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Getting Dirty with Two-A-Days

I wish I could be all intense and say I did two workouts today but in actuality I'm not sure if that's even true. Did I work out twice? Oh yes. But they were separated by a mere twenty minutes. I did, however, change running shoes and running partners. Ergo, two-a-days. Thank you.

First up was eight miles with my friends Julie and Daniel. We did 8 miles this morning at 7 and it wasn't anything amazing. I worked hard to keep the pace around 10 minute/miles but when it's only 8 miles it doesn't feel quite like a long run, you know? Marathon training messes with your head for good. I'm not sure if I'll ever be the same.

Post-run I grabbed Tim and we headed to some nearby mountain biking trails for another run. I absolutely loved it!

I know I just look like I'm sleeping in that picture, but I really did enjoy it. Plus I wore an old shirt from a trail race so I could look legit. I think I fooled the other runners on the trails.

We ran 6.2 miles in longer than it took me to run 8 miles on the road but it was infinitely harder. I had to work HARD to run 4-5 minutes at a time and then stumble up the hills. It was an ego check for me big time. I always think of myself as the better running partner in my marriage. (Sorry Tim, it's true.) Today I was rudely reminded that on the trails he kicks my butt and I really struggle. Regardless, it was fantastic. Is there anything better than running downhill on muddy trails? Best feeling ever.

Proof I wasn't on the treadmill.
Any guesses which are the shoes I wore for my first road run and which I wore for my 6 miles on the trails?

Anyone watch or follow international rugby? In Hong Kong the Rugby Sevens are basically the biggest party of the year. It's such a good time and lasts the entire weekend. This year I missed it so much. Luckily Tim caught some of the games on TV - although it wasn't the same as being there. Plus, my handsome little brother played in a rugby game right in the stadium! The younger boys who play in Hong Kong get to play early in the morning before the international teams actually take the field. Here he is (on the far left) with some of his friends/teammates and one of the New Zealand rugby players:

He won his game! So proud of him. He's the coolest kid I know and I'm proud to be his sister. Go Robert! :)

Do you follow rugby? Ever played?
I didn't know much about it growing up but I played in college for two years. My position was hooker - yes, that's the official title of the position and no, I never heard the end of it. 

Ever work out twice a day? I can't get my head around it. 
This is basically a no. Mostly because I refuse to shower twice a day and you would definitely notice if I didn't.  


  1. I work out twice all the time, but only because I have to do it because of toddler patience limits.

    I think you could have been much muddier. Try harder next time.

    Rugby? No, I'm American.

  2. If you make one of your workouts of the day a swim, you can skip the shower.

    (I do 3 doubles a week most weeks)

  3. Well done with both runs! My hubs played rugby and he was also a hooker! :) Your brother is adorable. :)

  4. I started running twice a day on Tuesdays this winter when my teaching schedule turned my training schedule sideways... Really 2-fer Tuesdays just make up for my not running on Monday.

    PS - Love the dusty trail shoes! :)

  5. I don't ever work out twice a day for the same reason as you. Shampoo ain't cheap! lol

    The most rugby I've ever seen is in the Friends episode where Ross plays to impress Emily.

  6. Rugby is so legit but I have never played nor do I follow. There's guys around here that play at the beach all the time, though. Trail running looks awesome. I love the idea of working out twice a day but it's usually not something I can execute because I lack the time or energy. lol

  7. Congrats to your little brother! Both runs sound like they went well.

  8. I do twosies once in a blue moon. It's more by accident than anything else and usually one is my run and the other is a bike ride. Most of the time I don't shower in between and since I'm home with the kitty most days, she doesn't seem to mind.

  9. Your little bro is so cute! And meeting one of the All Blacks would be Awesome! The other day I went running and then went to the gym; I don't know if that counts as two a day. But I was stinking pretty bad for about an hour between the two!

  10. Never played Rugby, but my husband did.

    I did some two-a-day workouts last week and will be doing them this week as well (early morning cardio, then weights in the afternoon)... just a couple days each week though.

  11. Wow, two runs. Both longer than I've run in months haha.

    Congrats and you are awesome!

  12. Funny you should mention a two-a-day. I'm planning one tomorrow. Mostly because I seriously ate a week's food this weekend. I hate being a woman sometimes.

