Sunday, December 11, 2011

HBBC Roundup #3 & Candlelight

Another week of HBBC done! Such a great motivator this week. The last couple of weeks I was feeling a little competitive...not this week. There were lots of moments when Christmas shopping/cookie baking/hot cocoa drinking won out, but overall I feel like I got in some solid workouts.


Saturday: 30 Miles cycling, 1.5 mile walk (11.5 pts.)
Sunday: Nada - intentional rest day.
Monday: 60 minutes of spinning (15.75 miles), 30 minutes upper body and core (7.5 pts.)
Tuesday: 80 minutes high-resistance spin (8 pts.)
Wednesday: 1 hour of Yoga (3 pts.)
Thursday: 1 hour spinning (16.4 miles) and 30 minutes upper body and core (7.5 pts.)
Friday: Zilch - UNintentional rest day. Whoops.

I managed to get my 7 servings in 6 out of 7 days (6 pts.) Trying for all 7 this week!

Foam Roll/Stretch:
I finally figured out that we can count this - awesome! Over the entire week it was just over one hour total, so 3 pts.

Total Points:  46.5
This puts me a little lower than last week, which makes sense thanks to two rest days. This week's goal? 50 points.

In other news, last night Tim and I went with some friends to a nearby historical landmark, the Vann House. It's a 19th century home, and for Christmas it was completely lit up by candlelight. So much fun exploring the museum, the home itself and all the various outbuildings.

For the record, candlelight = stunning in real life, terrible in photos. Here's one that I most certainly did not take:

Hubby also tried his very first glass of hot cider, ever. I think he was slightly disappointed that it didn't have booze in it. "Oh, it's just hot apple juice?" 

Any fellow museum geeks? Love or hate history museums?
Love. Although to be fair this place had a very small museum attached, but the guides and volunteers had a lot of information to share about each room and buildings. Party on a Saturday night!

Whats your Christmas drink of choice? Hot cocoa, cider, mulled wine or egg nog?
Hot cocoa with marshmallows and a candy cane. There's just no question. Cider and mulled wine are both delicious, but egg nog is GROSS. I've never liked it. 


  1. I love the differentiation between intentional and unintentional rest day, I consider it a huge difference too. My family hates going to museums with me because I'm the geek that has to read every single plaque and it takes me 6 hours to get through. LOVE. All of the drinks are wonderful. No one I know likes eggnog, but I LOVE that too!

  2. I'm not really a museum lover, but museum's at Christmas are definitely more fun and beautiful. A couple of years ago we went to a Historical Center that was a house from the 1700's and was the location of a gingerbread house contest - wow, that was certainly amazing!!!

    Your husband's reaction to hot apple cider cracks me up. I had mulled wine for the first time last year and it was AWESOME! I think peppermint hot chocolate is my new fav - though, I don't have it very often - a large has like 330 calories . . . just doesn't seem worth it.

  3. Love museums. I've been to quite a few in Atlanta as well when I visit my sister.

    Christmas drink is egg nog. Love it.

  4. 46.5 points is pretty close to 50. Keep up the awesome work. You'll definitely reach your goal next week. Im also a big fan of your blog. You're so funny!

    I love going to museums. Peppermint hot chocolate is my favorite around Christmas time and I like cider too. I've never tried mulled wine and im too scared to try eggnog.

  5. I love hot cider! So good! Although cocoa with peppermint is a close second.

    Great job with all your points this last week!

  6. You continue to tear it up on that bike...I really think its awesome you are still challenging yourself through your injury recovery!

    I love History and museums...probably because it's a subject I never gave my all too in school and now that those types of things matter I soak it up!

    Spiced wine wins my vote. Other than that I'm now in love with the healthy hot cocoa I recently mustered up!

  7. How are you getting 7.5 points for the 30 min of upper body and core?? I would only count that has 2 points??

  8. that sounds like a fun activity to take advantage of. Love that hubby said it was only hot apple juice haha

  9. Great miles this week.
    What a beautiful museum, I would love to see that!
    As far as Christmas drinks go I enjoy cocoa with a candy cane (or the new peppermint marshmallows I got, YUM!!) and cider made with the oranges studded with cloves in it, yummy! Eggnog is GROSS!! I've never had mulled wine...

  10. Nice job with the HBBC points! I'm really impressed with how you have picked up and committed yourself to biking/spinning while you can't run - such an inspiration! The museum sounds nice! I normally don't want to go to those types of things at the outset, but once I get there, I enjoy it! And I'm totally with you on drinks, except I've never put a candy cane in my hot chocolate :)

  11. Way to go! I do not like anything about egg nog but my husband and kids love it. I am more of a hot chocolate type of girl!

  12. Saw your DM on your sidebar - WOOT WOOT!!! Congrats girl!

  13. Love museums...namely the Met in NYC. Love candles in the windows at Christmas, not sure why I forgot to pull my electrical one's out...I'm off to go find them.

  14. Great job this week in the HBBC! You are definitely doing a lot better than me!

    I like hot chocolate and apple cider. I used to like egg nog but I don't anymore!

  15. Great job on HBBC! I've been doing a lot of spinning too. Just found your blog and i saw you just did your first marathon--congrats! Isn't it the best feeling of accomplishment?!

  16. Old houses have been a love of mine since childhood! The candlelight is beautiful in that photo.

    I'm a big fan of either hot chocolate or egg nog. I've actually never had cider or mulled wine but I'd like to try them.