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Winners and Anniversaries

So...first things first. The winner of this awesome RUN Christmas ornament from The Run Home is comment #131, courtesy of

Congrats, Beth! If you haven't checked out Beth's blog (Running Around My Kitchen) you definitely should. She just ran the St. Jude Memphis Marathon this past weekend - her second in a month! Beth, send me an email with your mailing address and I'll get your ornament to you. 

Tomorrow is an anniversary of sorts for me - the anniversary of the day hubs and I started dating. I don't consider it a real anniversary since we just celebrate the wedding date now. And I can't start claiming anniversaries too often. Can I? Maybe...the anniversary of our first dance? First time going shopping? First time getting frozen yogurt together?

Anyway, all this reminiscing got me thinking about my first blog posts. I scrolled back to the beginning and was curious who had left comments way back then. Believe it or not, there are some comments from my very first week of writing by women who still comment today. And that's basically awesome. 

Almost Runner: Commented on my second post. Hilarious then. Hilarious now. 

Kari: She was "Jogging with Fiction" back then, but now blogs at "Running Ricig."

Rose: Thought the sweet potatoes in my third post looked good. Why thank you, Rose. Has a cute butt - read her blog and you'll have plenty of opportunities to see it for yourself. 

Jess: Writes over at Blonde Ponytail. Such a sweetheart and puts some great workouts up!

Mallory: I've been following her blog for a while now, and she always has something interesting to say. 

Ashley: Better known as (the incredibly speedy) Redonk Runner - and she's running Atlanta Marathon with me in March. So happy I got to meet her in Nashville a while back:

Janae: My first blog comment was from Hungry Runner Girl. I was so excited I actually jumped around!

As much as I love making new friends in the blogging community, it is so cool to me who the very first people to read my blog were!

If you write a blog - are you proud of the first few posts?
Honestly - no! If you look back at it, it's a little disorganized. It took me probably a month to find my groove. I also used to post twice a day at first, which was so unnecessary. I do not lead that interesting a life. 

How long is your longest friendship? Are you still close?
I made a friend on the first day of kindergarten named Megan. I was 4 then, and now I'm 24, but I would still count her among my friends, even though we use Facebook to see what's going on now!


  1. My first blog posts were a train wreck - they still are - pretty much all over the place, but that's OK with me! It is crazy how you seem to get to know people through blogs though!

  2. My longest friendship is hmmmm 37 yrs old.
    We are still close
    she just came to visit me a couple weeks ago.

  3. Congrats Beth!

    I have people that I'm still friends with that I've known since I was 2 but my closest friend is my best friend since 8th grade. Known him since 7th but it took us awhile to be close friends.

    I'm pretty proud of my first posts. I was kind of all over the place but I'm still that way. I hate to only put myself in the runner blogger category when I talk about so much more than that.

  4. Oh my goodness - those posts I wrote in the beginning (like first 5 months when I didn't yet have a blog purpose or focus or theme) were horrible!!!

    I love your blog!!!

  5. I thought u'd been blogging longer for some reason :) u got me curious and only 1 person who commented on my first posts still comments! My first posts were so vague and short compared to now! I think I was a little more guarded or something.

  6. I just blogged a recipe as my first post....I hate my pictures from back then, but the recipes from the beginning are some of the best and most neglected recipes since they didn't make it on food gawker with the bad photography.

  7. I think the more anniversaries, the better. That means more presents.

    My first posts were okay. I'm a new blogger, so I'm still trying to find my groove. It is a tough process!

    I think my longest friend is one that I met in kindergarten. We still keep in touch.

  8. happy first date anniversary! the hubs and i celebrate these types of things all of the time. first date, our engagement, wedding, and some other really random stuff that is strange now that i think about it.

  9. Yay Beth! She actually just won a giveaway on my blog yesterday, so she is on a roll!!

    My blog has gone through so many transformations that I can't even keep track :)

  10. So fun! A lot of my first posts got deleted when I did the switch to self hosted...I can't even remember them! My first follower and comment was from Janae as well! Yay!

  11. My Mom recently asked about my earlier posts -- I discovered that I have published over 200 posts, and was curious too, so I did some investigating. I used to blog over at wordpress, but signed up with blogger when I started posting regularly. I only brought a few posts over from wordpress, so I guess I wasn't too proud of those preemie posts LOL!!

  12. Wow, I haven't gone back to my first post on this blog or my family blog in FOREVER. Now I've got to do it...I'm sure it will be pretty sad. Especially the pictures. :) That meet up looks fun and happy anniversary, they're all special right? I'm about to have my 14th anniversary (give or take), we divorced then remarried eachother...long story but we've lasted another 12 years so I think we're good now. ;)

    My longest friendship is probably from 1981, my friend from kindergarten and yes we're still friends, it's been a few years since we saw eachother but we keep in contact now and then on f.b. Have a fabulous night! Jess

  13. Congrats Beth.

    I do have a life long BFF. She and I have been friends since we were babes.. our parents were the best of friends. She and I don't often live in the same city anymore but get to see each other 2 or 3 times a year usually, and keep in very close touch.

