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What I DON'T Want for Christmas

I have seen a lot of "buy me this" themed posts leading up to Christmas, but I'm just so happy and warm and fuzzy and content in my own life that I don't need anything this Christmas!

Just kidding. I like stuff. I just know that none of you are sitting on the edge of your seat wanting to know what I want. Rude, as the world obviously revolves around me, but whatever. It's Christmas so I'll let it slide. Instead, here's what I really, really DON'T want to find under my tree. Remind me to forward this link to hubby....

1. Running Clothes: What? But I love running clothes! Okay, so hold on....running clothes that are the wrong size. I don't know what's worse - squeezing into a pair of compression tights one size too small or swimming in a giant shirt and wondering if you actually LOOK three sizes bigger than you really are. Never guess. Always ask someone what size they want.

2. Anything I Gave Away Last Year: Yes, I will remember that Bath and Body giftset. Even if it has been 2 years. Don't you like cucumber melon rain fresh essence? At least pass it on to someone I don't know, please.

Everyone gets at least bath set at Christmas, right?

3. Homemade Coupons: I feel like a hypocrite writing this, because I'm sure my mom still has some "Will Clean Your Car" and "One Breakfast in Bed" coupons lying around somewhere. So here's the caveat - under the age of 12, and coupons are OK. Old enough to drive to a Wal Mart? Buy me a real dang present.

Sorry - not a real present. 

4. Anything Sexy: Because I'm a giant prude. Fine, I like a little sexy something something, but opening up a garter belt and thong combo in front of grandma is not alright. Special gifts get opened in private, thank you very much!

5. Anything TOO Practical: Is a waffle iron a romantic gift? Maybe not, but it's still fun and whimsical enough that I vote it's an awesome Christmas present. Vacuum cleaner filters? Naaat so much.

6. The One That's In the Mail: I think you all know where I'm going with this one. It's not ever coming, is it?

If you're worried about not getting anything awesome this Christmas, don't forget to enter my giveaway for a pair of awesome Aspaeris pivot shorts HERE!

What's the WORST gift you've ever gotten?
My sister and I got these scarves one year that were furry and had a giant hole in them - they were probably supposed to be super cool and trendy - they might have been, I was like 12 and had no idea - but NOT super useful when you live in Hawaii.

Did you ever make/give homemade coupons as gifts?
So often! My mom probably got sick of it. As we got older the coupons advanced from things like "a  hug" to thinks like babysitting and making dinner. 


  1. I was all over that homemade coupon thing. haha. i got the hubby a george forman for our first chanukah together. he gave me such a hard time about it, but it was such a perfect present at the time. we still use it 8 years later...just saying lol

  2. Haha I'm reason this post at Walmart waiting forever to pick up a waffle iron. Made me laugh that that's what you mentioned.

    I def made personal coupons and all that good stuff for way too many presents growing up. And every year my sisters and I gave my dad a tie...he probably wears ties twice a year and they def werent the kind we were buying

  3. haha YES. i used to make coupons at school. hahaha. omg. then i wondered if i would have to "actually" follow through on the whole "being good for mom" thing ;) love this post! super fun!

  4. i've gotten all of these unnecessary gifts in prior years. i actually hate receiving gifts, but i love to give them. my mother in law is the worst gift giver ever! she always gives me things that she likes, and shes almost 70. knit ornaments, doilies, gross old lady candy, weird trinkets...makes me wonder what she really thinks about me?!

  5. A sweater crafted by my Grandma. It was a store bought crew neck in teal that had been cut up to expose floral fabrics underneath and buttons sewn on it. And the worst part was having to keep it in my closet in case Grandma wanted to see me in it. I think it still is hanging in my parent house.

  6. Honestly, I think the worst gift is cash because I know I just give it to my husband and say "Here" and then never actually buy myself anything. At least a gift card forces me to actually go to a specific store and buy myself something.

    Not that I don't like cash. It's just not festive. :)

    Also, I give it to my husband because he does the money stuff, not because I owe him money for staying with me. Nope, not that. :)

  7. I would even say ALL clothes. It takes me four hours to buy one pair of jeans that fit, so what makes you think you can grab the first pair you see in a size you think I am? And I have extremely sensitive skin, so unless you know what fabric to get, chances are, I will never wear it. I don't know when clothes became a great gift to give. (At least Goodwill appreciates the brand new clothes, even if I don't.)

  8. The entire time I read this all I could think about was how much I'm dreading getting a gift from a certain someone. They complain about buying gifts even when we insist we don't want them and then they send something we hate and have to return. We really do mean it when we say we don't want anything. I know this sounds terrible!

  9. This post kills me. Regifting is definitely the worst. In our family we have a particularly horrific pair of Christmas earrings that my mom got as an actual gift (not from a family member) that we pass around the family as a gag gift every year. It's pretty hilarious.

    I can't think of the worst gift I've ever gotten.

  10. Yeah I don't like getting clothes......because they never fit. I rarely even order online because I am so picky about the way stuff fits, which is sad because I wish I were always the same size in everything.

  11. Hahaha I used to give coupon gifts alllll the time. Some were pretty useful (babysitting), but I'm fairly sure a good portion were lost and never used. I totally agree with you-- cute for the 12 and under crowd :)

  12. I don't like gifts that are given beause you feel like you have to give one. Case in point...the assorted nut tray that just arrived at my house from the in-laws.
    The worst gift I received was the most practical. A car headlight from my father. Because I had been driving without one for a year. Or an assorted nut tray...

