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Anyone With Me On This One?

I think it’s really important to have balance in your daily eating. Some days I look back and think, “Wow! That was healthy!” and other days its a struggle to remember anything that wasn’t covered in sprinkles. For most people, that works out to eating a normal, healthy diet during the week, and going a little crazy on the weekends. 
I wish I could say that was me, but in reality, it’s probably something more like this:
Monday: Ugh. Monday morning. Need something tasty to reward myself for getting out of bed. Also, was work always this hard? Mid afternoon candy to wake up....

Tuesday: Yeah! Healthy day of eating, and I got in some exercise! I should probably have a square of dark chocolate after dinner. I read somewhere that if you deprive yourself you’ll just end up craving more....crap. Family size bar of chocolate gone. 

Wednesday: Ok, this time it’s serious. Workout? Check. Healthy meals? Check. Booyah. 

Thursday: Yesterday I was so good. Definitely need a beer tonight to reward myself. Maybe 2. Or 6?

Friday: You KNOW this afternoon drags on at 1/5 the normal speed. The only way to bring on the weekend faster? Mid afternoon snack binge. It’s practically the weekend, after all...

Saturday: Duh, Saturday. After a super healthy week I obviously deserve a few treats. It’s all about the 80/20 principle, you know. 

Sunday: Last chance to get some junk in. Possible hangover. Brunch with family. Baking time. Rest day = more time to eat. 
Aaaaaand repeat. So glad I’ve got the hang of this healthy eating throughout the week thing. And by that, I mean on Wednesday I stick to my plan and the rest of the week is a blur of candy. I know they say it's the though that counts...and I definitely thought about making the right choices. So there's that.
Random nonsense:

-I Ran 3.5 miles straight yesterday. Yes, I ran a marathon 5 weeks ago but this is still crazy exciting after a month off. 

-Thinking about running a 4 mile race on New Year’s Eve (5pm) and hoping I can gain some speed back before then. 

-Also really want to see the movie New Year's Eve and I don't care who says it is crap. 

-Made spaghetti Bolognese sauce today with ground turkey. Lower in fat AND somehow tastier. How is that possible?

-Also made sugar cookies. Pretending they are “dessert” for when friends come over for dinner tonight. The guy never eats dessert, the woman is on a serious diet and won’t have any, and hubby doesn't like them anyway. Any guesses who they are REALLY for?

Anyone else feel like this version of the week is true for them?
Every single week. Except I don't always make the entire Wednesday candy free. I definitely justify things though, like needing sweets during longer days of work or um, rain. Stuff like that. 

Movie recommendations please! I want to see Young Adult, New Year's Eve AND Sherlock Holmes, but I'm guessing I'll see one out of three at best. 
I would be happy seeing any of them, and if I pay hubby back with baked goods he will probably take a nap during New Year's Eve. 


  1. I want to see New Year's Eve. Too bad I live in OH, or else I would see it with you!

    LOVE sugar cookies. Too bad I need to lose some crazy weight or else I would help you eat them

  2. You are like a sugar cookie decorating pro! Those look awesome! Mine always taste delicious but they definitely are NOT as pretty as yours!

  3. Those cookies are freaking awesome. I want.

    I think every day could be described by your week. "I ate a good breakfast, now I deserve a treat...etc."

    We're going to see Sherlock tonight! You should go too, then it's like we're going together. Or not, if that's creepy.

    Awesome job on your run!

  4. Apparently we are having a same week! And I'm with you on the running. I just ran 3 miles two seperate times this week and it feels like a victory after taking a month off after the marathon. I'm also running a 4 miler on NYE at 6 pm, small world! I want to beat last year's time but I'm not sure I have it in me. We'll find out!

  5. I want to see Young Adult and NYE also! Too bad I seriously never get out to the movies!

    Yeah, I can relate to that week of eating. Effort counts, right?

  6. Your cookies look wonderful - mine always look like a 2 year old decorated them. I tend to be in the healthy during the week but terrible on the weekends group.

  7. Your cookies are so pretty!

    I want to see NYE and Sherlock Holmes too... I hate movie theatres so will do pay per view or rent the DVDs.

  8. I flip flop with food like that too. UGH! Luke wants to see Sherlock Holmes tonight, but I stayed home from work with a headache, so that's probably a no-go. I'm sure you'll hear about it. : ) Good luck picking something!

  9. I'd love to see a movie in a theater without a kid crawling over me while I watching talking animals. But then again I guess that is why I do such long runs on the treadmill. I hope you get to see all 3!

  10. Tis the season to increase the sugar dosage! Glad you are back to running some miles again - you'll get your speed back, just give it a week or two!

    I have zero movie recs because I've been to the theatre once in the past 6 months...and it was to see twilight. I'm such a dweeb!

  11. I'm totally with you - I can be doing sooooo good with eating healthy and then it goes down the drain :) I think the healthiest approach is everything in moderation and I know my "diet" is basically healthy, so I don't sweat it! However, there is always room for improvement…. You cookies look SO good - you are definitely better at decorating them than I am!

  12. haha I love this! My weeks typically look a lot like yours. :) Haha! Whatever. I'm putting in effort. That's what counts. :P

  13. Mmm your cookies look awesome... we don't do Christmas baking in my house.. but all of these yummy food pictures are making me rethink that...