  13. My brother played about 15 minutes in the Hong Kong sevens about 20 odd years ago; it was not a main game but I think it was a north vs south mixed international team & the south had someone injured and none to play & because it was so informal big bro was called in from the stand .... he revels in it still to this day & because my aunt & uncle in Australia saw him on telly playing it must be a true story :-)

  14. nice job on the two a day! I do it sometimes and honestly everything I've found is that it's actually harder to run twice with a break than it is to do the same distance all at once. I think it's mostly because your legs have to get loose twice and you have to put forth more effort the second time around to do that

  15. I've never been a two a day workout girl and the only time I've seen rugby was when Ross played for Emily on Friends. :)

  16. 2 a days are a staple in tri training and it's hard to get my head around sometimes. "But I already worked out at 5am!". See, if you husband doesn't read your blog like mine, you can say whatever crap about him you want and you don't have to apologize and explain :)

  17. Hey girl, can I make a small observation? PLEASE don't quit being my bloggy friend though - here's what I have I have observed . . .
    Every time you talk about hikes and trails and trail running your posts have a different tone - you sound genuinely happy and free and joyful. Not to say that when you talk about road running you're a grump (because that's definitely not true), but you definitely sound more "at home" or "at peace" or just plain happier when you run on trails over roads . . . perhaps you're true calling is to be a trail runner and not so much of a road racer? I MUCH prefer running trails over roads. If I could solely run trails I'm pretty sure I would. Okay so don't hate me, k?

    Rugby? They play that with a net on the end of a pole, right? Just kidding! Never watched more than a few minutes of a game and never on tv. Yay for your brother - how cool!

  18. I love two a days. When I run in the morning I always still have energy after work (since that's when I usually run), so it's fun. It probably wouldn't be fun if I HAD to, though.

  19. awww, wat a cutie that little bro of ur's is!! :)

    way to tear it up double day style...hehe. yea, i've done double days and in the past. and as for hilly runs, even thought those miles show up 'slow' on the watch u are seriously WORKING and they are making u strong as heck. oh, and muddy too...hehe :)

  20. Rugby is the main sport here in South Africa. I still don't understand the rules or the teams or really anything. Good thing my husband likes American sports or I would have to learn the basics.

  21. I ran twice a day once this week because I needed to wash my hair before work and didn't want to waste a wash without a workout. But I didn't have time for more than 3 miles, so I did another 3 miles after work. I'm weird about "wasting" shampooing.

  22. I squeeze in two-a-days often but I do not shower in between, which is real attractive I'm sure. But hey if I'm at the grocery store and someone thinks I smell bad that just means they are too close and need to back away giving me more personal space.

  23. I sometimes do 2 workouts a day but I understand the issue with showering twice...which is why I am disgusting and usually only shower once after the 2nd workout!

  24. Marathon training definitely messes with your about distorting your view lol. Love it though!

  25. Nice job! 2 a days make me feel like a super athlete...or just a regular triathlete. :)

    Seriously, can't wait to hear all about StumpJump!!!

  26. I love the feeling when I work out twice a day! If I really want to see results then I will do daily doubles. Showering twice happens, but that doesn't mean that I wash my hair both can just blow dry your sweat, it's not gross I promise, haha.

  27. Rugby scares me.

    I like working out twice a day. With ironman training last year, it was kind of necessary. It would usually be a swim in the morning and a run at night, or bike/run, etc. I sometimes run twice a day too, usually one super-easy and one a harder workout. My night time shower usually takes about 120 seconds, just enough to rinse off because I am usually starving!

  28. Great running Vanessa! Trails are definitely so tough and make me feel so dang out of shape. ha!

    Your little brother is absolutely adorable. How fun!

  29. Your brother is super cute! Congrats to him on his big win. :-)

    I'm dying to do some trail running - there are a lot of good options near me, so I just need to get outside & make it happen.

  30. Sounds like the perfect double run day! I rarely workout twice, but will occasionally get myself to an evening yoga or pilates's just so hard to get motivated in the evening. I prefer to workout in the morning--it energizes me, and I love the feeling of having my workout done for the day.

  31. trail runs are seriously incredible! they are so tough but so exhilarating!!! love it!

    congrats to your lil bro! so sweet!! i know nothing about rugby but it sounds like your bro had a blast i am sure :)

  32. I don't follow rugby but some of my friends in college play/ed it :) they're crazy....and they used to look like they got beaten up :P

    I LOVE trail runs...I've actually been looking into some smaller trail races like 10 and 15ks :)

    I can't believe those are your ghosts!!! they are so muddy.

    were they good on the trails?? or are you planning on making a trail shoe investment??

    I want to know!

    LOVE that you're training with Tim - link up his blog again I forget it :P

  33. Looks like you had a great day! How cool. I've never done a two-a-day. I don't think I'm that hardcore. Your little bro is so cute. Good for him!


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