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This is What Happens When I Forget Stuff...

Yesterday I did the unthinkable. I left the house, did mildly interesting things and did not take a single picture. Frozen yogurt went undocumented, new shoes can not be displayed, you will never see what my sushi looks like and hey, who even knows what movie I saw? Don't worry. I remember everything in vivid detail, so you guys can check out my sweet drawings of the day. Brace yourselves for unprecedented artistic talent.

Um, ok...let's skip the first part of Saturday. I worked. At my computer. Like every other day. Moving swiftly along....

Aha! Biking. Hopped on the spin bike (which, as Kara pointed out, I have definitely gotten my money's worth out of -$25) and pedaled away for 1 hour and 40 minutes, or 26 miles. Only afterwards did hubby point out that was a marathon. HOW COULD I NOT REALIZE THAT? Shocking.

If you think this is bad...there are so many more coming. Sorry. 
Then I got what can be considered an early Christmas present - brand new running shoes. If you're paying close attention (ahem, *stalker*) you'll know I have been wearing Brooks Adrenalines. I switched over to a neutral shoe because the support was part of what caused the ankle pain in the first place. So, the supper snazzy Brooks Ghosts:

To celebrate my purchase, I um...bought more stuff. Used book store, where I got a book on Amish culture and dress and hubby bought a book about making decks. Basically we are into really hardcore cool things.

Then I made a really stupid mistake. Even though it was 35 degrees, I wanted frozen yogurt. They had a bunch of Christmas flavors so I went to get a little taste of the eggnog. Out poured a massive serving into my cup. No problem, except - I don't actually like eggnog. I just wanted to taste it to make sure I still don't like it. And, um...I still don't like it. Had to cover it up with plenty of chocolate, coconut, sprinkles and cherries to mask the flavor.

It looks like this is covered in hair...I was going for coconut and sprinkles. 

I know some people made fun of me a while back for my love of Kroger grocery store sushi, but that stuff is good. Better than anything else we've found in the area. So we went back last night, and the little guy from Myanmar who works the counter directed us to the sushi area like a plane landing. Kind of embarrassing, but then we ate the sushi in the dark in the car in the parking lot so obviously I'm not that concerned with appearances, am I?
Yeah, we have a Jeep....don't even know where I was going with this one. 

After much debate, we went to see the second Sherlock Holmes movie. I decided to be a good wife and not force my husband through 90 minutes of New Year's Eve. Pretty happy with my decision - Sherlock Holmes was amazing. The plot and dialogue is just so clever and unexpected, it's really fantastic. Plus Jude Law is in it, so...

Gosh, there's really no need for me to take pictures, is there? These drawings are phenomenal.

Bloggers: do you take your camera with you everywhere?
Most of the time I have one in my purse. Not always because I take that many pictures, but I want to have it just in case. My phone has a little dinky camera but I never use it because the quality is so bad. 

If you were serving yourself frozen yogurt and you got WAY too much of a flavor you hate, is there any proper etiquette for...putting it back? I hate complaining in restaurants/shops and just bought it, but I wonder if there is anything I can do? Yes, I realize that it's my own freaking fault I poured out too much of a flavor I hate. Got it.
I also won't send back the wrong food order most of the time, or complain even if service is terrible. Just embarrassment, and I obviously need to get over it. 


  1. I never ever send food back or complain about service, god forbid I inconvenience anyone! I'm so self-conscious about things like that. My ex used to get so frustrated with me about it.

    I'm one of those bloggers who doesn't take enough pictures so I need to work on that. My cell phone does a so-so job and my real camera is too big to take on runs, etc. Plus I hate having anything in my hands when running. As for excuses for non-running pictures, I have none.

  2. These drawings are hilarious. I didn't know your car was really a creepy pedophile van. :)

    If I took a flavor I didn't like, I'm not going to lie, I'd throw it out and start again. No way I'd suffer through egg nog misery.

    I forget my camera all the time. I wish I had an iPhone so I could at least have SOMETHING instead of my usual "Yeah I saw a three legged deer on my run today. It was epic so here's a google image that is similar"

  3. Way to go with your marathon!!!! I normally use the camera on my phone (even when I have my really camera with me) and I always have my phone with me, so yeah, I normally have it with me. I don't like to complain in restaurants and normally just suck it up and deal with it….but Brian (being a trained lawyer) has NOOOOOO problem sending something back or telling someone it's not what we ordered/wanted :)

    And I really want to see NYE too….even though all the reviews say it's really bad!

  4. HAHAHAHA this totally made my day! I love your drawings. You are a natural artist. The car is my favourite for sure.

    I always have my iphone on me which takes some pretty decent pictures so if I ever forget my camera, I've always got a backup!

    I would have started again with the yogurt. I'm not an egg nog fan wither and froyo is a big deal for me. There is absolutely no way I could force myself to eat a concoction that I didn't enjoy!! I think you need to go back and make another one to redeem yourself ;)

  5. Awesome drawings! :)
    I don't take my camera everywhere either. The camera on my ancient phone isn't awful so I usually use it, but I don't take many photos anyway.
    I can't stand eggnog either so I probably would just throw it out. I'd feel a little guilty, but hey, you want to enjoy froyo!!! :)

  6. Love the art! I do always have the camera and my iPhone takes pretty great pictures, my problem is that I never remember to actually take a picture!!
    I would have gotten rid of the eggnog froyo, yuck! I would have dumped it or something, although I never would have tried it so I wouldn't have had that issue.
    I am dying to see Sherlock Holmes! Must go see!! Glad you liked it.