    Yay for 3.5 miles!

  14. I'm all about the 80/20 rule, but I do have to admit I have to cut out the beer and wine completely when training for a really big event, because it's easier for me to cut it out completely than to limit myself to 1 hmmm..

  15. Mmmm....sugar of champions!

  16. lol your post sounded like Bridget Jones

    Movie recommendations... new ones or does it matter?

  17. My week is similar, except I never try to be a healthy eater. For me, it's a crazy day if I skipped my breakfast or lunch dessert (and you know that's just because I was out of candy).

    I pick menus for when guests come over are full of stuff that I like. Who really cares what they like? :)

  18. i saw new years eve last week and it was super cute but totally predictable (no problem with that, i knew it would be) but sherlock holmes looks super good, my guess is thats worth the expensive movie ticket, new years eve will be just as cute at home

  19. Yummy looking cookies! My eating is very much like yours, minus the beer, I mean to eat well and then I end up being a pig. Good job getting the run in. I don't have any movie recommendations, I want to see all of those, plus The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

  20. I too want to see New Year's Eve, and I love love love Blue Moon!!

  21. Oh gosh that schedule totally describes my whole week. I need to get myself in check but I crave candy and sweets A LOT! I guess if I didn't buy that stuff at the store tho then I wouldnt be able to eat it.

  22. i love that accurate depiction of a healthy week ....mine is somewhat similar...the only difference being our wednesdays (mine isn't as healthy) ;P

    ummm the cookies are for your blogger friends?? :D

  23. 1st your cookies are cute. 2nd this is my week, on replay all year long.

  24. right now I'm in a phase of really having to stop myself from endlessly eating all of my food in my apartment. so. annoying. haha

  25. Your week sounds like my life. I was FINALLY on track for one healthy day when my hubby brought home a Chic-Fil-A milkshake for me (the only shakes worth having), and I loved/hated him so much. I am dying to see NYE, and The girl with the dragon tattoo. I do not have friends that would come to my house and not eat cookies. I hope they are really funny.

  26. I definitely bake and eat the most junk on my rest day (Sunday)! And I do okay at getting lots of veggies every day, but always have something sweet mixed in. Those cookies are beautiful!

  27. Totally get it with the food and weekend eating. :) Go ahead and see NYE against my warning. :) You'll probably like it, I was probably overly if.

    Have a great weekend.

  28. yay for 3.5 miles...woot woot! don't compare to the marathon silly, u're coming back from an annoying injury and will be rocking full mileage again soon. til then let's all have a cheer for cookies! :)

  29. My diet is one giant mess of eggs, toast and junk food. I really need to work on it. Those cookies look amazing though...

  30. haha, I think we've all had days/weeks like that! So true :(

    My sugar cookies NEVER turn out that cute...those are precious! Too cute to eat.

    I'm hoping my back heals quickly, because I'm sure freaking out...

  31. Um, you pretty much just described my week. LOL. Except I haven't been able to exercise because of my injury so ... there really is no justification for "treating" myself with so many cookies and candy and ice cream. I just telling myself 'tis the season ... except we haven't even been to any hoiday parties or celebrations yet. Umph.

    I really want to see the New Years Eve movie too and I've got the husband convinced to go sometime in the next two weeks while he is on vacation since we totally have slacked on our "date nights" the past few months!

  32. Don't see New Year's Eve!! I don't even know if I'd recommend that you Netflix it... 2 hours of your life you will never. get. back.

    I want to see Young Adult too though! I love that dry, sassy humor :-)

  33. I almost wrote pretty much this exact same post last night after I had to work a 13 hour day and thought it was ok to reward myself with anything I wanted from Chipotle since I had eaten well the rest of the day....until I remembered the half dozen cupcakes I went out and bought at lunch to "share" with my coworkers...

  34. Yes, I am with you! But you look so good, you have to be exaggerating a little. Right? If not, then you are a blessed girl. My hubby wants to see Sherlock Holmes so bad. He'll have to wait til Christmas because he's getting the tickets in his stocking. :)

  35. This was the best post EVER! I have weeks like this too... It has been a while since I started my program but before then I would just find an excuse to eat everything in sight. I think that's why I decided to do this...I have been SO on track but that's not to say that I haven't "cheated". There have obviously been a few days where I have eaten myself into a food coma but it's okay! It happens! You look amazing so I wouldn't worry!

    I say rent Elf and die watching it all night long. That's what I did last night. Found it at Wal Mart for $7. Made my day. I would like to see NYE as well though!

  36. I haven't made the healthy eating change in my life yet :)- someday!
    I would choose Young Adult- I think that it looks really fun.

  37. You just described my weeks in perfect detail lol.. But I have a hard time believing yours is actually all that bad :) good thing I run at least

  38. I sometimes justify my eating with my workouts, which I should not do...if I workout more I tend to eat a little more freely, but wine on Sat. night is always a must no matter what!

  39. I so totally agree. There are some weeks when you just gotta get your snack on. And the cookies look so cute!! Great job running 3.5 miles...burn that butter ;)

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