    It is fun to have someone who gets you!

  14. My blog didn't really take shape for at least a year. On another note, Hubby and I have our dating anniversary on Friday. We turned it into our "buy each other some sexy undies" day. Can't have too many present days, right?

  15. Oh my. I read this and thought, here's my chance to tell vanessa I follow her blog (daily) , think about you often and how competitve you were at monopoly way back when (haha), and even more surprisingly after so many years apart how much we still have in common. Way to go on your marathon. It's been really inspiring to read about your training as I've been doing mine. Honolulu marathon this sunday, yikes! Maybe all this cycling you've been doing while you recover is just setting you up for triathalons, in any case girl I'm cheering for ya. Life's good, no? Sorry for such a long comment, it was way overdue. Lots of love, Megan

  16. I just celebrated my blogiversary this week and I am pretty proud of my first couple of posts. Even though I had about 2 readers, I still loved writing about food. :) The only thing I wish I had time for is to go back and fix all of my grammar mistakes. Sometimes I reread posts and cringe that I didn't catch my mistakes earlier! DOH!

  17. Yeah, I had no idea where I was going with my first few posts. Come to think of it, my blog is still a hodge podge of different things so maybe nothing has changed :)
    I think you can claim the day you first started dating, that's a real anniversary and a turning point. And it's another excuse to eat cake!

  18. My first posts were so awful I can't even read them without cringing. That's impressive you got so many comments right took me MONTHS! Two of my BFFs and I have been going strong since middle school, and still hang out all the time. I've known my sister since she was born, and I also consider her one of my best friends.

  19. I'm all over the place and I know it...I just try to be concise where I can and add in some humour. Debbie Downer I ain't....

  20. I"ve been here from the beginning! lol

    I dont even want to go look at my first blog post. I'm pretty sure it would embarrass the hell out of me.

    My longest friendship is 24 years (going on 25), she was a bridesmaid in my wedding and our parents are best friends too. We've got staying power :).

    Mike and I don't celebrate our dating anniversary because it's almost exactly a month away from our wedding anniversary.

  21. Look at this precious little reminisce-ly post! Look at that awfully-formed sentence!

  22. awww! that is one of my favorite pics and meet-ups of all times :) i often go back and read old posts or posts from the beginning. it is crazy to see how much my blog has transformed and grown over time :) i am excited to continue to read yours as it is one i always look forward to!

  23. My first blog posts are funny to me. I haven't been blogging that long (less than a year) and for the first few months I had like 3 commenters. :)

  24. Oh thank you, this is so awesome, I can't wait to add the ornament to my tree :) And happy almost anniversary!!!! I count the anniversary of when we met too, it always makes me smile!

  25. It's so fun to see how far you've come! When I first started blogging (about a year and a half ago), I wasn't completely committed to it so I would only post 2-3 times a week and it was specifically about biking. It wasn't until 5 or 6 months ago that I started to take it seriously, post way more frequently, expand the focus, and connect with other bloggers. I'm impressed you got so many comments early on! For me, it was only people I already knew in real life commenting.

    One of my best friends I've known since we were in first grade.

    Congrats on your "anniversary". Josh and I don't even know exactly when we started dating so we just made up a date to celebrate each year. And it's on Friday!

  26. Wait...I WAS THE FIRST PERSON EVER TO COMMENT....that is making me jump up and down right now:) LOVE fun to look back on things. Have an amazing day gorgeous girl!

  27. Congrats AND I just wanted to give you this link - you dont have to read the post just scroll down to see my reaction to the first time HRG commented on my blog :P lol

  28. In my first months of posting I was trying really hard to be like the blogs I loved to read. I've found my groove (sweat stains, butt pictures, graphic conversations), which is so much easier to keep up with.

  29. I still love reading your blog. It's informative, funny and interesting! You rock! Keep up the great work!!

  30. Aww this post is making me think. I love reminiscing and yes I agree that it is very interesting to look back. My blog sucked when I started and still does. ha ha I'll never learn to spell but its all good.

  31. How fun to see your first commenters! I'll have to look back on mine- although I know that no one commented on my first posts for a VERY long time. Which was fine- it's more of an outlet for me anyway.

    My oldest friend is Wendy Wilson, whom I've known for basically my entire life. We keep up with facebook. However, I have one friend that has been my friend since kindergarten and we see each other at least once a month (even though we live over an hour away from each other.) I'm grateful for these friends.

    Happy Anniversary ;)

  32. Awww! I love hearing how blogs got started. Mine was strictly recipes for the first few months... then I went up north and starting writing day to day stuff to keep my Mum and my friends in the loop... and never went back I guess!


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