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I May Regret This Very Soon....

If you follow me on Facebook, you already know the big news. For me. The news probably won't affect your life in the slightest. But back to me.

Last night I was talking to Tim about the idea of tackling an ultra marathon and wanting to get back into trail running. Out of the blue, he says "I could do that with you." I nearly peed right there and then. We talked about some local races but it was clear that one stands out as the perfect choice for us: the Rock/Creek StumpJump 50K.

Maybe I'm looking at this all wrong, but I'm viewing it like a really long hike. With an elevation chart like this, I don't expect to be running all that much:

In strange opposition to...every other race I've ever run...I'm more excited about the training than I am about the actual race. Tim and I used to run and hike on trails all the time in Hong Kong and it's something I really miss.

So I guess now we should probably start running a lot. I've briefly looked at some training plans but I don't think I want anything that goes over 20 weeks. That leaves Tim and I with a couple months to build up his base a little and give me some more practice on trails. We are also going to need to get used to running together again. Here are a few of the problems we'll have to deal with:

-I'm bitter and jealous. It makes me angry that I have to work so much harder just to keep up to his pace.

-I'm also kind of bitchy when I'm stressed. (Read: long runs or races) I may or may not have yelled "I hate you!" when Tim told me to push through on a trail race a couple of years ago. My bad.

-Tim needs to increase his base mileage over the next few weeks.

-We're going to have to deal with training for a race over the summer in Georgia.

Do you run with your significant other? Why or why not?
Honestly, I really do love it. But I can be a difficult running partner. Luckily it's been a while so maybe Tim has forgotten how difficult I can be. 

I know there are a lot of you who have run ultras and run a lot on trails - what accessories are absolutely necessary?
I'm thinking things like hydration packs....or anything other newfangled things I clearly need to spend my money on.  


  1. That looks like so much fun! And that elevation profile scares the crap out of me. :)

    Very cool you and your hubby will run it together. I'm always so stoked when my bf wants to do races with me, but sadly we generally only run them "together" when I'm injured. But we will be running the Chicago marathon together which is super duper awesome :)

    I know nothing about trail running except I feel a huge pull towards running in the forest and mountains right now... Kinda hard in flat concrete jungle Chicagoland.

  2. Oh vanessa, this is why I love you as a blog bud. I swear, yell, whine at ryan all the time when we run together. Super excited for u guys to tackle this together.

  3. Holy balls, that elevation chart is INSANE.

    I don't run with my husband. I used to try to talk him into running with me, but I've given up. I can't get him to come out of the garage or away from the computer long enough.

  4. Brian and I never used to run together but over the last 2 weeks he has paced me in 2 races and both have been PR's! He's much speedier than me but it has been a fun experience for both of us, even if I did yell at him twice during the 10k last weekend. (seriously, if you're a pacer never say "this is the easy part"!)

  5. I run with Mike sometimes, but he really likes running alone, so it's not often. When we race the same race, we never actually run together, he's faster than me and I don't want to hold him back. Plus, if I run with him, I feel compelled to talk, so then we're BOTH going slower.

    That's so awesome, though, that you're going to do an ultra together! Yay bonding :)

  6. one. i am so dang excited for you!!!!!
    two. i may be the tiniest bit jealous!!!!

    this will be awesome.

    i know nothing about running with a significant other. so just dont kill him k??

  7. you crazy girl, this sounds so fun!! i haven't got any interest in ultras (OR TRAILS) but have respect for those that do! :) and love that tim is in with you! i love running with my hubs and for him to run, but in all honestly, i would rather run by myself 95% of the time.

  8. I love running with the hubs, it's great alone time away from the kids.

    Training for this 50 miler I'm doing on Saturday has been so much fun. I love the miles I've had to log and love the "new" passion it has stirred in me.

    I use a hydration pack by Nathan.... Not sure the model or whatever. I also like my Salomon trail shoes. I enjoy snacking on tropical trail mix on longer runs. Also.... If you don't already, look into salt pills. They save me every run. I take one per hour.

    I decided to run another 50 miler in Oct down there in Nashville. Not sure what it's called, but it's mostly on the road which is fine with me. Good luck and enjoy it.

