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I Can Do Anything for 20 Minutes! Kinda.

Even though I feel like hiding anytime someone mentions racing right now, I still managed to sign myself up for a race next week.

Yes, if you're counting - that's two races in four days to the girl constantly crying about how she is having a hard time running. Stop reading now if you hate hypocrisy.

Since my GI drama and hip pain (and mental blockage...and maybe laziness, too) are preventing me from running a full marathon next weekend, I'm downgrading to the half. And for fun, I'm running a local 2 miler next Thursday too.

My local running club hosts this two-miler for St. Patrick's Day every year and I'm really excited to participate. It's going to be a small race and even though I won't be breaking any land speed records I will definitely be getting a PR! Mostly because,'s my first ever race of this distance. The way I see it even the worst case scenario has me being done with the race in 20 minutes. And I can do anything for 20 minutes, right? Scratch that. Here are some things I could not do for 20 minutes:

*Push-ups. Ditto for lifting anything heavier than a bottle of beer or a TV remote.

One repetition to mouth. Aaaaannnnd Repeat.

*Sit in the dentist's chair and not cry. About four minutes in? Waterworks. Every time. 

*Listen to a TED lecture without my mind wandering. I feel guilty about this one. I care, I do! I just have a short attention span. Sorry kid who invented that cool new app and is now giving a speech about it. Do you do Cliff notes?

*Watch Lost without talking. SO MANY QUESTIONS!

*Eat a meal without thinking about what's for dessert.

*Browse without making a purchase.

So, fine. There are some things I can't do for twenty minutes. Sue me. Thankfully running the two miles should be fine. I might even dress up in St. Patty's Day gear to detract from my speed. It's easier to say "it was a fun run!" with a straight face if I'm wearing a glow in the dark headband and knee high green socks.

Have you ever dressed up for a race? Any suggestions for how to be festive but not feel like an idiot?
I never have before but I feel like I could splurge on some dollar store accessories to feel festive. Anything that might cause chafing is a no-go!

What's the shortest distance you've ever raced?
I think the virtual race hosted by Kari last year (one mile) was the shortest but not sure if that really counts. I guess officially it would be a 5k.  


  1. I tested my mile speed with my trainer. I ran a 5k that was more of a 4.25k (LAME).

    I did a 10k in my green dinosaur costume. I kept stepping on the tail.

  2. I've never done a shorter race than a 5K, but only because it hasn't been offered to me.

    I wore festive socks for a Jingle Bell 5K, but that's as crazy as I get. I care too much about my time to chance having a costume slow me down. :)

  3. I love Lost and I have watched the series at least 5 times (I have all the season on dvd) and every time I think of new questions and of course my sister is always asking me questions, because she never watched it lol
    That show is such a mystery!

  4. Not sure what the weather is like where you are but I'm a big fan of festive leg warmers/arm warmers/knee socks!

    Good luck and have fun!

  5. Love the pic, first of all...our dog's name is Samuel Adams, LOL...I have just started racing/running more so don't have many races under my belt!

  6. OMG! How can you not ask questions while watching Lost! haha great show!

    Mallory @ Faith. Fashion. Beauty. {Follow Me!}

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. 2 miles and then green beer! sounds like a GREAT day :) and good luck on your half!

  8. There are MANY things I can't do for 20 minutes straight. Not pee during the day is one. SERIOUSLY. I must drink like WAY too much water or something because for most of the daylight hours, ~20 minutes is my limit! Craziness.

  9. I've done a few two milers - and I LOVE them! I'm have more speed than endurance, so it's right up my alley.

  10. Love your humor, seriously laughing over here!

    I think it's AWESOME that you are doing 2 races next week - yeah, that's the way to get back on the wagon (or train or bike - can't remember exactly what the saying is - but way to get back in the game)!

    The shortest distance I raced was a 3K (1.86 miles) - it was a fundraiser for a local middle school cross country team which apparently is the distance that they run in their races (who knew?).

