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I Didn't Vomit! (And Two Winners!)

So I guess you guys guilt tripped me into running the race today. I'm kind of bitter and hold you all responsible for my blah race. On the upside I didn't vomit. I repeat: I DID NOT VOMIT!

Since I had a few hours to kill in Dalton this afternoon I hung out in Kroger reading all their magazines. Suckers. I also had a bathroom photo session. I totally get why people do them now. Total boredom.

Then I tried on a ton of clothing at a TJMaxx and felt like a thief going into the dressing rooms with a backpack. Luckily I'm pretty harmless looking. Panera let me hang out for a couple of hours and read and it was actually pretty awesome. It poured with rain in the afternoon and now there are thunderstorms, but for the race? Perfect.

So...2 mile race. Showed up. Ran just under 2 miles to warm up. Felt awesome. Started the race. Fast. Awesome. First mile under 8 minutes. Felt barfy. REFUSED to let vomit leave my mouth. Walked. Sprinted. Vomity mouth. Walked. Repeated that the for the entire last mile. My pace for the race:

Can you spot the three don't puke breaks?

Thankfully with a race of 300 I still managed to get second in my age group with 18:48. Thanks, women aged 20-24 for staying home and being lazy. Appreciate it.

Also up: the 2 winners of the Atlanta Color Run race! They are:

Congrats! Send me an email at so I can let you know how to get your free entries!

Would you rather PR in a race or win an AG medal?
PR, definitely. I probably say that because so many of the races around here are small. I have to say though - I was really disappointed with my time but once I got a medal I was pretty ok with it after all!

Have you ever won a great door prize?
Today I won one (a local running club glass) and my two friends did too - pretty awesome! 


  1. PR or AG medal-I think right now I'd rather win an AG medal because I'm almost always in the bottom half of the finishers in my AG.

    I've won some fun door prizes but I think Allan beats me because he won a free pair of New Balances from the first 5K we ran together.

  2. I haven't done either yet, but sounds wonderful! Great job!

  3. OMG you are way too funny. I read your earlier post while at the gym today and couldn't comment (for some reason it freezes every time I try). I am so happy you decided to go for it even though it was raining! Congrats on placing! That's awesome. You're going to have to build a special wall for all of these medals you're getting ;)

  4. Ooops...missed your questions! PRs and medals are both super awesome to me!

    I never win door prizes...anywhere! If I ever do, you'll be the first to know!

  5. ohh i know that barf feeling. Did it hang around after? That means you went extra hard! hehe. way to go V!

  6. nice job! not barfing is always a great accomplishment ;)

    pr all the way. medals just collect dust, but the memory of a sweet pr lingers on forever.

  7. Great! So happy that you decided to go, and that you didn't bar, AND won a medal and a door prize. Wonderful!

  8. Hey way to go! No puking is ALWAYS a bonus :) And congrats on the hardware.

    My Running Shortz

  9. Nice job! Congrats on not puking and placing in your AG!

  10. I want in for the secret to no puking...!
    I am in the running for "race puking Queen"

    congrats on your 2nd place!

    I'd take a PR any day over AG. for sure.

  11. Congrats! Not puking is a prize in itself.

  12. hoooray for no puking, congrats! Still a great time for having walk breaks. Also, nice job on the AG award! Hmm depends on the race and my time. My only 1st place AG win was my worst 5k time ever, so it felt like I didn't deserve sometimes I'd take the PR, but I really like the bling too. I always just want both hehe. I never win great prizes for events. Boo.

  13. Yay for the race and AG for feeling barfy but yay for not vomiting?!? I'd rather go for the PR, age groups can be so variable. I've won with super slow times since no one else and it feels like cheating!

  14. GREAT job!! Glad it didn't rain! Getting my AG award was so exciting last weekend but I'll take a PR any day!

  15. Awesome job on the race! Sure glad it didn't rain - I think that is my least fav race condition. Also wind. I would rather PR - around here the AG awards aren't too great. It really depends on the race though. Some races I would love to if they have a pretty good prize. Oh that sounds awful of me, but its true.

  16. I'll totally take an age group medal over a pr. It's so much more fun to show off. lol

    Awesome job not vomiting! What the heck is going on with your body??

  17. I do enjoy my AG medals. They make me feel special inside, PR be damned.

  18. yay for no vomitting!
    I'd rather PR, but its cooldwhen you place in the AG in a race that doesn't give you bling unless you place :) congrats!

  19. Yay for not projectile vomiting - a little mouth vomit never hurt anyone - boo, though, sorry friend for the digestive issues. I feel REALLY badly for you!!!! I wish there was something I could do. You're far too nice and funny and talented runner to let to have these issues getting in your way! I'm sorry.

    I am thrilled you did the race. Congrats on the AG award. That is a cute medal!!! Love your green shirt- it's one of my fav colors (a very close tie with pink).

    As far as your question - I have won some door prizes - not exactly cool though. Regarding your other question - I WANT AN AG AWARD. I have only earned 2 AG awards . .. . both were in walking races - but the pink trophies I got were awesome!!! I so will never get an AG award in a running race, but it would certainly be a super highlight of my life!!! I'm slow enough that if I work really hard I can get PR's. AG award (especially a cool medal like you got) would ROCK!!!!

    GREAT job at the race. I hope you and your hubby have a fantastic St. Patty's Day . . and you're feeling better!

  20. Congrats on going through with the race and a nice AG place too. It's funny that we think we need to entertain ourselves to fill our free time. Sometimes it is nice to just sit and enjoy a few free moments (I guess as a mom I treasure those a bit more)

    PR/AG don't really care. I like to try and improve or at least stay ahead of the effects of aging but at the end of the day I want to have enjoyed my run/race over everything else. If I PR or AG that's nice. It's a concrete way to show my kids the "rewards" of good health and fitness. They don't really get the whole "wanting to live longer" thing.

  21. Why so puky? Glad you managed to keep it down! Good job on the AG win!!!

  22. I'll take a PR, but since I'm a newbie runner, I get a PR no matter what over my next few races (first time running those distances. ;-))

  23. Yay! No vomit!!! That's some stellar control right there ;).

    And I would say... It depends on what the prize is :)

  24. Dang sounds like a pretty good day to me. :) I love Panera and TJ maxx.

    Who freaking cares what your time was as long as you placed in your AG. Nice work girl!

  25. congrats on the award!!! Great race! Glad you bucked up and got threw it :)

  26. Blogger is being a bad of dicks about letting me comment these days.

    Anyway, YAY YOU!

    Also, can I choose "PR and place." That would be pretty awesome. But, I'd rather PR.

  27. Congratulations Vanessa! Good job girl!

  28. Congrats - glad you decided to run it! It's a pretty good time and award considering you had three walk breaks :)

    So this whole feeling like you are going to puke in races is so weird. I know, I know - why am I just realizing this now, right? I guess I always thought it had to do with the distance and fueling before, but to have the same thing happen in a 2 miler…. You obviously run longer distances on a regular basis and have no problems. The only thing I can think is that it is race anxiety. Did you ever have problems with test anxiety when you were in school?

    As for a PR vs AG medal - I think I would prefer a PR because whenever I've gotten an AG award and I wasn't happy with my time (aka, no PR), I felt like I didn't deserve it and it just means everyone else was slow. But, ideally, I would like both!

  29. Soooo glad that you decided to do the race! Great time, and GREAT that you won that cute little medal. I'd totally pick PR'ing over a medal. There have been some races where I was the ONLY person under 20 running so of course I "won" and got a cute medal or plaque. But it didn't really matter if I had ran a crappy race.

    Oh and props for not puking!

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