  9. Hydration packs are key and gaitors to keep rocks out of your shoes. Also, invest in some good bug spray. Oh, and trail shoes are worth the money if you're going to be putting miles on the trail. Basically, for a hobby that is about getting back to nature, it's expensive as fuck.

  10. That is going to be so much fun! I did a trail 50k last year and it really doesn't require anything more than typical marathon training, just with some of your runs on the trials.

    Definitely get some good trail shoes and a hydration pack (I LOVE my nathans intensity!)

  11. My husband will not run with me. I keep trying but it's always a no-go! I love my Nathan intensity hydration vest. Very exciting!!!

  12. Have fun! I've been contemplating getting into trail running someday, but I'm wimpy and have weak ankles.

  13. Sounds like a fun adventure to me. That course profile looks insane! I wouldn't be running much either.

  14. The elevation is scary but you can do it!! My husband thinks any run beyond 3 miles is insane so I run alone!

  15. What a cool challenge for you guys to take on together. That's some serious elevation too, I'm too wimpy to cover that territory! Stupid urban runner I am.

    The hubby and I run a bit off and on these days and plan to train together this summer for the Chicago marathon, but it hasnt always been gumdrops and daisies. Back in the day he used to be super fast and would get mad at me because he said that I was running so slow it was hurting him. Now these days it hurts him to even try to keep up with me on an easy run. The woman always wins ;)

  16. I second the Nathan Intensity Hydration Vest. Drop a Nuun tab into the water, it will help stave off dizziness in the heat on long runs. I love long trail runs with my camera, some leftover pizza, and candy bars. Snickers are my trail BFF (after the Hubby of course). Some of my favorite photos have come from trail runs, so if you can manage one extra, that would be what I recommend.

  17. This. Is. Awesome!!!

    I have found the same thing in doing ultras: the training is at least as fun as the race. After spending more time on trails, I now dread running on roads.

    My most important gear is the hydration pack. I've had a few and my favorite by far is the Nathan HPL 020. I love it. If you want to get really funky check out the Hoka trail shoes. I seriously love those too. Good luck!

  18. well you know I think Tim is in the running for husband of the year for 2012 now.
    great experience to share together..

    I dont run with Bill. He has no desire to go over 3 miles.
    I dont want to run with him. Within our family life, running is the ONLY thing that is just for me. I am selfish and I want to keep it that way. :)

    no experience with ultras...or trail.

  19. My husband has no interest in running, but even if he did I think it would be a bad idea. I like my alone time...

  20. AWESOME!! can't wait to watch ur journey to tackling the ultra! :) i'm like u and it's funny how i almost love the training (mileage and such) more than the racing, actually i think it's just that i HATE

    don't stress, u have plenty of time and be sure to gradually increase those smart girl, u know that tho. :)

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Congrats!! I'm so excited for you! That's awesome that Tim is doing it with you. That's marital bonding at it's finest.

    I don't run with my husband. We tried one time and made it like a mile. We run at different paces and it just doesn't work.

    My hydration vest is worth its weight in gold

    Also, trail shoes and smart wool socks. On my freezing stream crossing in the 50 miler they were dry within a mile. I'm with Kara, it's expensive but you don't want to be miserable.

  23. I'm heading down to Florida for my second 50k, and I'm way more excited about it than I was either of my marathons! Trail running is just so much more peaceful and enjoyable!! I would recommend checking out electrolyte capsules or succeed capsules. It's an electrolyte/sodium replacement pill that a lot of ultra runners use, especially when training in the summer heat. The theory is you lose way more sodium/electrolytes than you can replace by drinking/eating, so these little pills will save you from dehydrating, cramping, swelling, getting blisters, etc. Most running stores are clueless about them (unless there is an ultrarunner working there) so you might need to go to an outdoor adventures store like REI or Gander Mnt. Good luck training!!

  24. Very exciting indeed! My wife cycles with me while I do my long road runs. When I train on the trails she goes hiking and meet me at various points with snacks and drinks.

    Hydration pack, trail shoes and something to eat as well. Do as much training on trails as you can.

