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Dealing with Disappointment (Curly Fries and Milkshakes Help)

This weekend was supposed to be my comeback to running. Last Saturday was 3 weeks post marathon, and it is not an exaggeration to say that I was craving a long run. I can't believe I just typed (or thought) that. WANTING a long run? I guess after a few months my body is used to it.

Anyway, I was ready to come back with a run. Not a long run, by any means, but a solid mile, maybe 2. It was going to be beautiful. And then...while walking, there was pain. Peroneal tendonitis biting me in the butt (or ankle?) once again.

So what's a girl to do? Simple. Go for fast food. Maybe not the healthiest way to deal with it, but we had coupons, I needed to go to the post office anyway, hubby was hungry....

Enough excuses. I just wanted something tasty and greasy.

Two roast beef sammies for Tim, chicken tenders and delicious curly fries for me. And then this weird thing happened. We were done. We were full. But this appeared:

And you just don't say not to a Jamocha Oreo Shake, do you?

So that was my way of dealing with the disappointment of not running. A few hours later I decided to stop being a baby and try to do something about my waning cardiovascular endurance. 

I moved the TV into the gym room, set it to a Christmasy Lifetime movie, and hopped on the exercise bike. 2 hours and 30 miles later, I called it a day. I know biking isn't a substitute for running, but dang it my endorphins pick me up the exact same way. 

I think I love "going long" with runs or bike rides because of the entitlement I feel afterwards. I have earned the right to do nothing but watch reality TV and sitcom re-runs all day and it feels awesome. 

Thanks to those of you who asked about my ankle and how it's recovering. Obviously, not quite to plan but I am able to walk mostly without pain, and bike with none. So that's the positive. 

Do you like milkshakes? Homemade or store bought?
Honestly - not that much. I don't think I have ever really made a milkshake at home, and I rarely order them out. I definitely prefer ice cream or frozen yogurt with a spoon. If I drink it, it's just....gone so fast. 

Do you enjoy longer exercise - hikes, bike rides, runs?
I really like the feeling of accomplishment after any workout, but especially after a long one. Plus, I don't  feel guilty a few hours later when I have my feet up watching the E Channel.


  1. I love long workouts, regardless of what activity. I think because I'm not fast at anything, I'll just win or succeed through attrition :)

  2. Awww I am so sad for you because I know exactly how you feel! I tried to run from the car to the shopping mall door yesterday (it was raining) and I thought my feet were going to break! Fast food cures all! Not a fan of milkshakes...except Wendy's frosty, but I haven't had one of those in about 10 years! I love long workouts too but I am loving how much free time I have these days! I'm out of the gym in about 45 minutes. That's not going to last very long though...just a couple more weeks and then my sessions get longer!

  3. yep, i think a huge part of why i love long runs is because i actually feel guilty if i DON'T spend the rest of the day lying on the couch watching tv and eating as many double-stuffed oreos as possible. gotta love cardio.

  4. If I could run only long runs, I totally would.

  5. I prefer milkshakes that I buy for sure! But I never let myself. I usually do frozen yogurt if I splurge : )

    I love my long runs! Makes the weekend eating feel "okay" Nice bike ride. My foot is starting to be annoying so I am going to get some quality bike time in soon to keep my foot happy.

  6. Some times a box of fries can really make you feel better. I totally understand the feeling when you're trying to accomplish something and it's just not going right. And then there's a Starbucks (or something else just as yummy) right in front of you. At least you got some good biking in!

  7. So sorry you didn't get a run in. Stupid injuries! I really really hope you heal quickly and am glad you can at least hop on that bike.

    My milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard...haha I can't believe no one sang that yet. I don't like milkshakes because of my lactose intolerance. I mean, they are delicious, but they don't like me!

  8. Bummer on not getting in the run. :( but great job getting a long bike.

    I love milkshakes homemade or wherever I just love them.

  9. WAAAA, bad ankle! It needs to heal up STAT!
    I wonder if you have a stress fracture down just seems ridiculous that this injury still hasn't gotten any better. If it doesn't get any better, hopefully you have an MRI done.
    Or maybe I'm just paranoid because of my stress fracture from last year!

  10. And you thought you couldn't ride a bike!

    Great long ride. I used to watch movies to get myself to run on the treadmill indoors.

    Nope, not a milkshake fan, or Arby's at all actually.

  11. My drug of choice for long rides are made-for-tv family channel romantic comedies. Seriously, it doesn't get much better.

    Really sorry to hear that the ankle is still bumming. I hope you're on the mend soon!

  12. I'm more of an ice-cream fan than a milkshake fan, but my hubby loves milkshakes. I'm the same as you with the post long run feelings. I love that my Saturday feels productive no matter what else I do that day just because I got up early and did my long run. I'm addicted to that post exercise feeling of accomplishment too.

