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Merry Virtual Race Day!

Ok, so the real reason to celebrate today is Christmas Eve. BUT - have you noticed just how many virtual races are going on this weekend?

Start it off with a Virtual 5k on Christmas Eve over at Run my Guts Out....

Have a little more endurance? Run the 10k Home for the Holidays virtual race at Run For Fun...

Or head to Daily Vitamin F for a 5k on Christmas day!

Today was my "long run" for the week, so I decided to incorporate the Home for the Holidays Virtual 10k for the first 6.2 miles. I really wanted to don some festive Christmas attire, but I have nothing that could be considered both running appropriate and festive. What's a gal to do?

Run on the treadmill wearing a fake wreath, of course! Or, you the whole distance, toss on the wreath and call hubby in frantically to take a picture of me looking like an idiot.

There is no need to point out that I don't match. I decided to get in the festive spirit by wearing every color I could find. Kind of like a really tacky Christmas tree with all of those multi-colored lights. I definitely need some kind of angel headband. 

The 6.2 miles were first, and I ran them in 58:49. I was planninng on running it at my normal long run speed, but then my ego hit me around 5 miles and I realized I wanted it to be a little faster, so I sped up for the last mile or so. Average pace = 9:28. 

I added on just over 2 miles to round out the mileage for the day at 8.5 miles, in 80:48. 

If you're a math whiz (anyone who can count past 17 is a math whiz to me, FYI) you'll notice that the overall pace was basically the same as the 10k pace. Whoops. I should probably work on pushing myself a little bit to get past "average" pace. 

I had a very small list of things to do today. Run (check), grab a few last minute things at Walmart, (check, and dear God I am never going out in public on December 24th ever again), and eat (work in progress). The agenda for the rest of the day includes Bailey's, ice cream, candy cane kisses and at some point some real meals. Merry Christmas Eve!

Are you participating in any virtual races this weekend?
Yes! Hopefully I can get a 5k in tomorrow as well, but I'm not worried if I don't. It's Christmas!

Do you have your big meal on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
Christmas Day! Dinner tonight will be something simple and pulled together at the last minute, and tomorrow is the main event. The plan is Beef Wellington, green bean almandine and roasted veggies. 


  1. I ran the Christmas Virtual 5K and because we did it on Christmas Eve it counted for the Christmas Eve 5K! Great job on yours, if I had known about the 10K I might have done it, but I hate the treadmill.

  2. ooooo I heart you! You crack me up. The outfit, the wreath .. all fabulous!!! Nice job on your run. You are so much more than average :) well you know my plan for the virtual races. We actually have our big meal Christmas day too. I am hosting for all family and we are having an Italian theme. Spincach 4 cheese manicotti, lasagna, fettuchinni alfredo of some sort (MIL bringing) Cesar Salad, antipasta skewers, bruschetta, and for veggies Cesar salad of course .. Tiramisu and a trifle for the kids. Sangria ... man I am tired just thinking about it and probably should get off the computer and busy! :) Merry Christmas my BFF! :)

  3. Merry Christmas!

    I love your outfit.. My workout outfit right now looks like I got dressed in the dark. ;)

    Good job on the virtual races!

  4. Merry Christmas!

    I was going to sign up for virtual run but wasn't sure we would fit one in... did 4 miles this afternoon though.

    Big meal? Chrismtas Day dinner - turkey with the fixin's ... tonight I am doing a salmon loaf and will freeze the leftovers for one night soon that we are tired of turkey leftovers!

    Have a great holiday.

  5. Love it!! Thanks for doing the race! And i love love the wreath too funny! Have a Merry Christmas

  6. LOL you are so funny! I ran Amylee's 5k today 26:06 :)

  7. Hooray on a great long run Vanessa! I ran 6.2 today for the 10K and I'm counting the first half for the Christmas Eve 5K. There's actually a Dashing Through the Snow Virtual race tomorrow where you can do a mile, 5K, or 10K. I'm going to see how I feel in the morning to decide how far I'm running.

    Have a Merry Christmas Vanessa!

  8. I did the virtual 10k last night on my treadmill and am going to do the Daily Vitamin F 5k tomorrow, and am doing a satellite run (Operation Jack-Half Marathon) on Monday. Busy weekend of virtual runs--but it's good because I might otherwise get lazy and not get out there. It's tempting to stay in and eat junk. :D
    Merry Christmas!

  9. I suggest stringing tinsel and twinkly lights on the treadmill for a hint of festivities :) HA!

    I eat a large meal of Christmas eve generally - it was DELICIOUS!

    Hope your holiday is a great one!!!!

  10. These virtual races are a great idea. I need to get in a run this morning.

    Nice job pulling off both patriotic and holiday festive. I'm not sure about the yellow elbow band though.

    Happy holidays!

  11. You know, I think the wreath is pretty happenin'. Kudos for wearing some red... very festive. We ate delicious soups on Christmas Eve with the fam and I'm making a chicken pot pie today. Not too much decadence... oh wait... I bought some peppermint stick ice cream too. Nevermind then! Merry Christmas Vanessa and hubs and kitties.

  12. Great job on the virtual race, and Merry Christmas!

  13. Nice job Vanessa! Merry Christmas. :D

  14. hahaha....oh my word, u with that wreath on ur head is awesome!!! :)

    way to go on that virtual 10k...u put ur treadmill thru a pounding...merry xmas to that one! i hope u're having a wonderful holiday and uhhh, u're supposed to have a big meal on BOTH days! ;)

  15. This is why I love your blog.
    You take silly pictures of yourself and you don't always match. Keeping it fun and real is your thing!

    LOVE IT!!!

  16. Girl you are RUNNING big time again, I assume that this means the foot is on the major mend, HOORAY!!!

  17. Love the outfit and the tread too :)

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