  25. Congratulations!

    Not sure what month your ultra is and I'm by no means an expert, but the one thing that I learned when doing the HUFF 50K relay in December was that there is a good chance that your accessories will get stuck to twigs or sticker bushes so . . . when going around a HUGE water puddle (think hip high) we went through no "non-trail" part of the woods and I lost my hat when it got stuck on a sticker bush and later I lost my bondi band to a twig. My relay partner Kimberly at HealthyStrides lost her handheld water bottle in a gigantic mud puddle. Everyone wore tights (it was December after all) and nearly everyone finished with shredded tights from teh twigs and sticker bushes. There was a lot of bloody legs. So . . . I'm saying lock it all down to your body :) I would definitely say that you should make sure to have a complete (including undies) change of clothes for the ride home. Good luck and have fun!!!!

  26. i keep toying with doing an ultra, but holy cow that is an elevation chart! i don't think living in florida would make training for that possible

  27. Congrats!!! That's so awesome that y'all are doing that! I do run with my significant other. We've been dating for several months now and have done two half marathons together and have signed up for two more together. We have a fairly evenly matched pace and I am trying my best to get a bit faster. It's such an awesome feeling running with your significant other!

    Looks like a super intimidating elevation chart!

  28. Very Very cool! I sometimes run with my hubs but now that the nice weather is here, he is all about the bike riding so he could care less about running I think.

  29. My husband will never run with me. I'm okay with that. It's probably for the best, because if he started, and was naturally better than I am, I would get majorly butt hurt. But, I wish he enjoyed SOME type of long cardio so he understood why I do what I do.

    Also, don't think this means you're off the hook for the 24 hour run. DO IT.

  30. Awesome plan! I love running with the husband - but I get irritated with how fast he is as well. :-)

  31. The Stump Jump is a BEAST!!!! I have done the 11 miler, and it was very challenging. Geno has done the 50K, twice I think. I am impressed by anyone who likes to run trails. I enjoy the time in the woods, but don't have enough coordination to be successful at it! I don't know how many times I've bitten the dust in trail runs. Too many!!!!

  32. Yay! That's awesome! You will definitely need either a hydration pack or a hand held bottle, depending on the trails you train on and the availability of water.

    To be honest, I don't love running with my hubby. Does that make me a terrible person? He doesn't talk much and I never feel like we're really in sync. I do like trail running/hiking with him though!

  33. How exciting! I told Allan and he looked at me as though to say I better not ask him to do anything like that. Pretty much as soon as I said 50K his eyes widened and he looked scared!

  34. wow! and yikes! look at the elevation. I think maybe a pick axe and some rope would help.
    I do not run with my hubby because he always goes ahead of me then I have to smell his stench...not to mention the snot rockets.

  35. Oh, I wish I could run with my husband. He actually has a super jacked up knee. He had surgery over ten years ago and it didn't heal properly, he needs another. Good luck, what a lofty goal!! You can do it though, I'll be reading along. :)

  36. I did see this on facebook! Very exciting!

  37. yes! camel back packs are awesome!!!! I love having a hands free hydration system for long hikes, I've never run too many trails but totally love this post b/c I want to start.

    Colin just went on his first run in 20 years, I am excited to start training with him for a 5k and my sis is in on it too!

  38. OMG, you're doing it!!!! Yay!!!! Why did you pick this one instead of the North Face race?

    Brian and I used to run together all the time....then he got faster and I slowed up after a knee injury, so we don't normally run side-by-side, but we'll start together and then meet up at the end and see each other in the middle. We do weights together though.

  39. This is so exciting!!! I've been wanting to tackle an ultra as well...And I think that this might be the year for me too!

  40. So exciting! I rarely run with my husband because he doesn't run much at all. He loves 5k races though but never trains for them and then usually ends up feeling like death and doesn't run for a while. Its an endless cycle.

  41. I've got no personal experience with either (yet!). I started dating a triathlete so I have a feeling that running (or biking or swimming, lol) will be something that is eventually done together. I'm nervous as heck about it though.

    As far as the ultra? Good luck and have fun!!! If you guys can't have fun doing it together, what's the point, lol?

  42. i am totally bitter and jealous that i run all the time and brad can join me after not running for 5 months and smoke me. HATE IT. that doesn't make us bad people, right?

  43. That sounds like so much fun! I have been considering signing up for an ultra, especially a trail run, but I am a wimp right now.

    I do not run with my boyfriend. I would, but he won't run with me. I think it's because I am faster than him. He says it's because he doesn't like to talk while running. I call BS.


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