  13. I'm sorry to hear about your ankle... my peroneal tendons are both very weak from having injured them before :| it's not fun... but time, ice, ****physical therapy*** (super important) will make it better :)

  14. I have heard that most tendonitis takes 3+ weeks to heal (mine has definitely taken that long) so maybe it just hasn't had enough time? I hope it feels better soon! A visit to the doctor might not be a bad idea if it doesn't :/

  15. I love me a super long bike ride then drinking a milkshake after. A vanilla milkshake to be exact. :)

  16. I definitely understand the entitled feeling and I sure do take advantage and try to do as little as possible afterward. It's like I become one with the couch and it's totally okay.

    Milkshakes are a funny thing. I have recently gotten a little more into them. I'm not one to make them at home but I've found that I really like the grasshopper (mint and oreo) milkshake at the local drive-in in town. I eat it with a spoon though, I'm like you - if I drink it it's gone too fast!

    Best wishes to you for a recovery in the very near future!

  17. I was just writing about getting lost in a movie while on a run. It is one of my favorite pastimes! Arby's is okay every once in a while, right? BUT Come on. You are in Atlanta, you should go to the Varsity.

  18. I just jumped through my computer screen to my nearest Arby's!!! Ahh! Oh and milkshakes at home never taste the same. Biking for 2.5 hours, not the same as running but hello? That's awesome!

  19. sorry you're still having pains :( but great job on the long ride! i totally agree with you about feeling entitled afterwards. i shower and park it on the couch!

  20. I am feeling the same way... not running but craving a run and craving greasy food! I was going to run today, but the winds here in So Cal are blowing like mad! I wish I had a treadmill or something.

    I'm not too much of a milkshake fan. I really have to be in the mood for it... I'd rather go for extra fries! hehe

  21. I'm sorry the ankle is still acting up. Great job getting on the bike after you enjoyed your fully deserved sulk meal.

  22. oh gosh lady i am sorry i feel you on the ankle. mine does not love me lately either :( ugh darn ankles!

  23. I only like milkshakes because for some reason I can never finish one by myself--so I have instant portion control. The only problem is finding someone to share it with. But if I have fro-yo or ice cream with a spoon, I'm pretty sure I can finish a 1/2 gallon container in one sitting.

    I love the feeling of accomplishment after a long run--the only thing is that it takes up so much time (especially when training for a race). I'd rather take a long scenic hike instead. I haven't gotten into biking yet...that might be on my 2012 goal list (along with running a marathon and taking a photography class).

  24. I need some Arby's curly fries like right now. Or maybe I just need breakfast.

    That sucks that you're still in pain, but at least you have SOME outlet to workout.

  25. I would rather have ice cream than a milkshake any day.

    I'm sorry that the ankle is still bothering you! Good job of getting in a solid work out on the bike. Running will be there when you are healed.

  26. I'm so sorry you're on the injury wagon... it's a good thing we do not live closer or we'd be downing those Pineapple Upside Down Cake cocktails together and whining about running.

    I had tendonitis in my ankle over the summer, and it sucked bad. I hope you have a super speedy recovery.

  27. So sorry! Don't push the return before your ready though…it will come!!! I think your remedy was perfect! I LOOOOOOOVE milkshakes - it's the only good thing about a sore throat, I feel entitled to have as many as I want :) On the way home from Memphis, we stopped at Sonic and I got a chocolate Reese's shake…it was heaven! And a grilled cheese on Texas toast….and I didn't feel the least bit guilty because of the race :)

  28. I used to love Arby's... but then I watched some thing on TV about "pressed meat" and just about died. No more Arby's roast beef. haha

  29. Most days, I'd rather workout for twice as long than work out twice as hard... and I haven't had a bought milkshake in forever! I'd go for froyo or a McFlurry or a Blizzard over a milkshake pretty much anyday, because they keep better if you don't finish 'em.

  30. I'm feeling you on the peroneal tendonitis, I want mine to go away too! I'm stubborn (and I have a race on Saturday) so I am still running, which is probably stupid. I have recovered and had pain come back about two or three times now! It's annoying.

    I love milkshakes, either Cold Stone or Steak and Shake (which we don't have around here). I love longer exercise, whether it be swimming, running, stationary biking, or anything else! My husband and I are hiking fantics too. This summer we took our dog on a 4 hour hike up two mountains. He was definitely tired!

  31. Is your ankle/foot pain something that gets better as you warm up? I was just thinking of the quote "The first 15 minutes of running are a shock to the system" and if you push through, it gets better.

