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Hobby Lobby and Hairless Rats

Let it be known that I am not the artistic one in my family. Or, well...any family. My brothers and sisters can all draw at a level beyond a stick figure, which means they win. Hubby paints, plays instruments and makes stuff out of wood.

I, on the other hand, am pretty dang good at reading and writing and stuff. For the record, I don't mean creative things like poems and stories, I mean like websites for hotels and manufacturing companies. Riveting stuff.

So when we made a trip to Hobby Lobby today, just I wandered around taking awkward photos while Tim picked out some paints, a canvas and some new brushes. I can only assume he will paint the next Mona Lisa, while I do something like cook a somewhat edible dinner. I did actually find something I wanted at Hobby Lobby:

Any guesses why? I just couldn't justify the price though, so I put it back. No biggie, Tim can probably whittle one from an old log in his spare time or something. 

I saw a sign for a pet store and had to go in. Tim has been "gently encouraging" me to consider getting a new kitten. I honestly think the boy would take every animal home if he could, so I said no (again). Heartless. We did see some interesting pets though:

Is it just me, or are ferrets gross? I have to say that the cute white one grew on me but the grey one? Giant rat. Speaking of rats...

Really? REALLY? People pay $20 for a rat with a haircut? I just don't understand. I really, really don't understand. 

I also got my stocking purchased and then ate grocery store sushi in my car in a dark parking lot in front of the liquor store. Because that's what all the cool kids do. 

Do you consider yourself to be artistic? What's your skill?
Not in the slightest, unfortunately. No musical skills, no art skills, and a basic grasp on the English language. 

Group vote: Rodents - pest or pets?
Isn't it weird how similar the words "pets" and "pest" are to each other? I'm going with pests on this one. Ferrets and rats are not welcome in my home.


  1. PESTS PESTS PESTS!!! I hate rodents, I think they are gross, and I do NOT understand why anyone would ever want any sort of rodent as a pet.

  2. I love to scrapbook! I also made 80% of the stuff for our wedding, it was a lot of work though!

    I think that rodents can be pets, but we don't have any. We do have birds, cats and a dog though. Growing up I had a guinea pig and rabbits.

  3. Not artistic at all but do calligraphy. Well, I can do it. I don't necessarily sit around writing things in curly letters all day.

    I'm with Tim, the more furry animals the merrier. But not rodents.

  4. ferrets are smelly - I don't like them at all. My cousin had one she treated like a baby, but it just grossed me out. Cats and dogs seem like the only logical pets to me!

    I once saw a hairless rat someone had as a pet. Ugly!

    I am not artistic at all either! Not sure what my skills are!

  5. Not a fan of rats or ferrets not to mention that Lucky has a tendency to slaughter rodents so that wouldn't end well.

    As far as the artistic thing goes, my dad was one class short of an art minor in college and my mom ran track in college. Somehow I am neither artsy or fast and my sister is both. I think I got screwed here!

  6. oh my gosh you can always give me a good chuckle! when i was in college one of my friends had a ferrit in the door room, and it used to weird the heck out of me. it would often disappear for prolonged periods of time and then all of the sudden pop out of the couch or a pile of laundry. gave me the heebie jeebies.

  7. Haha, I have no artistic or musical abilities, either. I also lack coordination. It's why I run...

  8. I am so untalented but my husband is super talented in the art department and pretty much anything else he tries. It's kind of sickening actually.
    And you are brave for eating grocery store sushi. Brave.

  9. I actually had a pet rat as a child and loved it. They are really smart... will learn their names, play fetch, etc. A lot of people can't get past the tail, though, and the rodent thing, which is understandable.

    I can sketch to some extent, but that's where my artistic abilities end! I am much more scientific than artistic.

  10. Please, please, please don't buy from a pet store. :( Adopt from a shelter!

    Ferrets are awesome. My vet has an office ferret named Banana, and I LOVE playing with it! I would totally have one as a pet.

  11. I have no artistic talent either!
    I have a dog and a cat and some days they are too much to deal with! I am not a fan of rats for pets, though ferrets can be sort of cute. I still don't think I'd want one though.

  12. AGH! My best friend had a ferret when we were kids and her dad used to put it on my pillow when I slept over so that I would wake up and the freaking thing would be in my face with its little ugly face. I still have nightmares about that thing today!!! PESTS!

  13. Can your husband convince my husband to get another kitten?

  14. I can totally relate as the "non-artsy" one in the family! My little brothers, mom, dad and grand mom are super artistic. Me...not so much!

    On a completely different note, I always look forward to your posts! Funny & totally down to earth :) thanks for being awesome!

  15. I L.O.V.E. grocery store sushi...I had some from Trader Joe's yesterday and some from Kroger the night before that.

    The Kroger sushi was super fresh and really good. Surprisingly the Trader Joe's stuff wasn't quite as good, prob because it wasn't made fresh on the spot.

