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HBBC Roundup #2 and Competitive Chocolates

Week two of the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge complete! My husband asked me this week, "so how long is this challenge thing going?" He was less than pleased when I said January 6th. I don't see what's not awesome about helping your wife figure out how to fit in lots of veggies and eating dinner later because I NEED an extra 2 points from a little extra yoga. Seems like fun to me.

I may not be leading the pack, but I think I have solidified my place as a solid middle of the road girl, and I'll take it. Here are the points for Saturday the 26th of November until Friday, December 2nd:

Saturday: Cycled 6 miles easy, 40 minutes of yoga, 40 minutes of core and upper body, veggies (7 pts.)
Sunday: Rode 15 miles easy, veggies (6 pts.)
Monday: 1 hour of yoga, veggies (4 pts.)
Tuesday: 80 minutes spin, veggies (9 pts.)
Wednesday: 12 miles of easy cycling, 20 minutes of yoga, 20 minutes of upper body/core, walked 1 mile, veggies (8 pts.)
Thursday: Walked 2 miles, 50 minutes of spin, veggies (8 pts.)
Friday: Upper body strength and core for 30 minutes, 50 minutes of spin, veggies (7.5 pts.)

Total points: 49.5

I'm so pleased - my goal was for 40 points, so this is great. I also just realized that you can count your points from stretching and foam rolling! I haven't been keeping track but I will start that now. It will probably add up to a couple of extra points each week.

As you may guessed, I'm just a little bit competitive. And by a little bit, I mean once you start a game of Monopoly we play until the bitter end or you forfeit and I am queen of all. I found this game last week in Target and I so desperately wanted to buy it:

But ultimately I had to put it back. I have a reputation ( I swear I've only done it once....or maybe twice) for throwing the pieces and messing up the board if I lose. And you just can't do that with chocolate. 

Do you stretch or foam roll regularly?
Oh yes. I've always stretched after any workout, so it's just a habit now. Nothing crazy - usually 5 minutes at most. I foam roll less, but whenever I can remember. Lately I have been because I'm discovering new muscles that hurt from biking. 

Are you maybe just a little too competitive when it comes to board games?
Tim and I used to play our travel Scrabble all the time, along with iPod games like Jeopardy and Trivia Pursuit, but that slowed down when I had temper tantrums about the results. If I win, the game is awesome. If I lose, the game is dumb/stupid/broken/someone obviously cheated.


  1. Great week!! I skipped this challenge cause I'm really lazy about doing any exercise besides running.. And WA, that includes no stretching or foam rolling!

  2. That's a whole ton more points than me! But I am enjoying the extra motivation push it gives me to get out and exercise. I stretch when I feel like it, which is often away from the point of exercising! I'm competitive, but only about some things and am actually quite a quiter :( Getting more determined than I used to be though!

  3. Awesome week! I should have started this challenge too but I would have lost miserably! With this new plan I'm only weight training for the whole month and currently taking 3 REST DAYS a week. Bizarre. I am eating a lot of veggies though! I never stretch or foam roll...which is probably why I'm always in pain. I never learn!

  4. Great week! I roll daily as well and use the stick and stretches .. mostly for injury but it is becoming more of a habit. I am soooo competitive too. I usually win so I dont have a problem with being a poor sport ha!

  5. I have been majorly slacking at stretching, foam rolling, and ice baths. I need to get my act together. I am the least competitive person on earth, and my husband is the most, and so is my best friend. I have forbid them from ever being on the same team for anything.

  6. Hahaha, you would get along beautifully with my ex then... one time he ripped a $1 Monopoly bill in half and threw it at me because I was being "stingy".

  7. I have learned to really love stretching after my runs and my strenght workouts. I used to think it was a waste of time but now I revel in it! It really IS the reward after the work.

    We do games too... Scrabble, Upwords, Rummy-O and we are very competitive. No tantrums though!

  8. Way to go with the HBBC points! I had to totally punt on my points this week, but I hope to make up for it this coming week!!! And, yes, I love to stretch and foam roll a few times a week!

  9. whaaaaat!!?! stretching & foam rolling counts, too?!?!?! do you know what this MEANS!!?? LOL

  10. Chocolate board game? FUN . . . and delicious (I think points should be kept by using M&M's - ha!).

    Not competitive over here.

    Yes to stretching after my workouts - need to add yoga to my weekly routine to get even more stretching.

  11. nice job with the challenge! Oh my gosh, I need to go to my target now and see if they have that. I'm definitely way too competitive with board games and the card game, rummy. I try not to be, but I always am. I do stretch and foam roll regularly, but I've been neglecting my foam roller recently, thanks for the reminder :)

  12. I'm pretty competitive, which is why I avoid stuff like challenges with points (or worse, miles).

    I foam roll, but only when the baby is sleeping because she is terrified of it. Like, hysterical screaming level of terror. It isn't pretty. I have to hide it when she's awake.

  13. i'm HORRIBLE about stretching and foam-rolling. i never stretch after runs and i foam roll at most once a week (after long run). i have no idea why this is. i guess i would just much rather "recover" by eating double stuffed oreos on my couch. then, by the time all the oreos are gone, i figure i missed my window to stretch and i might as well just keep eating. understandable, right?

  14. Great job this week!

    My husband would probably love that game, he loves chocolate!

  15. my mom is wayy competitive with boardgames. a boyfriend of mine once said he was starting to think his name was asshole from all the family gatherings where she yelled at him during games

  16. HBBC is making me stretch more. And make sure I get my veggies EVERY DAY.

    Also, I am so going to kick everybody's butt every week. It IS always about winning, after all.

  17. first off, I just realized that I never commented on your previous post but I LOVE VS and I love that fashion show....though I missed it this year and that's AWESOME that you used to be a fit model form them...and you are pretty enough to be a runway girl too ;)

    Also CONGRATS on all your points ;D

    I am horrible /w games and the more a person gloats the more I want to hit them....I have been known to toss a sorry board off the table and yell, cry and leave a game in my day ;P ....people reading this comment must think I'm at least 80 years old

    Anyway, I have never foam rolled...when should I? I asked for one for xmas! and I stretch religiously after ANY and all workouts :D

  18. So, I found your blog like a week ago and am loving it. I've already made the broccoli and potato soup you talked about (YUM). I have recently set my mind to running (and blogging about it). Any helpful suggestions for a new bloggy/runner?


  19. I didn't used to stretch, but I do now and I really think it helps.
    I am SO competitive with board games (ok, any game). It's not pretty.

  20. Great job this week! I am hoping that I can be getting closer to 30-40 points/week toward the end of the challenge when my mileage starts increasing. Right now I'm happy to just be making choices to be more active than I otherwise might this time of year.

  21. Awesome HBBC points total! I think you've more than gotten your money's worth out of that spin bike already! Wise investment!

    I don't have the attention span for board games. I get bored and lose interest after about an hour.

  22. Haha, your poor husband, even if it's a sacrafice now I'm sure he appreciates your fine form from all your hard work ;) haha.

    I am trying to be better at foam rolling. I stretch a teensie bit so I'm working on that too. The foam rolling hurts which obviously means I need to do it more. My calves are so incredibly tight ALL THE TIME so I know I need to really put some time and effort into rolling them.

  23. Allan and I are competitive with each other too. We love to play board games! I stray away from the video games because I can't hold my own against him there but give me some trivia and we are on!


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