    I'm a bad influence, so continue to wait if that seems like a better idea :)

  32. Holy crow, you're a tough cookie. 2.5 hours on any stationary piece of equipment and I'd go nuts.

    I totally want Arby's now. Their curly fries are the best.

  33. Waiting for soemthing like that to get better I know can be very frustrating, hang in there!

  34. Curly fries can cure just about anything! ;)
    I do like milkshakes but only once in a while and only in the summer. I get too cold otherwise.
    Hope your ankle heals up quickly!!

  35. Being a person of little patience, I can totally empathize with the frustration that an injury brings.

    I used to love chocolate malted milkshakes when I was little - but the love of sweets was a short lived affair:-)

    I prefer longer workouts - I would rather do 90 minutes of yoga or a 5 mile run to a shorter workout.

    Pretty much any workout that burns off all the excess energy and leaves me less of a spaz the rest of the day is the preferred workout.

  36. 1. I love seasoned curly fries. Back before I knew anything about nutrition I would eat a large seasoned curly fries and a large diet coke for lunch at least one day a week. Whoops.

    2. Two hours on the bike is kick ass. And yes, it's no tthe same as running when it comes to keeping up with running, it is an excellent way to exercise and maintain your cardiovascular health. So, keep it up.

  37. I feel your pain! I just went to the doctor yesterday about my foot and she's sending me to go get xrays. I've been trying to keep from running but it's so hard. I have done a couple small runs on it even though I know I should'nt. But mostly I've been sticking with the stationary bike, eliptical and weight training. But I have never biked for 2.5 hours! That's awesome!

  38. I'm so with you! The tendonitis, the biking as the substitute for running, you name it! Oh, and God help me if there's an oreo milkshake anywhere in my vicinity. I've been unable to run for six months, & had my first run on Sunday (3/4 of a mile, but who's counting). I swear, a run has never felt as good as that one.

    You'll make it back! And, you are adorable, even after a 2.5 hour bike ride.

  39. Fast food would have been my first stop, too, but way to redeem yourself with a long ride on the bike!

  40. Even if you did absolutely nothing for three weeks, I don't think you'd really lose that much fitness, so while I totally understand your frustration, don't worry! All this cardio is keeping you in great shape! I used to feel the same way about milkshakes, but I just had my first one from Chic-Fil-A (it was a school fundraiser, so I HAD to get one) and it rocked my world. It was so thick I ate it with a spoon. So homemade milkshakes (with real ice cream) are amazing.

  41. I can go for longer bike rides than I can far. Although the longer distances I run the more I like them, however....I am learning that these longer runs are making me HATE shorter runs :P lol I am sorry you aren't better yet, but you are doing everything right! and you should be proud of yourself. :D you are a great example for newbies like me.

  42. oh friend. i am so sorry to hear that your ankle is still giving you trouble. i know how incredibly frustrating that can be! you are so strong and i know you will get through this stronger than ever. your determination and dedication to fitness is simply inspiring to me! sending you even stronger healing thoughts and hopefully that ankle listens this time :)

  43. Yum I love Arbys. Haven't been there in ages and I just may have to get me some curly friend now. :)

    Great job on the bike. I am proud of you for keeping your fitness up and not just giving up. You are amazing.

  44. I'm sorry its not healing as quickly as you'd like, but way to get on the bike and keep at it!

  45. I'm sorry you can't run yet Vanessa but I am proud of you for getting your sweat on. I am starting to love the bike too.

  46. the sense of entitlement = EXACTLY why i luv going long! :)

    great job, and i have to ask, was there a Spelling in that lifetime movie? ;) haha...jk.

    oh man, milkshakes...get in my belly in all ways, shapes and forms!!

  47. Love love your "exercise room" ... I still have the image of the blank wall, lonesomely waiting for a brand spanking new flat screen TV ..... :)

    Totally a curly fries girl here! Love it!
    Curly fries just taste MUCH MUCH better.

    And the sense of entitlement - YES! Big Yes!!!
    It like after a 10-mile run, I deserved and have the right to lay in bed and nap, and eat ice cream and lay some more.

  48. Holy Moly - 47 comments - girl, you're blog is rockin' great!

    First, thanks for the amazing butt kicking perspective you provided in your comments on my blog - hugs bloggy friend!!!

    Second, I'M SOOOOO SORRY to hear your ankle is still problematic. I wish I could make it feel better. I know injuries and pain and rehab - SUCK!!! Hang in there girl, think about how fantastic it will feel to get your running sweat on . . .it'll happen - I promise - hang in there!!!!

    Third, LOVE milkshakes - am SHOCKED and STUNNED by the number of calories in them!!!!! OMG McDonalds large chocolate has 880 kcal - WTH! Crazy insane and although I LOVE them . . . is it really worth the calories????? It's something that has kept me weighing the calories versus yum recently :(


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