    Costumes or at least fun clothing - YES!!!!!!! YES YES YES - you should do it for both races next week. Paint your nails, put something fun in your hair, make a funny sign and pin it to your back, slap together a tutu (sooo easy to make!!!), buy a crazy hat, whatever - do it all - YES do it!!! You'll get tons of energizing comments of support and it will so totally make the race fly by . . and leave you smiling!!!!! YES (remember my Chicago RnR half mary tutu and crazy hair thingy that looked like my tutu with my pink compression sleeves and pink shirt (and of course, pink fingernails?) - YES!!!!!!! Don't think another minute about it - do it! I pinky swear you won't regret it!!!!

  11. love a 2 mile race, I want to do one! I love your list of things you couldn't do. I am the same way! I'm doing a st pattys race and wearing normal running shirt with a st pattys tee over it, green shorts, tall green socks and a little lepruchan headband I got in the dollar bin at target! Easy peasy and I'll look extra festive. Definitely go the costume route. If I could, I'd do every race all decked out :)

  12. Oh my God, I am always thinking of dessert. Especially at other people's houses... I get anxious and antsy. What a great guest I am.

  13. i use that line every time i am in spin class...I can do anything for 20 minutes, over and over....

    Good luck with the 2 miler, it should be lots of fun!!

  14. 5K was my shortest!! 2 miles sounds like it would be quick and painless!! Totally dress up. I would get weird green knee socks or something!

  15. I've never ran any race less than or more than a 5K. I'm in a 5K rut. I've also never dressed up for a race. I feel so boring! Quick question though. Have you ever raced in a bikini run? I have just found your blog, so I am not a regular here, but so far I plan to be. I have a huge family reunion this July. My family is a little wild and they want to (host/sponsor) a bikini run for fun. I am terrified! Any tips would be great, if not, thats fine too. Thank you for sharing!

    1. I've never done something like that but if it was all family it sounds like fun as long as:
      a) It was really warm! and
      b) It ended in a pool or the beach!

  16. Hope you find something fun to wear. I am looking forward to seeing it! :)

  17. This sounds fun! I've never done anything shorter than a 5K except maybe a virtual race that was shorter.

  18. Your list is hilarious. It's totally true for me although it had me starting to panic about Goruck, since I'll have like 15 pounds on my back for something like 10 hours. Awesome.

    I've dressed up for a St. Patty's Day 5K and I'm bringing it back for a half marathon next weekend. Enjoy!

  19. In high school I ran the 100, so yeah, 1/4 of a track length is a pretty short race distance.

    I've never dressed up for a race, but am thinking about at least wearing green to my St. Patrick's day 5 mile race.

  20. omg i love this. My mom always said that to me growing up. but it was 15. You can do anything for 15 minutes.

    pretty sure it's not true but loved the memory!!

  21. I have never dressed up for a race. I always feel too intimidated!

  22. Catching up on your blog-- so sorry that you won't be able to run the full. I twisted my ankle a week ago and don't think I'll be running my full in April either. :( A two miler would be a fun distance!

  23. I love new distance races for an automatic PR. I had a 4 miler in February PR, and a 10k coming up this month for a PR. I've done tons of 5k's and a few halfs but no 10ks weird...

  24. something simple but still festive is knee high socks- target generally has tons of festive green / shamrock patterns (and its cheap) :)

  25. YAY!! you are going to do WONDERFUL! I say keep easy, socks maybe something cute on your hair :) Cant wait to hjear all about it!

  26. i'm REALLY pumped about your upcoming 2 mile and half races. like, weirdly REALLY REALLY pumped. use the 2 miler to practice not vomiting during a race!!!!!! you can do it!

  27. haha...this was hilarious!! ya, i don't think i could sit thru Lost or any other kind of thinker movie/show without being the only doof who can't understand wat the heck is going on!! :P

  28. i use this on myself all the time!! i did a month long surgery rotation during school where i had to be ready to round at 430am and i don't know how many time i said to myself 'you can do anything for a month.' DUMB!!


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