  16. love the "gourmet" sign! I LOVE HOBBY LOBBY TOO! You always take the cutest pics :)

  17. I am not so artsy, but I am crafty and I can bake. I do love that "gourmet" sign, very you! We just got a Hobby Lobby nearby, but I haven't been.
    Some rodents are great, we have a Guinea Pig and I think he's wonderful. Hairless rats? No, not so much great as gross!

  18. I am crafty! And you can take that both ways.

    I HATE pet stores that sell anything live other than fish.

    Puppy, kitten and rodent 'mills' keep them in business.... sorry, I am trying so hard not to get started......

  19. I'm crafty too, but I wouldn't say I'm by any means artistic. I love that sign...maybe it'll go on sale after the holidays!

  20. I am so not crafty...I wish I were! I envy crafty people. Creating posters for book reports in school used to make me cry. Seriously. I'm that bad.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. I can actually paint quite well (use acrylics) and I paint pottery at a place in Olympia but other then that, I am not crafty by any means!!!

    Rodents are pests! You want to see a 26 year old woman bawling like a baby in the fetal position...SHOW ME A RAT!! EW!

  23. At least ferrets can be potty trained. That makes me them better than most pets (I'm looking at YOU Guinea Pigs)

  24. Ferrets are the grossest! We were just talking about them at thanksgiving and how disgusting they smell and look. Apparently, you can get the smell part removed. I have no idea how that works. Either way, rodents=gross.

    I am SOOO not artistic or creative, which is funny since I'm in marketing. Good thing I have a way with words.

  25. Ferrets and hairless rats do not appeal to me in any way, shape or form. Or any rodents, really. Kitties are cute, though. :)

  26. Sorry I'm always 12 hours late on your blog posts... I read in the morning! Ferrets are NASTY. I say so. But I DO love Hobby Lobby! I bought a lot of my decorations for my wedding there. Super cheap. : )

  27. I do not like ferrets. First of all, they move in the weirdest way. Secondly, the reek to high heaven.

    I think I'm craftier than I actually am. Makes for a lot of disappointing projects.

  28. I am so NOT artistic it's not even funny. And craft stores give me hives...just not my cup of tea! Nor are hairless rats! Too funny.

  29. I am all for pets…likes cats and dogs…not rodents! I had a friend who had a couple…I never got it :) You need to Tim to make you a "Gourmet Runner" sign - that would be awesome :)

  30. I never thought I could make anything of note, until I semi-succeeded at a medal hanger, that I painted, not widdled....Tripp is the one who does all the building and nailing and engineering stuff, I sit back and critique (hey someone's gotta do it!)

  31. I'm going to vote no on ferrets & rats alike. Ick. I grew up in the country, & just can't get behind indoor pets of any kind. Someone (a friend, supposedly :-)) bought one of my kids a fish for his birthday. I am NOT a fan.

    Oh, & my work background is in writing, but definitely not the creative kind. Technical, which is a sleep inducer, if there ever was one.

  32. I actually had hamsters, guinea pigs, dwarf hamsters, and the like growing up. I am a HUGE animal lover. I know I am in the minority here, but I enjoyed having them as pets. Now we have dogs and fish - the "rodents" were so much easier!

    My sister and her husband had a ferret and it never smelled. I used to love playing with it, but not sure how it would be having to take care of one all the time. I would love to have a chinchilla someday, and sugar gliders are SUPER CUTE but much harder to care for. Sorry for the pet ramblings!

    I am not crafty in the least, my mom has worked at both Michael's and Hobby Lobby and is crafty to the max, I must have gotten skipped over with the crafty gene. The only "craft" I am good at is cross-stitching and that's only because it doesn't require creativity!

  33. LOL to the rat with a haircut, that is awesome.

    i'm not crafty at all, and i REALLY wish i was :( BOO. My hubs, on the other hand, is good at everything he tries to do. EVERYTHING. sometimes it's a little annoying, lol.

  34. Oh I love hobby lobby!! I can definitely be creative when I find time for it which lately sadly hasn't happened. Stupid real life job. I want to go back to being a kid again. ha ha

    And seriously rats are gross. ew

  35. LoL. A rat with a haircut. I have a friend who keeps talking about wanting to get a hairless cat. CREEPY!

    Ever since I saw Kindergarten Cop, I want nothing to do with ferrets.

  36. Nope, can't even scatter cushions!

  37. I try so hard to be artistic...but I always seem to need a second opinion on my decisions when decorating and picking out stuff lol
    Rodents are not pets sorry!

  38. People assume elementary school teachers are crafty, but I defy that trend. I can't do crap in the creative field. I hate all animals, so I am probably not qualified to weigh in on the second question. The gourmet thing is cute - go back and get it!

  39. bahahahaha. omg. rat with a haircut. tooooo much. anything that resembles a rat = no thanks in my book. i am not artistic either friend. no worries. we have other talents. like finding the absolute most delicious food ever to eat. having a large number of internet friends. and obsessing over workouts. say we are pretty talented.


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