy, I'm making blueberry muffins when I get home from work today.

  11. Just had a nutella and white chocolate peanut butter sandwich for lunch. It was awesome and knocked my socks off.

    You want to really get your Ryan Gossling fill, check out the movie "Crazy Stupid Love". Man are his abs smokin in that movie, makes me blush a bit he is so hot.

  12. My husband HATES PB& Chocolate. So, when I don't want to share candy, I know what the buy.

    The night before a race I stick to veggies and protein. Grilled chicken salad or something. Less likely to mess up my stomach.

  13. Oh man those muffins sound awesome! I swear I could literally eat an entire jar of PB a day. I love it that much.

    So wish I could come to ATL to meet you all. I say just take the pressure of racing off and have fun no matter what you decide to do. :)

  14. I love anything that is bland and not fried before a race. I had chicken phad thai before my marathon and oh my it was delicious and fuel filled. Bummer that your race plan has taken a dive, no matter what you decide, it'll be fun as shit. I hope!

  15. I've not tried PB and chocolate together I'm too scared to I think!

  16. I'm a PB fan for sure! yum!

    have fun with the race and don't take it seriously...hope you guys have fun meeting up at the expo!

    ugh, i wanted to win that make-up...all of my make up comes from wal-mart so i was in the mood for change!!! lol

  17. Mmmm...I love peanut butter and chocolate. The Sees candy Easter eggs are the best.

  18. I always eat pizza before a race. Basically I just always eat pizza.

    I love peanut butter and chocolate!

  19. i'm not a PB fan, the smell even icks me out...BUT ur muffins look amazing and if i liked PB i'd be all over that...hehe. :)

    i wish i could be there, but alas the US stands between the race and where i have fun!

  20. I'll try to overlook the fact that you said you once didn't like PB and chocolate, but that's hard to forgive. Turkish before a race? Probably not your best bet. I generally just have pasta, or veggie burgers and salad (yes, I'm a renegade who eats fiber before a race). I'm paranoid about even going out to eat. In high school I freaking loved Ovaltine - I would mix the powder with coffee creamer for "dessert". Total weirdo alert here.

  21. Pizza is my favorite pre-race meal the day or couple of days before. Chocolate is a yes and PB is a no usually unless it's a Nature Valley Dark Chocolate Bar with Peanuts & Almonds.

  22. Woo! I'm so happy I won! Thanks so much. And, yes, Ryan (we're on a first-name basis now) was rather creepy in Drive. However, the moments w/ Carey Mulligan were just so, so sweet. He made all of his adorable faces. And the film showed how brilliant an actor he is. Ahh, swoon.

    I'll be emailing you!

    But also, I LOVE the PB/chocolate combo. I never thought of using Ovaltine in a recipe, smart!!

  23. I love the combo, it's one of my favs!!!! There is nothing wrong with just running the half and enjoying the race if you're not feeling it :) Good luck, you're more ready than you know!


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