  13. coupons: never done that

    worst...5 yrs ago I got a bunch of clothes for Christmas. I was 8 mos pregnant, nothing fit of course and I cried and returned everything 2 days later...

  14. LOL! i agree. i once got a pair of running socks and a size to big run shorts. They are now at good will.

  15. Ugh super baggy workout clothes. They're always weird and bunching in the most inappropriate/awkward of areas.

    lol 'naughty gift' -- at first I was like... opening it in front of grandma? why would she get you that...... haha

    worst gift I've ever gotten: a McDonalds Happy Meal Toy. no joke.

  16. My sister and I are actually filling a diary full of home made coupons for my Mum this year. Because we find it hard to coordinate time to spend together since my sister and I became 'grown ups' we are making coupons and set in stone dates to go out for coffee, to visit places that mean a lot to our trio and other experiences that will become memories we can share.
    In saying that though, we are getting her wrapped up stuff too. And clothes that are the wrong size - nyuk, lived through too many of those gifts as a kid. Give me a clothing voucher instead people, then I don't have to pretend to like the giant fluoro purple sweater you picked out because it was 'so you, Amy'.

  17. Ha ha. You know my mother in law actually requested some homemade coupons this year. Weird, but free so I jumped all over that. Ps: I hate bath shit.

  18. I hope I get some good stuff this year. Who knows though - sometimes my family can be so random with gifts.

  19. hahaha...this is so good!! okay, here is one from a secret santa i got in school, i think 6th grade. i opened it up and there was a small stuffed lion; it was cute looking but looked a little 'worn.' then the girl who gave it to me comes up and says, very genuinely, "please take care of this, it's been my stuffed animal since i was 6."

    GROSS!! recycled stuffed animal that u used to put snot in, no thanks. :P

  20. I don't know about one worst present, but two years ago my husband had to return EVERY gift he bought me - wrong size, wrong item, broken, missing parts, something I already! I felt so bad for him, he felt like a failure! Poor guy. He really made up for it the next year and I was showered with too many gifts!

  21. My dad got me a sweatshirt with a giant fuzzy bear on it...when I was 16. I felt bad, because he really tried, he was just clueless about 16 year old girls. Now I send him a list. I'm ok with the one in the means you get extra Christmas in January!

  22. Ha! Love this.

    I can't think of a worst gift off the top of my head... but anything on this list would count!

  23. Ohhhh coupons. Those drive me nuts. I never, ever redeem them because by the time I want to, Christmas is a distant memory and I just feel like I'm taking advantage of that person!

  24. Ah, I remember giving homemade coupons to my parents! I'm sure they loved it.
    My high school boyfriend gave me a giant stuffed gorilla that cost $50. When you are 17, that's a lot of money for a stuffed animal. I was like "What am I supposed to do with this??"

  25. My grandma was kind of like the aunt in A Christmas Story. I AM a girl, but she was under the impression I was about 4 years younger. My mom's rule was "you have to wear it while grandma is here, and then we'll donate it." When my kid brother was NINE she gave him a sweat suit with yarn barnyard animals on the front. WOW.

  26. ha ha too funny! My family doesn't really do the whole Christmas thing anymore which is actually so nice. We're all adults and if we want something we buy it for ourselves. Instead we always find families to buy for that are in need and it is always way more fun that way.

    I sent you some coupons in the mail btw have you got them yet?

  27. Soap baskets are definitely the worst. Just just scream, "I had no idea what to get you so the girl at Bath and Body Works helped me pick out your gift!" I gave my mom coupons all the time when I was younger and she still hasn't redeemed them!

  28. Ummm I made Josh an amazing coupon book for his 23rd birthday when we were poor college students! It included some legit things like dinner out and a shopping trip to actually buy him something but also massages and bike rides and stuff. I am all about homemade or recycled (if they're good) gifts. I also like (giving and getting) presents that aren't things. Like race registrations or tickets to a show/concert.

    Maybe I'm a total nerd but I really think it's the thought that counts!!

  29. the worst christmas present i ever got.. my mom gets me underwear for christmas every year, which is awesome and necessary, because obviously whenever i go to target to buy underwear i just buy bulk pacakges of reese's peanut butter cups.

    but last year, my mom bought me SEXY underwear. like, thongs in blue leopard print with lace. my mother is a super conservative, shy german immigrant. she didn't think it was weird. i still refuse to wear any of it to this day.

  30. Haha, my hubby always asks for practical gifts. He asked his parents for a leaf blower this year. Seriously. It drives me nuts. He never wants me to just buy him a little something special. I, on the other hand, wouldn't stand for chore-related gifts!

  31. I got sunglasses one year. But they were sunglasses sized for little kids and it came in a little kid colorful case. I was already in my mid-20s.

    I'm apprehensive about giving adults gifts.

  32. Agree agree agree! What I really want for Christmas is someone to come over and help me get rid of most of my stuff! I'm drowning in too many things.

  33. True story: my ex-step mom gave my older sister a thong for her birthday. we had know her for a month. and she gave the gift to my sister to open while they were at a church vacation bible school. AWKWARD. as i stated before... she is my EX step-mom, thank God!


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