  7. I have Brooks Ghost too and I love them!!

    Ps. your drawings catered more to my imagination. i like it :-)


  8. hey, being that i usually ONLY post drawn or art pix on my blog i have to say i'm loving this post! :) ur pictorials made my morning and the recounting too!

    haha...oh man, ya egg nog, i'm not a fan either, but look at u being a fair and just and being willing to give it yet another shot...too bad it's still a loser. ;)

    and yay for some new shoes...i mean ghosts in a box. :)

  9. LOL! I kinda like the drawings. thats some good effort vanessa, and it made me laugh! Mission accomplished.

  10. Oh man - the lack of seat on your spin bike looks paaiinnful. Hopefully your real bike has a bit more lady bit support than a metal frame. :)

    Sounds like a nice day.. and eggnog = barf.

  11. I would have sucked it up and eaten the froyo as well. I almost never say anything is a place messes up my meal, so I'm sure not going to saying anything if *I* messed it up.

  12. Love your pictures :-)

    I kinda always have a camera with me because I use my phone camera .... probably explains my not too great pics on my blog!

  13. I frequently forget to take pictures of things I blog about, or take pictures of things and forget to blog about your stick figure drawings tho :)

    I love my brooks ghosts! They are a nice lightweight neutral shoe. How do you like them?

  14. Hahahaha this is great! You are quite the artist! Most fro-yo places will let you sample (even if it's pump-your-own) before you commit-- it's perfect for crazy-indecisive people like me!

  15. You are so cute with your stick figure pictures! Love it!
    I am always forgetting to take pictures for the blog! I'm probably the worst!

  16. I agree the drawings are hilarious! It made your Saturday memorable for me by "seeing" all you did - ha!

    I think you should bring along a flashlight (you know, for romance) the next time you eat sushi in the car in the dark parking lot :)

  17. I was just thinking that I need to get a better phone with a good camera. I never have my camera when I need it!

  18. This is great!! I especially love the books one :)

  19. haha I think this is super cute. Beats real pictures in my book ;-)

  20. I constantly forget to take pics...hence why I remain a wee little blogger. :)
    I detest eggnog...I think it is the word NOG..

  21. YOU ARE HILARIOUS and your drawings made my day. DANG...awesome job on the bike, you are a rockstar! Egg nog froyo....I don't know how I feel about that!

  22. this is my favorite blog you have written. I always forget my good camera and end up with crapy iphone pics. and Hells yeah the Kroger Sushi is good.

  23. oh man, i never complain if my order is wrong and i have ALWAYS, ALWAYS been tortured by the question of whether you can "put back" that ridiculous combination of 17 items from the whole foods hot bar. i feel so guilty just abandoning a special creation that looks like it was put together by an alien coming down from outer space who wanted to get a little sample of everything to see what humans eat. sorry 'bout it.

  24. I love your creative solution for your post today. I usually try to keep my camera with me, worse case scenario I use my ipod or camera phone. After 10+ years in food service, I almost never send stuff back at a restaurant, but I totally would have dumped that frozen yogurt out and started over. It's not like the people at the counter have to do any more work, which is what I try to avoid when eating out. Life is too short to eat non - ideal frozen yogurt.

  25. ha! LOVE the pictures ;) So funny (or not) that my ankle issues and same diagnosis you had was caused by my shoes (adrenalines) too but I went down to the glycerins and life has been soooo much better. Cant wait til pain goes away completely! I usually always have my camera and phone has a good one for back up too :) Have a great week!

  26. I had knee problems while wearing motion control shoes. Then, on a running store recommendation, I also got the Ghost, and the problem hasn't returned since! :)

  27. i totally would have debated just dumping it in the catch tray if it was the first flavor I got.

    love the drawings but... Amish culture and dress? that was a little surprising...

  28. I'll have to check out the Sherlock Homes movie, I like the Jude Law too. :) Love your drawings...clever. I usually have a camera or my phone (which has a great camera on it), but I have a hard time getting the pics off my phone...I'm no techy!

  29. These drawings are way better than pictures. I always forget my camera. I'm a terrible blogger that way.

    You can still take a picture of your sweet new shoes though!

  30. You are giving trigirl a run for her money ;) you are awesome and this post was simply amazing.

    I was especially fond of the "real ghost" lol

  31. This post is awesome! You give Picasso a run for his money for sure.

    I have my camera 50% of the iPhone does the rest of the dirty work for me :)

  32. hahahaha, your drawings are the best!! I'm also excited to see Sherlock Holmes now :)

  33. I can't wait to see the movie but I like RDJ. I loved the first one.
    I love the drawings. Much more artistic than mine. :)

  34. I keep my camera with me everywhere. If not an actual one, then my phone at least. I would probably ask the yogurt place if I could switch. If they said no, I would eat it.

  35. My camera used to be glued to my hand but lately I've lost interest... I hope it comes back after the holidays, haha.

  36. Your drawings are great Vanessa! I have the same problem with frozen yogurt. I keep trying different flavors but I should stick with chocolate.


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